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Full Of Nerves..

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holy fuck I'm nervous for no reason..

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okay so I'm like incredibly nervous now and I dunno why.

Well, I did audition for the school talent show today, and I was the only singer there for my year, and loads of people were watching me. But, that was a few hours ago so that's not the reason why..

Also, I did do pupil reception all day. Pupil reception, is basically where you take notes to people in classes, and deliver shit to other people. I had no lessons though, so that's awesome. I'm maybe nervous about that because you have me, a shy as fuck thirteen year old kid, taking stuff to like year 10s and shit, knocking on a classroom door, and when you enter EVERYONE turns their head to look at you. Then you give whatever you have to, to whoever you have to, and then you're like: 'go go go get the fuck outta there now go now go before they get you!'. Not good.

I don't know why I'm nervous. Well, I'm not nervous now. Now, I'm sat in my room, wearing star leggings and a PTV top, listening to PTV and typing this.

I see you like my OC fic, Bulletproof Love. I will update today. Ooh, and Mouse, what is my challenge? (giggling excitedly yay)

So, I forgot to tell you guys. I'm a month clean.. yesterday. Wow. One month. (smiles appreciativly)

And, Ellie (school friend, you know) said I can sleep over after the PTV concert IF we can get tickets. They are on sale at the door of the place so we gotta get 'em early. So, long story short, I am seeing PTV. Now, we just gotta discuss getting to the concert. I'm sure Mum would drop us off, but I wonder how we're gonna get back.. Well, we have until the 16th of May (22 days) to sort it out. Enough time. I might also try and get there early, so, in case I see them, I could most possibly meet PTV. Doubt it though, but I'll try.. I'll also try not to fangirl.. that'll be hard..

Also. I told Ellie it was Kellin Quinn's birthday today, and she actually shouted happy birthday to the air.. although I was more sane.. I said happy birthday to the poster I have of him. Wait. It's his birthday today right? or was it yesterday? I'm sure it's today. (I still don't know how old he is.. 20-something I'm gonna guess.)

So, that was my day. also, to the person who told me not to write my blog here anymore, and asked for me to move it to a blogging site: I will not move my blog. I didn't give you permission to read it, you don't have to if you don't want to okay. But, to be fair, I think blogs are more appealing to people, because they're real, and we're all friends and we wanna know how our friends days were, and stuff like that. There, just trying to be kind as I'm in a good mood, as my deputy-headteacher at school said my singing was 'brilliant', which made me smile so much :)

So, did you have a good day guys? (PSSTT: I have drawn my two OC's aswell, I drew Rayven today, but I haven't coloured her in yet. I drew Danny yesterday, I think, he also isn't coloured, but I will take a picture of both of them and put them up on Twitter or something..)

xoxo Sadie
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