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got time, all the time in the world

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quick overview.

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"what are you doing you're fucking up you're fucking up you're fucking up you're FUCKING UP YOU'RE FUCKING UP!"

breathe in; breathe out
scholarship essays; recommendation letters
chose a goddamn book; long term assignment due
taxes 2012; geometry packet
knots of our fingers; kisses on your neck
lottery tickets; birthday wishes
happiness if for a second; panic 
future plans; gambling blowout 
soccer; teeth knocked out
missed phone calls; tag you're it
create your own nebula; red color me red
hobbies/interests/strengths; m.i.a. personality 
has been; never was
love as a default; submission
open legs; a filthy slut might swallow
getting kinda chubby; you're not really hungry
kissed me; tell
where are you; daddy
dear guy who cut me off this morning; fuck you 
penniless heroes; dead don't speak
t.v. noise; kitchen lights
life; lithium carbonate
reality over brick walls; thoughts spat in bile
shut up; talk to me more more more
friends please; boy of seclusion 
outside; knives make me squirm
make me cry; I want to hurt
addicted; contrition and pain
stutter surgery; babe baby darling
it's fine;  
I can replace you
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