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Our Canvas

by BipolarUnicorn 1 review

Category: Poetry - Rating: G - Genres:  - Published: 2013-04-12 - 198 words

Graffiti covered walls and trains,
Burned out city,
Houses left to shells, stripped of its personality.
What about the art?
Creativity brought upon buy teens with a couple of spray paint cans,
Made a work of art,
Fit for a show.
Walls covered from top to bottom, left to right.
Unnoticed or distaste from the public.

Our bodies are canvases waiting to be painted,
So are the walls or abandoned building.
Not much to see in a city that fell to the bottom, without a way to get back up.
Pass out drunk and not able to see straight, is this what we have become?
Use the walls as canvas for our city,

Tell them what we want through imagination,
Make us want to say our city with pride.
Society can't be like that,
Perfect and flawless.
Now all we do is sing about our morbid problems,
Where did everything go wrong,
Don't pick people out of the crowd.

Hope can never be washed away,
Not by snow, wind, or rain.
But we can use our walls as canvases and use our weapon and never stray.
For we will bring this city back from the slumps in vain.
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