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He Finds It So Hard

by LaurentheHuman 3 reviews

I'm supposed to be prepping for my exams right now, so to procrastinate, I wrote this.

Category: Poetry - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst - Published: 2013-04-12 - 181 words - Complete

His smile could once light up a room
He found it so hard to be sad
But they tore him down
And took all that he had

His eyes follow his footsteps
He finds it to so hard to look
They took the light behind his eyes
But that's not all they took

His words come out broken and scattered
He finds it so hard to speak
They shut him up
He couldn't handle the critique

His head hurts
He finds it so hard to comprehend
Why they would hurt him so much
But he decided the whys didn't matter in the end

His wrists sting
He finds it so hard to get through it all
They pushed him to the blade
And made him feel so small

His breathing becomes short
He finds it so hard to take a breath as his lungs cave in
They did this to him
They made him believe he isn't worth saving

His heart stops
He found it so hard to live
They took his life
And that is something I can never forgive.
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