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Ch1: a new friend appears

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Tracy the new girl in town saves a bunch a childern from a nighlok. Now the nighlok is out for revenge. meanwhile at the Shiba house the rangers find a package at their door step who is it from and...

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The Rangers are training in the dojo

Jayden: Hey Kevin what's wrong?

Kevin: I heard a knock at the front gate.

Jayden: I did to Kevin.

Jayden and Kevin leave to investigate

Kevin: There is no one here just a package.

Mike enters

Mike: Why would someone play ding-dong ditch on us?

Kevin: Mike we don't even have a doorbell.

Mike: Good point.

Jayden: Come on let's bring the package inside.

The Rangers were having a meeting in the living room.

Emily: Any idea who it's from?

Kevin: No idea Emily there is any return address.

Mike: Hey Kevin there is a note though.

Mike reads the note to the Rangers.

Note: hello young samurai,

inside this box is my prized possesion. I have no family member to pass it along to. I have my complete faith in you that you will find a person who is worthy of the power it contains. The person must be brave in the face of danger and have the true spirit of a samurai.

Thank you again,

The aging samurai

Mia: Okay Jayden , What do we do now?

Jayden: first things first Mia let's open the package.

Jayden opens package into the box was a Samuarizer encased within a layer of ice, two power discs, a folding zord, and an instruction manual.

Kevin: Hold on Snow Leopard . It dosen't look so tough.

Mentor: Kevin never judge a book by its cover.

Kevin: You're right Mentor. Jayden how to go about finding the seventh samurai Ranger is?

Jayden: I don't know Kevin I guess we will know when he or she shows up.

The Gap Sensor sounds

Jayden: Let's go Rangers. We have work to do.

Meanwhile the park

Tracy was walking through the park. (she is 5''5' has blonde hair, blue eyes. and a pair of glasses with stars beads on the ear pieces.) She was wearing a silver tank top ,a pair of jean shorts, and a pair of tennis shoes.

Tracy: Wow it's so peaceful here.

The monster walks in and children run away screaming.

Tracy: So much for peaceful.

Monster:Children's screams what a glorious sound.

Tracy: Hey what are you? What do you think you are doing?

Monster: I am a Nighlok and I'm doing my job raising the Sanzu River.

Tracy: Well that River is not going to raise another inch not while I'm here.

Nighlok: Oh really what do you plan on doing?

Tracy: Watch and see.

She lead all the children to safety.

Nighlok: You may have saved the children, but you won't be able to save yourself moogers attack.

Tracy was doing well until adapting down but there was a small gap between the moogers. She was able to roll away. The moogers destroyed each other.

Nighlok: Well you're smarter than I thought you were.

Tracy: You've never heard the phrase big things come in small packages.

Nighlok: Doesn't matter let's see how you fare against me.

Tracy : Why do you always wanted to the hard way?

Nighlok attacks and They do battle for a few minutes.

Nighlok: You got lucky I'm drying out but I'll be back.

Tracy: Come back coward we are not finished yet!

Nighlok slithers into a gap back to the nether world.

Tracy (to herself): Lucky is right but I hate to admit it but it was tougher than I thought.

Tracy left the park. She was in worse shape than she first thought. She felt dizzy with every step she took. She knew she needed to find help. She stumbled up to a large gate of a beautiful house and she knocked on the gate as hard as she could.

Kevin: Hey, did anyone hear that?

Mike: I didn't hear anything.

Jayden: I heard it too Kevin. It is really quiet.

Tracy knocked at the gate again with the last ounce of strength she could muster up

Kevin: There it is again.

Jayden: Antonio and I will go a check it out. Everyone else stay here.

Jayden and Antonio walk up. Anotnio slowly opens the gate. Tracy slowly falls forward but he catches her in his arms.Antonio looks down at Tracy's face and sees her beautiful blue eyes for the first time.

Antonio: Wow you have really pretty eyes.

Tracy: thanks .

Jayden: Antonio focus.

Antonio looks back towords Jayden.

Antonio: Sorry Jay.

Jayden: What happened? And who are you?

Tracy (taking a deep breath): First question a Nighlok attacked innocent children in the park so I help them. Second question my name is...

Tracy fainted so Antonio carried her inside.

Kevin: Hey Jayden who is she?

Jayden: Don't know ,Kevin, She fainted before she got a chance to tell us her name.

Antonio carried Tracy to the spare bedroom and layed her in the bed. Ji enters with the firist aid kit and patches up the cut on her arm

Antonio: Will she be all right JI?

Ji: Don't worry Antonio she'll be fine in a few hours.

The two of them leave the room. So she can rest but neither of them remember to close the door.

living room

Jayden: How is she doing?

Antonio: She'll be fine in a few hours . JI siad that she just needs some rest that's all.

Kevin: What happened to her Jayden?

Jayden: she said that there was a nighlok attack in the park.

Mike: Why didn't the gap sensor go off?

Jayden: I don't know Mike.

Emily: So I guess that she fought the nighlok.

Jayden: looks like it , Emily.

Mike: Well you can't say that the girls got guts.

Jayden: True ,Mike, she deffently has the spirit of a samurai.

A few hours later

The thin layer of ice around the Samuraizer shattered and it flew across the room. It landed on the end table next to the bed in the spare room.

Antonio: Well you don't see that everyday.

Mike: Since when can a Samuraizer fly?

Emily: So where did it go?

They walked into the spare room

Jayden: I guess we found who the seventh samurai Ranger is.

Kevin: Now what Jayden?

Jayden: No idea Kevin.

Tracy woke up

Tracy: Where am I? And who are you people?

Jayden: You're at the Shibia house. I am Jayden that's Kevin, Mike, Emily, Mia , Antonio, and Ji. He is our mentor.

Tracy: Nice to meet you. My friends call me T-dawg you can call me Tracy

.Kevin: how did you get that nickname?

Tracy: My best friend Ashley gave it to me when we were kids. Don't take this the wrong way but I could see everyone a bit better if I had my glasses.

Jayden: Oh sorry about that here you go.

Tracy: thanks Jayden and thanks again for your help. I think I need to get going.

Kevin: But the Samuraizer chose you to become the seventh samurai Ranger.

Tracy: Samuraizer what's that?

Jayden hands Tracy the Samuraizer.

Jayden: This is the Samuraizer. It will allow you to become samurai Ranger.

Tracy: If you really need another Ranger. it's not me.

Kevin: The Samuraizer chose you and we really need you.

Tracy : this thing may have chosen me. I just can't accept it I'm sorry.

Tracy got out of bed and ran out of the room

Jayden: Hey Tracy come back!

Mike: Way to go Kevin.

Kevin: I didn't think she would get so upset.

Jayden: can you really blame her. It was kind of sudden. Put yourself in her place.

Kevin: Right Jayden I'll go find her.

Gap sensor sounds

Jayden: You will have to find her later. Kevin the nighlok is back.

Back in the park

Nighlok: Samurai Rangers, what are you doing here? I have no business fighting you. I want to battle the girl found yesterday.

Jayden: What girl?

Nighlok: The girl who saved all the children I was scaring yesterday.

Jayden (to himself): Tracy.

Jayden (out loud): Sorry to disappoint you nighlok but you will have to battle us instead.

Nighlok:Sorry red Ranger moogers attack!

Meanwhile back at the Shiba house

Ji found Tracy outside sitting the bench

Tracy: JI, I am sorry for running off.

Ji: Don't worry about it . It was all put on you very suddenly.

Tracy: True but I just don't know what I'm supposed to do. My heart says to help. My brain is saying it is somebody else.

Ji: You should do whatever your heart thinks is right.

Tracy: Do you get all your advice from fortune cookies? You are right Ji. I'm going to help the others.

Ji: Good. Here is your Samuraizer. you activate it by saying Samuraizer go, go, samurai.

Tracy: Got it Ji. what is the name of the spin sword attack? What is the name of the weapon?

Ji: The original owner couldn't think of a name. You'll just have to make one up.

Tracy races off to help the others

Meanwhile the Park

Jayden: Spin sword blazing strike!

Nighlok: Okay Rangers get ready to fight the moogers.

the moogers charge at the rangers. Nighlok aims its attack at Emily

Tracy: Emily looks out!

Tracy makes a dramatic entrance and pushes Emily out the way saving her.

Emily: Thanks Tracy.

Tracy: No problem Emily. Samuraizer go, go, samurai! samurai Ranger ready!

Nighlok: What there are seven of you now?

Tracy: Looks that way nighlok. Now let's finish what we started earlier spin sword frostbite.

The nighlok dodges the spin sword attack.

Nighlok: I guess you are more powerful than you were before. It won't matter I'll still defeat you.

Tracy: Keep dreaming nighlok. Spin sword Leopard spear, Try to dodge this Leopard spear ice symbol strike!

Nighlok: You may have defeated me but you'll never be able to defeat me as a mega monster.

Nighlok falls over then explodes

Kevin: Wow Tracy you were amazing!

Tracy: Thanks Kevin but what did the nighlok mean by mega monster?

The nighlok grows to the size of dodger Stadium.

Jayden: Ok Rangers we need to go into megazord mode.

Rangers: right.

Jayden: Lion folding zord

Kevin: Dragon folding Zord

Mike: Bear folding Zord

Emily: Ape folding Zord

Mia: Turtle folding Zord

Rangers: Megamode power!

Jayden: Zords combine!

Rangers: Samurai megazord we are united!

Tracy: All right, think it is my turn now snow Leopard folding Zord Megamode power.

Nighlok: A snow Leopard got a be kidding me is the pretty little kitty going to try to hurt me.

Tracy: Well I guess you have forgotten I said before don't judge a book by its cover. Leopard Zord, hailstorm.

Kevin: Wow I'm impressed that zord is really powerful.

Jayden: Hey Tracy join us.

Tracy: Sure thing Jayden Leopard Zord Samurai armorment.

Rangers: Leopard strom megazord armed for battle

Nighlok: Is that suposed to scare me?

Tracy: It will soon enough nighlok blizzard attack

The nighlok became an ice sculpture.

Jayden: great job, Tracy now let's finish this.

Rangers: Megablade activate Leopard strom megazord final strike!

Nighlok explodes

Jayden: Samurai rangers, victory is ours.

meanwhile back at the dojo

Kevin: Hey, Tracy you did a great job out there today.

Tracy: Thanks, Kevin. I think that it was beginners luck and nothing more.

Jayden: You really shouldn't talk about yourself that way. You really do have the true spirit of a samurai.

Tracy: Thanks Jayden. I really think that you and the others would be a lot better off if I just headed back to my apartment.

Jayden: Come on Tracy you know that is not true and you know it.

Tracy: Maybe you're right Jayden. I could stay for a while.

rangers put their hand together in a circle

Jayden : Come on Tracy. You too.

Tracy: Ok.

Tracy puts her hand in the circle.

Rangers: Rangers together, Samurai forever!
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