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More Of Ducky's Rambling

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I didn't go to sleep until about 4am this morning. Oops.
I was downstairs until 1am. >w>
When I did manage to get to sleep, my dream involved MCR, Green Day and Frerard. That's what happens if I read fanfiction on my phone in bed.

I have soooooooooooo much school work to do. D:
Why do I have to procrastinate so much? T^T

I've recently become obsessed with Australian drama shows. Lulwut.
And a crime drama/mystery show called 'Father Dowling Mysteries'.
I miss 'Catfish: The TV Show'. :c

Aside from that Easter Bunny I drew the other day, I haven't been drawing at all recently. Not even doodling. O.o
This is really unusual for me. I guess the reason I haven't been doodling is because I haven't been at school. xD
I want to draw something so badlyyyyy. >.<

My new hamster's settling in well. :3

Yaaaaay I'm excited for this Friday! \(^w^)/
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