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Evening Plans.

by MCR-99 5 reviews

My Saturday night plans.

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Right, so the time in England is nearly 7pm on Saturday, so here's what I plan to do tonight.

7:30-ish - Practice some singing for the talent show. The auditions for the talent show are on Wednesday and Thursday, break one and two. I'm doing the auditions Wednesday break one. Hope I get in..

8/8:30-ish - More Singing, just for fun. Using youtube.

9:00-ish - Fics. I might write some oneshots, update on fics, stuff like that.

11:00-ish - Movie Time.

There, that's sorted. Now, for my oneshots. Tell me what you want as a oneshot.. I'll do any pairing, like SASH (Sash forever fuckers..) or maybe me with a band member.. maybe. MAYBE. I'm deffo updating This Blood Evacuation again tonight. (Sam if ya haven't read the latest chapter read it NOW. GO.) I'll try and update Would You Please Stay sometime soon too, either tonight or tomorrow, but you will get an update on that ASAP.

Ash, I'm fucking excited for your Kellic/Pikey fic. It'll be cool as fuck. Legit.

Now, fic reccommends peoples.

I reccoment ya read:

We See Through The Little Doll's Eyes ( i think that's the title.. short memory much..) by HatedEyes (Ash.)

Dead Silence - Sam41.

Two awesome fics to keep ya on the edge, by two epic-as-goddamn-fuck people. The first fic, by Ash, the ending made me legit say "HOLY FUCKING CHEESE TITS THIS IS GOOD WOAH OKAY ASDJKLFL." So, Ash made me fangirl cuz of that fic. And, with Dead Silence, I gots a hunch it'll be epic as fuck and awesome and will make me say "god why are these people so talented?"

Right. I'm now bored as fuck.
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