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The Thoughts of a Girl Named Tiara.

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My thoughts and ramblings.

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I'm not going to introduce this, I'm just going to jump right in.

Today I've been reflecting on my musical tastes. The bands I used to like, and no longer like are as follows:
Green Day
Blood on the Dance Floor

With these bands, I explored myself. This was mostly during my 8th grade year. I had two friends: Kyla and Malena. At this time I explored the world and fashion of "Emo" culture. I wore more eyeliner anyone should wear. Ever. I never left my hair curly, and straightened it for nearly 3 years straight. Without makeup and with my hair natural, I felt so ugly. My "Friends" were more of the outcast type whom everyone assumed was "Emo" because they listened to bands such as ICP and We Came As Romans. Both bands were a prominent factor in my life, and not a day went by when I failed to listen to Letterbomb (Still one of my favorite songs) or Candyland.

I discovered Green Day from Green Day Rockband, and I discovered BOTDF from a friend. These bands never lasted.

The bands/artists I've stuck with over the years:
Taylor Swift
My Chem
Falling In Reverse, though they're not really all that active.

When I met MCR, I was a dumb 9 year old who thought having a MySpace was the most important thing in the world. Finally, after much begging, my mom agreed- but only if my uncle monitored my activity. I can't tell you exactly how I heard MCR (I have a feeling MTV may have something to do with it), but soon, they were all over my page. Music videos, backgrounds, you name it, it was there. I had the biggest crush on Gerard Way possible, though I never knew his name. A little bit later, a show on Fuse came on showing MCR's journey as a band, and I was exposed to even more of their music. My love grew deeper. I explored the Revenge and Bullets eras as well and was hooked. and here, a whopping 7, almost 8 years later, MCR is still a huge part of my life.

I will finish this later! I have to go like RIGHT NOW, but I needed to get this up!
Feedback please!
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