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Chapter One: Nanana.

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Our Killjoys go for a joy ride.

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It was a hot June something in the Californian desert, and all four of the most wanted Killjoys (The leader, Party Poison, and the others Fun Ghoul, Jet Star, and Kobra Kid) in California loaded into their moderately sized Trans Am. They were going to take a much needed joy ride. They hadn’t done something fun in at least 3 months, so this was more than welcome.

Party Poison started the engine, and took off down the straight-shot road. None of them had their seatbelts on, and that only added to the feeling of exhilaration they were experiencing as Party went from 0 to 70 MPH on less than ten seconds. Since the road was mostly straight, he didn’t bother staying at 70 and revved it up to 95.

Kobra Kid, whom was sitting next to him turned on the radio, blasting it so loud that that was all they could hear. They all laughed and sang along with the song Dr. Deathdefying had played feeling absolutely free. Well, almost absolutely free, they still had their masks on. The Killjoys always kept in mind when Dr. D had once said “Die with your masks on if you have to.”, and they had taken it to heart. They didn’t even know each other’s name. You couldn’t trust anybody. Not even someone you’ve been with as long as they had been with each other. Especially as long as Party had been with Kobra.

They were the only ones who knew each other’s names and that was because they were brothers. Gerard approached a bump in the road and grinned, when they drove other it, they all got some air time, making their stomachs clench in adrenaline. It was even better than a rollercoaster, because rollercoasters had safety devices, their Trans Am had none.

Gerard saw his brother glance at the mirrors with a horrified look in his eyes. He turned off the radio, and grabbed his laser gun. “Look behind us.” Mikey said, his voice strangely calm. There was a hoard of Draculoids behind them. Like, at least 25. On motorcycles. 4 to 25 was not a good ratio. He wasted no time leaning his torso out the front passenger window and shooting. Fun Ghoul, and Jet-star did the same. The music must’ve attracted them, Gerard thought bitterly or maybe just the sound of us having fun. They couldn’t even have one day to relax!

It was pretty easy getting them down. Usually when one would get shot, they would crash into someone behind them, causing a chain reaction. By now there were about 10 left, who were fiercely determined to defeat them at all costs. “Put your seatbelts on!” Gerard yelled. They all did so, knowing what he was about to do. He let the Dracs get closer, then stomped on the breaks, causing the last 10 to collide with the back of their Trans Am, and go flying. Gerard grinned. It was a damn beautiful sight.

As was routine they got out of the car to retrieve as many guns as they could, and put finalizing shots through their heads. You could never have enough guns. Especially now. Gerard bent down to grab one from a fallen Drac, when he heard the distinct sound of a laser gun being fired. Before he could react he felt himself get shot in the abdomen, towards his heart. Not quite there, but not far enough for him to live. He fell on the hard desert ground, grabbing his side in shock and pain. He thought they had gotten them all!

He couldn’t see, everything was black. Oh, his eyes were just closed. He opened them to see Jet Star shoot the Drac that had survived. They all stood over him, asking him questions and telling him things, except he couldn’t hear them. Not a word. He repeatedly felt himself gasp in pain, and felt his life oozing out of him by the minute. It sucked. Couldn’t death just hurry the fuck up? Why did he have to sit here in his own blood watching his little brother crying his eyes out for him any longer? This was torture. He squeezed his eyes shut again, and continued gripping his wound in complete and utter agony. He wondered what he sounded like. Probably like a dying cow.

His other hand reached for his laser gun, though all he could feel was a blood/dirt mudpie forming under his hands. He heard someone grab his gun. Oddly, his hearing came back for a brief couple of seconds long enough to hear Mikey whisper his tear-filled goodbye.

“You gave ‘em hell, Gerard. I love you, and I’ll see you on the other side.” And then Gerard heard a boom, and felt nothing more. There was no time for a last wish, or for him to try and reply.

Mikey crouched beside his dead brother, looking at him tearfully. He’d always thought that Gerard would live a long life, and die from natural causes, not a fucking Drac. The other two men repeatedly tried to pry Mikey away from his brother, until Mikey raised his gun at them.
“I’m not fucking moving until I’ve paid my respects.” Mikey said, eyes filled with steel. “I’m surprised you two aren’t doing the same.”

“Come on, Kobra, you aren’t reall-“ Fun Ghoul started.

“Test me!” Mikey said, full of venom prepared to shoot the two men that dared bother him at a moment like this.

“Fun Ghoul, just give him a minute, man.” Jet-Star warned. Fun Ghoul backed up, and Mikey lowered his gun. He allowed himself to be consumed by his memories.

He remembered the year when Gerard was 8 and Mikey was 6. They’d gotten Christmas carolers for the first time ever. Their parents had told them they weren’t interested, but Gerard and Mikey begged them to stay. They sang We Wish You a Merry Christmas, and did cool things with their voices, making the song captivating. The young Ways had stared at them in awe, their sweet voices filling their small child ears. Every year since then they had both gone caroling with the local church. Even when Gerard had told Mikey he was an atheist, he still went, entertaining people of all ages. He even got a solo in the church’s production of A Nativity Story.

He also remembered when Gerard’s first girlfriend Kelley had broken up with him when he was 17. They’d been going out for 3 years, and she’d dumped him for another guy she’d just met. Gerard was heartbroken. Mikey had gathered all of Gerard’s favorite movies and a gallon of Blue Bell, and they made a night of it. Mikey remembered how Gerard cried and cried, and was seemingly empty for a week.

Mikey slowly stood up, and his mind filled with hate at the Draculoids, and he vowed not another one would live as long as he had something to do with it. He wiped the tears from his face, and gave his brother another look. “I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry. So long…” Mikey struggled, balling his hands up into fists, and exhailing harshly. He had to say it for him. “… and goodnight.” Mikey whispered, getting back into the car without another look.

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