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1 Year Later

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“Your great with Dylan, a lot of people thinks he's yours. Your the only father figure he's known."

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1 year later, 1993

“Don't you cry tonight...I still love you baby...Don't you cry tonight..”


Stephanie's eyes flickered open and she turned around, expecting to see Axl curled next to her but he wasn't there. She raised an eyebrow as she continued to hear soft singing. She crawled out of their bed and padded to Dylan's room that was next to theirs. Axl had done it up over a span of 3 months, painting the walls blue with musical notes over the colour. There were shelves all around the room, filled with teddies and books. There were also pictures of him and Stephanie, him and Dylan and one of the three of them together at the park.

He had bought the best for Dylan and Stephanie. He took them on tours and refused to get a baby sitter, he supported Stephanie. It was obvious he loved Dylan like he was his own son. The baby and the singer shared a bond that as almost unbreakable. Stephanie leaned against the door frame as Axl bounced lightly on his heels, singing to the baby as he tried to get him back to sleep.

“Don't you cry tonight...There's a heaven above you baby...And don't you cry tonight,”

She smiled lightly as the baby cooed snuggling deeper into Axl's chest. Then she thought of the bad things the media said about Axl, the way they portrayed him as a crazy, bad mouthed rock star. But he was completely different, he took care of his own and loved them like they were the only people left. She knew he could get angry and stressed sometimes but since he met Dylan, his problems had just seemed to fall away.

“Trying out a new song?” She whispered to him, stepping closer to her boyfriend,”I wrote it a few years back and it's the only song that makes him sleep.”Axl smiled at her, kissing he quickly before he looked back down at Dylan, rocking him back and forth in his arms before he set the baby back into the cot. Stephanie watched happily, Axl always managed to get her baby back to sleep,” He started crying about an hour ago, you've got a shoot in the morning so I got up.” The singer explained. His fingers stroked Dylan’s cheek, chuckling when Dylan cooed again.

After a few minutes, satisfied that Dylan was content, they walked back to the bed and got back into their bed. The singer rested his head on Stephanie's chest, closing his tired eyes as she ran her fingers through his hair,”Your great with him, you would be a great father.” Stephanie hummed into his ear, her head resting on top of his. Axl smiled proudly, the comment hitting his heart, and he welcomed the kiss she pressed on his forehead. He thanked her before moving their positions, so that she was lying half on top of him, pulling her body close to his.

“I would love to be one some day,” Axl started, running a hand through her long hair. She buried her face into the slope of his neck, biting softly at his skin. He reached over to the bedside table, grabbing his smokes and his lighter. He popped one into his mouth and quickly lit it before throwing the pack back onto the table,”But with all the shit that's going on, it's not the right time. Also the thought of me being a Dad, makes a lot of people sick out there.” He finished, wrapping a long strand of her hair around his finger. People thought he was unstable.

“Your great with Dylan, a lot of people thinks he's yours. Your the only father figure he's known. I mean, if I didn't trust you with him, I wouldn't be in this bed with you.” Axl felt tears brim at his eyes, she trusted him with her baby. At that moment, he didn't think he could love her more. Having Stephanie and Dylan in his life, made life worth living. He pulled her on top of him and grabbed a fistful of her hair and smashed their lips together, in a fierce and controlling kiss.

“Thank you,”Axl said against her mouth before kissing her again. She felt his hands on her ass, lifting her fully on top of his lap.

Stephanie kissed the redhead back, running her long tongue along the entrance to his mouth and Axl instantly opened his mouth and allowed her tongue to run along the roof of his mouth. The couple moved together, Stephanie rubbing against the bulge in his shorts, silently asking him to love her all over again,” Axl...” She whimpered, gasping when his leg moved against her crotch, matching her own rhythm.

“Promise me that you'll always love me, that you'll never leave me.” He whispered as his teeth clung to her ear. Her breathing sped up, and she couldn't help but whine into his neck. He smirked, fingers moving to the front of her body, rubbing over her pyjama shorts. Her body shook against him,”I promise,” She sealed it with a bite to his lip, her lips parted, nails digging into his forearms. He couldn't help but moan out loud.

Axl watched her, compelled by the way she moved on top of him, her eyes rolled to the back of her head, her hair tickling his face. He grasped her chin again, thrusting his tongue back into her mouth. His tongue was sex, it moved in her mouth, stealing her breath, showing her with a kiss of what was about to come, or who was about to come.


Stephanie smiled at the white dress that hung at the back of her door, inches from the carpeted ground. She had been planning this for the last 5 months since Peter proposed to her on the 9th date. Everyone was happy for them, two year old Dylan finally had a stable father figure and Stephanie finally had an equal relationship. They were fully supported by everyone they knew. But there was one person that wasn't as supportive and that person was the one and only Axl Rose.

He had been calling since Stephanie had ended their relationship a year ago and when the news got out that she was engaged, he had called non-stop. He sent her letters and had stopped by her old house a few times before she moved in with Peter. Dylan was settling in well but he kept on asking for 'Axee', a nickname he made up for Axl when he was starting to talk, he could barley make a sentence and the only names he knew were Axl and Stephanie's.

Suddenly, she was snapped out of her thoughts when there was a knock at her front door. She groaned angrily, she needed some rest so that she could go to the cake tasting tomorrow but then remembered the shoes she ordered were meant to come today. Shoving herself off of her comfy bed, Stephanie jumped down the stairs with a smile on her face. She'd waited for her shoes for about a month now and they finally came, right on time.

With a smile on her face, she opened the door and the person on the other side was standing on the porch, leaning against the door frame with a smirk on their face. The redhead looked at her up and down before saying,”You look happy to see me.” He purred, tongue sweeping along his lower lip. Stephanie gasped, grabbing the door and made a move to shut it in his face but he grabbed it and forced his way in, kicking it shut behind them.

“Get out! Now!”

He advanced toward her slowly, his eyes moving around a little, observing her new house. With every one step he took, she took two back. He looked like an animal, prowling for it's pray. Soon, she found herself against the closed door that led to the spare bedroom. His hand cupped her cheek, rubbing his fingers over the skin.” Now, I know that you don't mean that, babe.” Fingers ran down his cheek, to his neck, then ran down her left arm before he grasped her hand. He smiled at her but when he looked down, his soft expression turned to an angry, dark one. He roughly lifted up her hand, eyes glaring at the silver, diamond engagement ring,”What the fuck is this?!” He screamed at her, her body froze. Axl's finger nails dug into her wrist and pain flew up and down her arm,” I asked you a question, Steph!”

“It's an engagement ring, I’m getting married in two weeks.” She replied softly, her eyes looking at his face for a reaction. Her eyes observed him, his hair had gotten longer, and for some reason, he looked tired but alert at the same time. Like he hadn’t gotten sleep for a while. Stephanie looked at the ground, ready for the shouting but after a few moments she looked up, confused at why he wasn't scolding her. His pale skin were wet with tears and his eyes were already red.

“Why? Why him and not me? I can make you happy, you and Dylan,” He angrily wiped away his tears, letting go of her hand,” Why him? He's forty five and your only twenty five, do you know how creepy that looks?” Axl's bottom lip quivered, and he looked down at the ring. He was quiet for a minute before his fist made contact with the door behind her. Stephanie winced, and let out a shaky breath. “His money, is that it? I make three times than he does, so that's not it. It's definitely not the sex, I mean, have you seen him? He could never love you the way I do.” He shouted at her, his tears gone before turning to anger again,”You know what? I don't care. You are not marrying him. You belong with and to me. Dylan doesn't even know him.”

“This is my life, not yours. Dylan will get used to him, he's only two.”

Axl's bloody hand slammed next to her head,”Yeah, but who does Dylan call for at night when he cries. You think I’ve forgotten that adorable way he says my name? The only two people he knows are me and you. How do you think he will feel when that prick picks him up, he'd be a fucking stranger to that kid! C'mon, who does he ask for?” Axl finished with a scream.

Just then, Dylan started crying from upstairs. Their eyes snapped up the staircase before they looked at each other,”Now look at what your screaming did!” She hissed. Axl glared at her before he made his way up the stairs,” What the hell are you doing? Stay the fuck away from my kid.” She ran after him, but he was too fast. Axl was already in the room, rocking the baby back and forth, like he used to. “Axee” Dylan mumbled, his tiny fingers reaching up to move along Axl's face. A smile blossomed on the singers' face,”It's OK. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to shout.” Axl whispered, and after a few minutes, Dylan fell back asleep. Axl kissed his forehead before placing him back in the crib.

His eyes traveled over to Stephanie, then back at the ring. He calmed his anger, already feeling guilty for scaring the baby. She noticed this and stormed out of the room. She knew he'd follow her, because he'd shut Dylan's door quietly,” Leave me alone!” The brunette hissed again after she entered Peter and her bedroom, without knowing. Axl slammed the door shut behind them, ignoring the wedding dress, he didn't want to wake up Dylan again. They needed to talk.

Her eyes watched as blood from his hand spilled on the white rug she recently bought,” Look at what your doing!” She whispered. Axl looked at his hand then back at her. She watched him look around for something to cover it up but he couldn't find anything. He looked at her for help, eyes pleading with her to stop the pain. She groaned and stomped over to the bathroom, running a towel under the sink to make it damp before she made her way over to the singer.

Stephanie grabbed his hand and wrapped the small towel around it, slowly padding the wound with it before he tightened it around his hand. He hissed in pain,”You used to do this, a lot, remember?” He asked her, and she nodded before sitting back on the bed. He looked down at her. She didn't even look at him, so he rolled his eyes and said,”We need to talk.”

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