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Chapter Two: Bulletproof Heart.

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Gerard reflects on his past relationships.

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Gerard sat on his bed staring at the ceiling fan, watching the blades go around and around. He was thinking, as he had been for the past two hours. His mind wondered from what the plural for moose could be (Meese? Moosi?), when he thought back to 3 of his worst break ups.
There was Lindsey, whom he had been with for a year and a half. They were preparing for their wedding, which was less than a week away. They were both super stressed, and irritable. They had gotten into a fight, a bad one. They both screamed profanities at one another, and cursed each-others mothers.

“Just get out!” Gerard shouted, pointing out the door.

“Don’t fucking tell me to get out, Gerard! YOU get out.” She yelled, shoving him against the wall.

“You go! Then you could have a great fucking time fucking Chad!” Gerard yelled, resulting in a sharp slap to his face. Lindsey had admitted she had been cheating on Gerard a little while ago, but she had stopped now. She had felt really bad about herself and was constantly trying to make it up to him. He knew this, but didn’t give a shit.

“You know what? I will go fuck Chad!” Lindsey said, grabbing her purse and leaving, slamming the door behind her. As soon as she left he regretted everything. He heard her car start up and speed down the road, no doubt leaving deep tar marks on the street. He sat and looked at all the wedding stuff that was everywhere. They shouldn’t be fighting. Especially now. He sighed and got back up, deciding to go to bed; she would be back soon. She always was. About 4 hours into his sleep, his phone rang.

“Lindsey?” He asked hopefully, only to find out it was Frank.

“Um, no. Listen Gerard… there’s been an accident.” Frank said.

“What kind of accident?” Gerard asked, his heartbeat irregular.

“Well… Lindsey was speeding down I-37, and she kind of… Gerard she flew off the side of the road. She’s dead, I’m sorry.” Frank said, always curt in these type of situations.

Gerard decided to stop thinking about it, and moved on to Sabrina. They had been dating 8 months, and Gerard was head over heels for her. He would randomly bring her flowers, and take her out to meaningful dates, and tell her everyday how beautiful she was. Their last date was relatively short though. They were going ice skating, and had decided to meet up there. When he arrived, he saw her and Mikey sharing a passionate looking kiss. His heart dropped, and he filled with anger. Mikey seemed to notice Gerard, and then so did Sabrina. Apologies were made, and profanity spewed. He couldn’t believe Mikey and Sabrina would do that to him. How long had it been going on? Gerard left without a second glance and went home. They would both try to apologize, but Gerard never listened to them. His relationship with Mikey had been rocky ever sense.

Lastly, Gerard thought of Jess. They had been dating for 2 months, and were finally about to have sex for the first time ever. Things were getting hot and heavy, and Gerard shamelessly had an erection. Things were going great until he realized Jess did too.

That’s all he had to say about the last one. They hadn’t spoken again. Ever.
Gerard’s heart was bulletproof, he realized, Because he came out of all these relationships as a relatively happy person, even though Lindsey had taken a while to get over. A while, plus lots of therapy.

He turned over to look at the wall, and returned his thoughts to the plural for moose.

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