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Holy Shit Fuck.

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no words.

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The new SWS single is fucking awesome!
No seriously, I was sat there, listening to it like:

"Oh My Fall Out Boy, this is good stuff fUCK." and then made inhuman fangirl noises and giggles.


So, I let Ellie listen to the Asking Alexandria song I got yesterday, today, and we played it in the school hallway. India, a girl who hates rock music and screamo stuff, was like:

"What is up with your music? Seriously?"

Ellie was like:

"It's Asking Alexandria."

and then after some time during the song, India was like:

"Can you turn that shit off please?" in which I thought:

"Oh HELL NO BITCH." and we continued playing the ENTIRE song and didn't get done for it.

Also.. Some people laughed at me as I always had my headphones in, and one girl TOOK ONE OUT. I was thinking:

"Bitch don't you dare before I snap you like a friggen twig ok."

But, the only reason I have my headphones in all the time is because I'd become really insane if I had no music to listen to, as music keeps me alive.


I've had the lyrics: "Sometimes things don't work out the way we planned. To die is just to fall asleep, to die is to awaken." stuck in my head all day. Even during my maths tests. Lucky I didn't write them down as an answer lol. Also, I have now got a level 6 in French, which is good, as that's what our teacher wants us to get. (squeals with happiness)

So, that was the intresting bits of my day. How about you guys?

Now, to see if Twitter is off matinence. xo Sadie.

(PS: I have updated my chapter of These Things I've Done. Your turn Ash! :3)
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