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Chapter Three

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Chapter Three

He was running in lupine form, his alpha matching him stride for stride, step for step, their pelts occasionally brushing. Sav reveled in the strength in his new body as he bounded across the dark, barren landscape. The sky above the two 'wolves was blood-red, with no sun visible. Dead, leafless trees spiraled up from the hard ground, clawing at the bleeding sky.

The fear-scent was strong in his nostrils, exciting his bloodlust. When he and Joe caught up to their prey, they would attack, tearing into warm flesh, feasting on the bloody meat. His 'wolf loved the rush of the hunt, the buzz that came with the kill. Running—hunting—with his alpha: That was the way it was supposed to be . . .


Sav's blue eyes snapped open and he bolted upright in bed, his breathing labored, sheets and body soaked with sweat. He wasn't even aware that Joe's arm had slid down from his chest to his lap—but then he was more focused on his dream.

He'd enjoyed being 'wolf . . .

Sav groaned and put his head in his hands, jerking up with something sharp pricked his scalp. Glancing at his hands, he saw that his nails had lengthened and sharpened to dagger-like points. Even as he watched, they quickly resumed their normal length and shape.

The bass player quickly checked the rest of his body to see if any other parts of him were changing. Much to his relief, everything else was human. He couldn't help sighing—maybe louder than he meant to, because Joe stirred in his sleep. Only then did Sav realize where Joe's arm had landed. A warm flush crept up the back of his neck and spread to his cheeks. He gently lifted Joe's arm to try to set it beside its owner, but the contact made Joe raise his head, green eyes blinking away sleep. The singer slurred, "What's wrong, Sav?"

"Nothing," he lied. "Go back to sleep."

Joe was suddenly wide awake. He pushed himself up into a sitting position, his green eyes staring straight into Sav's blue ones. "Don't lie to me," he said softly, the hint of a growl in his voice.

Sav couldn't help it: He went submissive, lying back down, exposing his throat and stomach to his alpha. In human form, this was as close to the submissive postures as he could get. When Joe used that tone of voice . . . he was gone, completely under his spell, or whatever mind control this was.

"Tell me what's wrong, Sav." Though the words were spoken quietly, there was no denying that it was an order.

"Nightmare," he whispered. "You were there—"

"Then how can it be a nightmare?"

Sav glared at him before flipping him the bird. "Will you let me finish?"

"Sorry. Go ahead." Was that amusement in his voice? The beta's eyes narrowed in suspicion, but he continued anyway.

"We were lupine, running, hunting. Joe, whatever it was, I wanted to kill it, feast on it." He shuddered. "That's not what I'm like, at all."

"Sav, you're lupine now. Half wolf. And in 'wolf form, the instinct to hunt is natural. Our prey doesn't have to be human; smaller animals will suffice. Or sheep, deer, elk, cattle . . . personally, I love venison. Hate birds, though. The feathers easily get stuck in my teeth."

"And other 'wolves? What do they eat?"

Joe hesitated. "Well, okay, there are quite a few lycanthropes that go after humans. Who do you think the serial killers really are?"

The alpha whispered in Sav's mind, We are the ancient evil . . .

Sav shivered, unable to hide the tremor racing up and down his body from Joe when the other werewolf was so close. "Did you hear that?"

"Hear what?" Joe was looking far too innocent for Sav's liking.

"Your 'wolf. Are you trying to freak me out?"

Joe smiled, his gaze predatory. "You don't need my help for that, beta." Had he leaned in closer? "There is something I need your help for, though. My 'wolf is hungry. Very hungry." Was Joe scenting him? "For you." He ducked his head, licked the underside of Sav's jaw. His hand wandered upward, then went to the side, resting on the mattress when he shifted positions so he was partly above Sav.

The beta 'wolf was confused, his mind screaming this was wrong while his body and the animal inside him wanted even more. Joe smelled of warmth, protection, and—God help him—mate. Yeah, the human part of him had wanted this on a level of some sort—the effect Joe had on him was evidence of that—but now that the moment was here, Sav wasn't entirely sure what he wanted. So he just let go and allowed the wolf to take over.

Joe's warm mouth found his as skin brushed skin. Sav's canines twisted into fangs as the fire burned hot, then hotter, and his fangs sank into Joe's left shoulder. There was a white-hot burst of pleasure/pain when the alpha mirrored the action, but Sav didn't mind. He gasped as Joe's claws trailed down his spine, the skin there incredibly sensitive.

"Mine," Joe growled, his eyes glowing blue.

Sav said something real intelligent, like, "Uh-huh." Truth was, he couldn't think straight. He was so caught up in what Joe was doing to him. He was on fire, his body burning up . . .

The wolf in him quieted when he reached his peak, arching upwards under Joe's hard form. Then he was completely limp, his mind wondering what the heck had just happened.

"I told you my 'wolf wanted you for its mate," Joe said, reading him thoughts. "Looks like it succeeded."

Sav found he couldn't form coherent speech. So he just rested his head on Joe's shoulder, enjoying the heat his body provided.

Submission had never been a word he was comfortable with. It had connotations, connotations like weak, slavish. In actuality, he felt complete when Joe was near, but there was no other word for this. And Sav was okay with that.
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