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Back as Sadie.

by MCR-99 4 reviews

Sadie, the real MCR-99, is back.

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Who's started reading me and Ash's collab fic yet? I just read the first chapter and holy cheese-its it's epic. Dunno how I'mma carry on with that..

Wait a sec I'm confused. So, are Danny and Vic gonna end up dating in this? wasn't it meant to be me and Vic.. OH WAIT I GET THE PLOT TWIST NOW.
I got it.

Oh god this fic'll be epic. I'm also gonna write a Drayven oneshot soon, based off of the music video for After Midnight by blink-182. I've also created a ship name for Danny and Vic, because I CAN. All hail the ship of Dannic.

Right, so this is Sadie, signing off from the blog to.. go on twitter or something..

Sadie xo
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