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“We weren't working, I didn't feel for you like I used to, the love was gone. I loved you, but I wasn't in love with you.”

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“You just packed your stuff and left! Do you know how much that hurt to come home to?”

Stephanie refused to look up at Axl, who was now pacing the floor, running a hand over his face. From her seat on the bed, Stephanie stayed quiet, twisting her ring around her finger. She was sorry for leaving Axl like that, but their relationship wasn't working well any more. He fought with anyone who chatted to her, or drunkenly hit on her if they recognised the model. His stress level was hitting the roof, he wasn't the same person she fell in love with.

She met Peter a few weeks later, he was gentle and caring. They instantly clicked and slowly she fell out of love with Axl and in love with Peter. She was marrying him because she loved him, no matter what Axl might of thought.

But there was some sort of passion she couldn't have with Peter, no matter how much she tried. With Axl, they connected because they were the same but with Peter, they connected because the adults in them were in love. She didn't know what she had with Axl.

Axl loved her more than life itself, he would walk through fire for her. His love was filled with passion and devotion. Stephanie didn't know if she could meet with the same love he had for her.

“You accept my marriage proposal, then I go away for a week to do a gig, reluctantly leaving you to pick out your dress. I come home, expecting to see you and Dylan there, only to get welcomed by an empty room and all your stuff gone.” His voice broke as he finished this sentence.

He finally stopped pacing, sitting on the ground in front of her, “Look at me...please?” The plea cut through her like a knife in the back, his eyes were filled with tears when she obeyed him. His thumb ran over her fingers of the hand that was resting on the bed spread.

“Why did you leave?” He whispered, slurring because of the tears that were running down his pale cheeks.

Her free fingers grasped his chin, thumb getting rid of the tears that reached his chin. He made a sound of contentment. He was so beautiful, his bone structure, the way he looked at something he thought was so precious. It was the same way he looked at her and Dylan.

She thought long and hard about her answer, trying to dislodge the feeling of guilt. She had seen him cry before, when he heard Dylan’s first word, the time when she said yes to his marriage proposal but never like this. These tears were sad, something she hadn't seen before.

Once she wiped the tears away from his face, she moved her fingers to his hair, swiping the loose strands away from his eyes. Axl licked his lower lip, wanting to smash his mouth to hers, he needed to taste her again. Stephanie looked at him properly, eyes running up and down his body.

So fucking beautiful

“We weren't working, I didn't feel for you like I used to, the love was gone. I loved you, but I wasn't in love with you.”

Her body froze when Axl's eyes flashed, the tears where gone and his expression changed from sad to pissed off in seconds. He leaned up and cupped her face in his hands, bringing her head down to his. Without muttering another word, Axl nibbled on her lips before pressing them together in a soft but fierce kiss. Before she could push him away or respond to the kiss, Axl pulled back, smirking when he glanced at her face. Her face was flushed and she was panting. It was barley a kiss but it showed how much power Axl had.

He tilted his head, catching her eyes with his,”You can never lie to me. You may not know it, but you will always love me. You will never love him like you love me.”

Stephanie shook her head, her long hair falling in her eyes. He wouldn't take no for an answer, this is what scared her about Axl Rose. He was so passionate about everything he did and if he thought that you belonged to him, he would go to lengths to make sure that you would be reminded of that.

“You don't know what I feel. Your telling me what you want me to feel for you, you can't change that, Axl.”

Suddenly, she was pushed back against her bed, body bouncing off of the force and then Axl was on top of her, his lips pressed forcefully against her own. She struggled, moving her leg so that she could bring it up against his crotch but he sensed this, pressing against her more harsher. Teeth bit down on her lower lip, causing her to gasp loudly in pain. Then his tongue was rubbing against her own and he was grinding against her.

He was just to tempting, she hated him but at the same time she wanted nothing more than to have him inside her again. The feel and the smell of him turned her on more than anything. So she allowed herself to have one moment of weakness, locking her arms around his neck and kissing him back like she hadn't been apart from him for so long.

Then he did his signature move, he fisted his hands in her hair, forcing her head to one side and sunk his teeth into the soft flesh of her jugular. She let out a strangled cry, moaning softly when his lips trailed down her collarbone, to the tops of her breasts before he reached her stomach, tongue curling around her navel. Her hands grasped his hair, rubbing herself against his face, letting out a small scream when his wet tongue trailed against her underwear line.

Her head tipped back, her eyes widening when she saw a picture of Peter and her above their bed. The bed they had been in together, not her with Axl. So she fought, trying to dislodge his hold on her. His head didn't move from between her legs, but when she moved her legs, he looked up. He could see the mix of fear and lust on her facial expression. Crawling up her body, he leaned down and nuzzled her neck but was roughly shoved away from her.

He looked down at her,”Hit me.”

Stephanie froze at the words, noticing the smug look on his face. His eyes were bright with happiness, and his smirk never faltered. He enjoyed a challenge. God, she wanted to hit him, make him bruise and bleed.


“Hit me, it'll make you feel better.”

She raised her hand and slapped him hard across the face, the pain flowing through her hand and up her arm. She punched at his shoulders, scratched bloody marks on his face, thrashing around on the bed as he tried to control her arms. His smirk never disappeared, the hitting turned him on more. Once he managed to get the power back, he kissed her again, lifting her legs and wrapping them around his waist. Their bodies rubbed together, lips bruising as they fought for the control.

"I hate you,"She groaned.

He looked down at her, his fingers running down her body,"No you don't, baby, you only wish you could."

Soon his head was between her legs again, making her scream to the heavens.
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