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*squeals with excitement*

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Oh My Fuck.

Okay, so in like 3 days there is a NEW SLEEPING WITH SIRENS SONG OHMYGOD

(It'll also be a month since mcr broke up too, and if I can keep this up, I'll be a month clean of self-harm)

squeals with fucking excitement and woo!


Alright, so I have set myself a FicWad Goal.
My FicWad Goal: Get a fic that I've written, all green.

Now, I've been here for a few months or so now, and I've never gotten a story all green. All my stories I write are either rated down, or never rated. And, that makes me sad, and it makes me get paranoid that I'm a terrible writer. Now, I know you're gonna say "no, sadie, you're great at writing." or something, but I can't help feeling it.
So, I'm gonna write a new fic sometime soon, I don't know what it will be about, or what the title will be, but I'm determined to get it all green. If you don't like the fic for some reason, just don't read it.


Okay, so I'm 29 days clean today. Passing 28 days for me was hard, as last night, I got the thoughts again. They just randomly came back into my head, but I ignored them. I just kept listening to my music, and was basically like "fuck you motherfuckers" to the thoughts. :P

So, I'm now 29 days clean! (party celebrations)


Now, I'm having some ideas about this fic.. I want the title to be from a song lyric. I want the title to be a lyric from a song, either by PTV, SWS, or MCR. Whatever lyric you choose, from whatever song, I'll base the fic around that band. Or, maybe not. No I won't. So, I have a few plot ideas for this fic.. which'll be:

a) Love Triangle thing, between Gerard, Vic and Kellin. Andy will be in here too, as my older brother or something. Starring loads and loads of band members and ships. Basically, I move to a new school, where Gerard, Vic and Kellin go, and I meet all three of them in different classes. After a while all three of them fall in love with me, yet I have to pick one of them. (if you choose this idea, please say which guy you want me to eventually date)

b) Like a Twilight fic, just no Vampires or Werewolves. It'll be set around the first Twilight. Some of the bits of this plot will be from Twilight, others will still be from Twilight but I'll tweak it a little bit. Another love triangle, between Andy, Vic and Kellin. You choose who I go to (between Vic and Kellin, Andy will be like James, the evil guy.)

c) Two bands are up for the battle of the bands. My band, and Vic's band. We are supposed to be hating eachother, but we soon become friends and something much more... I dunno..

So, basically, you can choose between those three plots, and I need to know THIS:

Choise You Made: (a, b, or c?):

Name for fic:

Summary for fic: (can be long or short:

How Many Chapters Do You Want?:

Do You Wanna Be In This Fic? If So, Who Do You Wanna Be?:

So, just gimme all that info, and when I do write it (which will take some time..) I want it rated good, green if you can, and I want some reviews after all chapters. Does that sound too hard on you? Sorry if it is. Oh god I feel bad now jeez.
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