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Meet My Male OC.

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for my fic.

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Okay, so I made myself a male OC for my fic I'mma be writing fairly soon. Right after I download These Things I've Done by SWS. Anyway, here is my male OC.

Name: Danny (stuck for last name.. just refer to him as Danny.)

Age: 14 years old.

Personality: Shy. Kind. Musical. Creative.

Hair: Black, with the fringe covering part of his eyes.
Eyes: Dark brown.
Piercings: A lip ring which is silver.

Likes: He likes drawing, playing guitar and being alone.

Dislikes: He doesn't like being bullied, even though he does get bullied every day. He also hates when people take his things and disturb him.

Talents: He plays guitar and can sing a little too. He is also a part-time artist.

Backstory: Well, his father walked out on him and his mother, when Danny was about six or seven years old. Sometime after, his mother remarried to a lazy, mean man who would beat Danny every day, so much that Danny began self-harming. As he self-harmed, Danny began getting bullied at school, making him sink lower and lower into depression. He even tried to take his life once, if it wasn't for a band saving his life. That band was My Chemical Romance. Now, at fourteen years old, Danny plays guitar in the school rock band American Revenge.

What Position In The Band Is Danny?: He plays bass, and my other OC Rayven will play lead guitar.

Relationships of Danny. (Friend/Girlfriend wise): Danny is Sadie's best friend, and Danny has his eyes on the lead guitarist of American Revenge, Rayven. Danny is also friends with American Revenge's rhythm guitarist Liz, and the drummer Sam.

Any Other Info: Nope. Not that I can think of.

So, that is my OC which I'll use in my new fic. I'll start writing it during the afternoon, I'm just gonna download some songs first. Any ideas on how it should begin?

(Also, I'm totally gonna ship Danny and Rayven. Calling it Drayven. Who else shall ship this?)
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