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ch 2: An old enemy Returns

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Tracy first day of training.

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Normal POV

Tracy walks into the Kitchen. Jayden is standing next to the sink putting his bowl away. "Good morning Tracy so how did you sleep?" He asks. "Ok I guess." She answers. "We are about to start our morning training session. You are coming right?" He said. "Yeah I'll be there in a few minutes." She replies. Jayden leaves the room. Tracy leaves the room a few minutes later after she finishes her breakfast.

Tracy walked outside to meet up with the others."Hey Tracy glad you could join us." Kevin said." Was that sarcasm I hear Kevin." Tracy asks him. "No." Kevin answers quickly. "Tracy, why don't you train with Antonio?" Jayden suggests. "Oh sure have me train with the rangers who's attacks are as fast lighting. No pressure or anything." Tracy thought to herself. "Are you sure about this Jay?" Antonio asks hesitantly. "I'm sure." Jayden answers.

Antonio and Tracy grab a bamboo sword. They begin to train and Tracy can tell that Antonio is holding back. So she stops mid swing. "Hey why did you stop?" Antonio asks. "I know that you are holding back. I'm not going to get any stronger if you continue to do what you are doing." Tracy answers. Antonio knows that she made a valued point. He tells her that he would try his best.

They start training again. Tracy was so focused on what she is doing. As Antonio swings his sword at her feet and she jumps over his sword. She lands her right ankle funny and she fells it roll. She winces in pain. "Tracy you ok?" Antonio asks very concerned. "Yeah, I'm ok." Tracy replies trying not to make a scene. Tracy stands up straight but a few seconds later she feels her ankle give out. She uses her sword to catch herself. "You sure that you're all right?" Antonio asks again. "Yeah, my ankle is a little weak that's all." She replies.

Tracy stands ready to restart her training. "Tracy, I applaud your commitment but you really should get off that ankle." Jayden says. "Yeah, Jayden is right. Your ankle is starting to swell." Mike adds. Tracy looks down at her ankle noticing that Mike is right. "Dang it" Tracy whispers under her breath. She knew that there was no way that she was going to do any more training. She started to head back inside the house and her ankle gives out again.

She starts to fall backward and Antonio runs over her. He catches her in his arms. "Thanks Antonio, nice catch." Tracy says trying not to blush. "No prob. So why don't I give you a hand." Antonio suggests. "Ok." Tracy says still trying not to blush. Antonio helps her back inside the house. He walks her into the living room. He sits her down on one of the chairs."Wait here and I'll go get the first aid kit and an ice pack." He says. "You don't have to go get an ice pack but you can go get the first aid kit though." She says. "What do you mean?" Antonio asks in a curious tone. "I'll do you one better and show you." She answers.

Tracy takes out her samuraizer and draws a symbol in the air. She activates it and an ice pack appears. "When did you learn how to do that?" he asks. "Technically last night." She replies. "Did you train all night?" he asks continuing his game of twenty questions. "Only for a few hours." She answers, correcting him. "Works for me, I'll be back in a flash." He says.

Antonio heads to the kitchen. He comes back with the first aid kit and Ji comes in the room with him. "What happened?" the samurai mentor asks in a concerned tone. "I just landed on my ankle wrong that's all." Tracy says. The other ranges enter the room. "You need to work on your landings when you doge an attack." Kevin says. "Gee, thanks for your helpful advice Kevin." Tracy says in sarcastic tone.

"Did you twist your ankle?" Emily asks. "No, Emily it rolled actually." She replies. "Ow, sounds like it hurt." Mike adds. Tracy just shrugs conveying that it really didn't hurt that much. The Gap sensor sounds. "Where is it?" Antonio asks. JI unrolled the map "The forest outside the city." Ji replies. Jayden tells the rangers to get going. "I'm coming with you." Tracy says confidently as she got to her feet. "In your condition not a good idea. You just stay put we can handle this." Jayden informs her. Tracy knows that Jayden is right, but she really wants to help the team. She sits back down, sighing in defeat. The rangers run off to battle the nighlok.

Meanwhile in the forest the nighlok was terrorizing the poor creatures that lived there and the people who were trying to enjoy the serenity of nature. The rangers lead the people to safety. "Only six rangers. I guess the seventh ranger is too afraid to fight." The nighlok says. "It's already six on one. Do you really want to make it even more lopsided?" Antonio says. "The more rangers I take down at once the better." the nighlok says confidently. The rangers morphed." Rangers Together, Samurai Forever." They say together. The nighlok sent for some moogers to attack the rangers. They enter though the gaps and charge towards the rangers. The rangers use their spin sword attacks to defeat the moogers.

"Your next, nighlok." Jayden shouts. The rangers use the quintuple slash and aim it towards the nighlok. "Nice try, rangers, not even a scratch." The nighlok sayslaughing evilly. "What now Jayden?" Mia asks. Jayden tells the team to keep fighting. The battle continues for a few more minutes. "You rangers just got lucky, I'm drying out." the nighlok says as it slips through a gap.

The rangers walk into the living room. "Man this new nighlok is strong." Mike says. Emily adds the fact that their symbol power didn't do a thing. Jayden looks over at Kevin and he appears a little distracted. "What's wrong Kevin?" Jayden asks."I thought I heard something coming from the dojo." Kevin answers. Mike tries to convince Kevin that he was just hearing things. Kevin argues that he really did hear something. Jayden put up his hand to signal them to be silent because he could hear the faint sound of Tracy training in the dojo.

The rangers walk to the dojo and as soon as they enter the room. Jayden sees Tracy leaning against the far wall fast asleep with a sword in her right hand. "What now Jayden?" Emily asks. Jayden told them to just let her sleep and that he would check on her in a bit. They should focus on figuring out a new stagey to defeat the nighlok. The other rangers leave except for him and Antonio. "You are not going to wait till she wakes up and start to train again then sneak in on her right Jay?" Antonio asks his best friend. "Man Antonio you know me too well." Jayden says. "Yup we are best friends after all." Antonio says.

Back in the Dojo Tracy slowly wakes up and uses the sword to push herself back to her feet. "Darn it! I must have dozed off for a bit but now it is time to get back to work." She says. She limps back to the middle of the room but her ankle refuses to let her put a lot of pressure on it. She ignores it then goes back to work. "I'm getting faster, but I'll never be as fast as Antonio." She says thinking out loud. She is so focused on her training that she doesn't hear Antonio and Jayden come in.

"You might become even faster than me if you just keep at it." Antonio says. Tracy jumps and lands on her bad ankle. She falls to her knees and looks up at the boys. "Man Antonio, warn a girl when you are going to do that next time huh." She whines. "Sorry about that, I didn't mean to scare you." Antonio apologizes. Antonio walks over to her and offers Tracy his hand. Then he helps her back to her feet. She thanks him.

Jayden looks over towards the far wall and sees three used ice packs lying on the floor. "Tracy, where did all the ice packs come from?" Jayden asks. Tracy informs him that she made them with her symbol power. She looks down and sees that old ice pack on her ankle had melted. She took out her samuraizer and drew the ice pack symbol. Then activated it and a new ice pack appeared. "Tracy. You know that using symbol power is incredibility draining right?" Jayden says. "No, well, I do now and that would explain the dizzy spells." Tracy says.

Tracy begins to feel dizzy again and starts to lose her balance again. She starts to fall backwards and Antonio catches her before she hits the floor. He helps her back to her feet for the second time. Tracy thanks him for the second time. "Don't you think that you are over doing it just a little?"Antonio asks. "No, not really." Tracy says confidently. Antonio could tell that she was beat. He tries again to convince her to stop. "Don't worry Antonio I fine really." Tracy says.

She bends back down to put the new ice pack on her ankle. As soon as she unwraps the old ice pack and puts the new ice pack on, she gets back to her feet and few seconds later she felt herself drift back into a deep sleep. Her samuraizer starts to fall out of her left hand. Jayden catches it before it hits the floor and Antonio catches her for the third time. Antonio looks down at her and sees that she was sleeping like a baby. Jayden suggests that they take her back to her bedroom. Antonio agrees that is a good idea.

Jayden slowly took the sword from Tracy's right hand and put it away. Then he takes Tracy out of Antonio's arm and cradles her in his. He puts her on Antonio's back and the two of them walke out of the dojo. When they walk into her room Jayden places Tracy's samuraizer on the end table next to the bed and grabs a few extra pillows to prop her ankle up on. He set the pillow at the end of the bed and takes Tracy off of Antonio's back. Then gently places her on the bed and Antonio leaves the room. He comes back with an extra blanket and draps it across her body. They leave the room quietly and Antonio closes the bed room door slowly as he walks out. "Her determination got the best of her, huh Jay?" Antonio asks his friend. Jayden just nodded. They go to the living room and sat down on the couch and a few seconds later the gap sensor goes off again. The rest of the team dashed into the room."The nighlok is at the construction site." JI informs the team. The rangers run off to battle again

At The construction site people were screaming and running away from the nighlok."That's it run away pesky humans. The rangers I'm about to defeat should be here any minute" the nighlok says. Jayden uses his spin sword attack to make a dramatic entrance. The nighlok few back a few feet and got back to his feet. The nighlok wasn't impressed. "Nice entrance rangers. Too bad that this battle will end the same way our last battle did." The nighlok says confidently. "I don't think so nighlok because this time we've got you number." Mike yells. The rangers battle the nighlok and the nighlok seems to have the upper hand again

The nighlok tells the rangers to give up. Kevin reminds the nighlok that a true samurai never gives up. Antonio charges in towards the nighlok. He gets within range the nighlok grabs him mid attack. Then it threw him towards at steel beam. Antonio hits the beam hard. "Antonio, you ok?" Emily asks the gold ranger. Antonio tells her that he is fine. "Not for long." The nighlok says laughing evilly.

The nighlok fires his laser attack at Antonio." Antonio look out." Jayden yells. Antonio gets to his feet and draws his blade. The attack came in so fast that even he couldn't deflect it in time. As the attack came in range a folding zord flew in and deflected it saving him. "Jayden, didn't that look like Tracy's Zord?" Emily asks. "It didn't look like Tracy's zord it was her zord." Jayden replies.

Tracy enters the battle. "Hey nighlok, anyone who hurts my friends has to answer to me". Tracy yells. ¨Just the ranger I wanted to see. Now I can defeat all seven samurai rangers at once." the nighlok says. Tracy morphs and aims her spin sword attack at the nighlok. The nighlok dodged the attack. "You've got to be kidding me! OK new plan." She thinks to herself. Tracy takes out her samuraizer and drew a new symbol into the air. "Try to doge this nighlok. Symbol power Blizzard!" Tracy yells.

The attack came barreling towards the nighlok but it was unaffected. "Oh come on! I put everything onto that last attack." Tracy says in shock. "You're not as strong as I thought you were going to be Silver Ranger." The nighlok says in a disappointed tone. Tracy falls to her knees and demorphed. She looks up to see that the nighlok launchs another laser blast attack at her. "Tracy look out!" Antonio yells.

Then a man jumps out of the shadows and drew out a sword. He uses it to deflect the attack. "Deker, You're back I thought you were destroyed." The nighlok says in shock. Tracy gets back to her feet and walks over to Deker. "Why did you save me aren't you are there side?" she asks. "Not anymore." Deker answers. "What do you mean not anymore?" She asks confused. "You'll find out soon enough silver ranger." He says "Ok can some please explain to me what the heck is going on here?" She snaps.

Tracy starts to feel really weak and dizzy. A few seconds later she fells herself falls forward. Deker catches her in his arms. Deker asks if she was all right. "Yes, I'm fine. I don't need your help Deker." She says pushing him away quickly. Tracy knew that she did need his help. She wasn't going to accept help from a bad guy turned good. She knew that it could just be a trap. The only problem was that her brain knew that it was a bad idea. On the other hand her body has other plans and she faints. Deker catches her in his arms again.

"I'll take care of the silver ranger from here." He says as he leaves carrying Tracy in his arms. "No, come back with my friend!" Antonio calls to Deker. "Hey Jayden, didn't Deker seem to be acting differently than the last time we saw him?" Emily asks. "Your right Emily he was acting differently that was kinda strange. We can't worry about that now. We have to defeat this nighlok." Jayden answers. Antonio knew that Jayden was right. The rangers use the beetle cannon and the barracuda bite combo to defeat the nighlok. "We did it."Mike cheers."Don't celebrate yet Mike. We still have to deal with the mega monster." Jayden reminds him. The nighlok grow to the size a Yankee Stadium. The rangers call for the zords and went into megamode. Then they formed the Octospear Megazord. "You rangers are finished. Just run away while you still can." The nighlok taunts. "A true samurai never runs from a battle." Jayden yells from inside the megazord cockpit. The rangers fought valiantly and defeated the nighlok. "Good work, guys. Samurai rangers, Victory is ours. Jayden says congratulating the team on a job well done.
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