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Sheepy and Ducky rule the world!! By answering questions :3

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Yes. Sheepy agrees too.

Category: Drama - Rating: G - Genres: Drama,Humor - Published: 2013-04-13 - 92 words

"Sheepy": is here with me right now. >:D

*Nikki steals the keyboard*: Ohai guys :3 'tis me. I'm here too. OMG I've stolen her keyboard so I'm typing because I'm badass. I don't even care if the Ducky-chan sitting beside me disagrees with this next statement/request. I think y'all should ask us shit about whatever the fuck you want.

I wonder if Ducky agrees...

Ducky does agree. Ducky is talking about herself in the third person. It's 3:19am and I'm not even tired or sleepy or anything yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. :3
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