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ch 3: an old emeny returns part 2

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Tracy wakes up in a cave and Deker is taking care of her.

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An: there is a little Spanish in this chapter. I used an on line translator so I don't know how accurate it is, so bare with me OK.

Meanwhile, in a cave somewhere outside the city, Tracy hears the sound of soft crackling of a campfire and feels the gentle heat radiating from it warm her body. A few seconds later she hears the sounds of footsteps coming closer. She feels cool water hit her skin. She slowly wakes up and see Deker's face. She backs away quickly. "Take it easy, I'm not going to hurt you." Deker says in a calm tone. "Yeah right, I'm not going to fall for that." Tracy snaps rolling her eyes. "I'm serious." he argues. "Well Deker thanks for your help but I really need to get going." Tracy says as she slowly gets to her feet and started to leave.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you." Deker warns her. "Why not?" Tracy asks in a confused tone. A few seconds later she begins to feel dizzy again and starts to fall towards the cave floor. Deker runs over to her and catches her in his arms before she hit the cave floor. "That's why. You are clearly exhausted you need to rest." He tells her. "I can't, there may be another nighlok attack. My friends need my help." She argues. "If that did happen you would just slow them down." He argues back. "Hey, whose side are you on anyway?" she snaps. "I'm on no one's side." He replies. "Whatever" she whispers under her breath.

Tracy pushes him away and heads for the exit again. She gets about five more steps before she feels her ankle give out again and her body limp. The cave starts to spin around her. She starts to fall towards the floor again. Deker runs over to her and catches her in his arms for the second time. He carries her to the bed he made from twigs and leaves. He lays her down gently. She looks back up at him. "I'm fine, really" she says. Deker places his hand on her forehead. "Nice try, that's just the fever talking. You need to rest." He tells her. "I hate to admit it, but he is right I do feel a little weak." Tracy thinks to herself. A few seconds later she feels herself drift to sleep. Deker places a cool rag on her forehead to cool her fever down. Then he leaves to get some more water from the lake.

Meanwhile,at the Shbia house, the rangers are sitting in the living room. "Antonio, have you found Tracy yet?" Jayden asks the gold ranger."Not yet, Jay." Antonio replies as he was pushes random buttons on his morpher trying to locate the signal from Tracy's samuraizer. "I hope that she's ok." Emily says really worried about her new friend and fellow ranger. "Don't worry, Em I'm sure she's fine." Mike says in a reassuring tone. "She shouldn't have even been out there in the first place. She was in no condition to fight." Kevin interjects. "That's true,Kevin, but if she didn't show up when she did. Antonio could have been really hurt right now." Jayden tells him. The gap sensor sounds again. "Man two Nighloks in one day. Master Xandred isn't messing around today." Mike whines. Jayden activates the map. "It's at Spring Valley." He tells the group. "Guys, I found her." Antonio adds. Jayden tells Antonio to go help Tracy and that everyone else will go fight the nighlok. Antonio leaves to go help Tracy and the others go to battle the nighlok.

Meanwhile, at Spring Valley, Deker reaches the shoreline and bends down. He places the bowl into the water. Once the bowl is filled to the top he slowly takes it out of the water. He gets to his feet and turns around to head back to the cave. "Hello Deker" the nighlok says. "What are you doing here nighlok?" Deker asks. "I'm here to destroy those pesky samurai rangers." the nighlok says in a evil tone. "Good luck with that." he says in a sarcastic tone. The nighlok asks Deker why he was helping the silver samurai ranger. He tells the nighlok it was none of his concern. Deker turns around to head back to the cave.

Back at the cave Tracy hears the sound of approaching footsteps again. She slowly wakes up and sees Antonio's face. "Oye Antonio usted tomó su tiempo." She says. "Hey, I didn't know that you could speak Spanish." Antonio says surprised by how well she pronounces every word as if she has spoken it for years. "Supongo que yo hablo a español cuando estoy realmente cansado." She says. Antonio starts to talk in Spanish as well because he thinks it would make things go a little faster. "No hay problema por qué no hacen nos dirigimos a casa ¡eh!" he says. "Trabajos para mí y Antonio usted no tiene que hablar en el español también usted sabe." She replies.

"Sé que sólo pensé que sería más fácil Está aquí." Antonio says. Tracy laughs a little and she starts to get up. As soon as she takes a few steps everything starts to spin around her. Tracy starts to fall towards the cave floor but Antonio catches her in his arms. "Tracy!" he shouts. "No te preocupes Antonio estoy bien." She tells him. Antonio looks down at Tracy and notices that her face is beat red. He places his hand on her forehead. "Intento agradable, esto es sólo la conversación de fiebre usted tiene que descansar." Antonio tells her. "No puedo descansar ahora y si los demás necesiten nuestra ayuda." She argues.

Deker walks in. "Hello again, fisherman." Deker says. "What are you doing here Deker?" Antonio asks speaking English again. "I'm here to help." He replies. Antonio rolls his eyes in disbelief. "It's the truth and I'll prove it to you." He says in reply to Antonio's last action. Deker sets the bowl down on the cave floor and he walks over to them. He takes Tracy out of Antonio's arm and puts her onto his back. Then he takes out a clean rag and walks over to the bowl of water. He dips the rag in it and rings it out. He walks back over to Antonio and ties the rag around her forehead like a sweatband. "See, I told you." He says. Antonio thanks him and starts to leave the cave. He couldn't put his finger on what was up with Deker but he ignored it.

Back at the Shiba house JI is waiting for Antonio to return. A few minutes later he can hear Antonio coming in the front gate so he walks out the front door to meet up with him. "Antonio I'll take care of Tracy. The others need your help at Spring Valley." Ji informs the gold ranger. Antonio nods as Ji takes Tracy off of Antonio's back and carries her into the house. Antonio goes off to go help his friends.

Meanwhile at Spring Valley the rangers are trying get back to their feet. The nighlok had knocked them to the ground with his last attack. "Well rangers it looks like you are finished." The nighlok says laughing evilly. "We'll see about that nighlok. Lightzord Battle Disk Shatter shot." Antonio shouts. Several disks fly out of the lightzord and finds the nighlok's weak spot. "One more ranger is not going to make a difference." The nighlok says unimpressed by the gold ranger 's appearance. "All right rangers, it's about time that we finish this." Jayden tells his team. The rangers use the quintuple slash to defeat the nighlok. A few seconds later the mega monster appeares. The rangers call for the Megazord to battle the mega monster. The battle dosen't last too long and the rangers defeat the mega monster. "Good work, everyone. Samurai rangers, victory is ours." Jayden says.

Back at the Shiba house the rangers walk into Tracy's bedroom. They see JI placing a damp
rag onto Tracy's forehead and Tracy is resting peacefully. "How is she?" Jayden whispers. "Her fever is down. She still needs to rest." He tells him. Tracy slowly wakes up and sits up in the bed. She looks over at the team. "Usted sabe que es amable con fuerza para dormir cuando usted tipos habla." She says. "What did she just say? And since when does Tracy speak Spanish?" Mike asks very confused. "Sorry guys, I was going to tell you about that. Don't worry when her fever breaks she'll be speaking English again." Antonio replies. "So, in other words that just the fever talking?" Mike asks, playing twenty questions. Antonio nods. "So what did she say?" he asks playing twenty questions. "Right time for me to go to work, she says "you know it is kind of hard to sleep when you guys are talking." Antonio answers.

"Well at least she still has her sense of humor." Mike says. "cada uno Perdón que le defraudé en la batalla campo antes. Adivino que no soy un guardabosques de samurai muy bueno después de todo." Tracy says. "Antonio translation please." Mike whines. "She said that she is sorry that she let us down earlier." Antonio says acting as a Spanish to English dictionary. "Tracy don't talk like that you didn't let us down." Jayden reassures her. "Realmente?" she asks. "Yes, really if you hadn't showed up when you did. I could have been hurt really bad if you didn't save me." Antonio tells her as he flashes her a quick thank you smile. "Gracias para lo que usted dijo a Antonio, pero que era sólo una platija." She says. "Tracy it wasn't a fluke you need to have more confidence in yourself, ok?" He tells her. Tracy nods and a few seconds later she falls back to sleep. Ji lays her back down and fixes the covers. "Come on guys, it's been a long day we could all use some rest." Jayden tells the team. They nod and leave the room quietly. Antonio stays behind to help Ji look after Tracy.


Oye Antonio usted tomó su tiempo- Hey Antonio you took your time

Supongo que yo hablo a español cuando estoy realmente cansado- I guess I speak Spanish when I'm really tired

no hay problema por qué no hacen nos dirigimos a casa ¡eh!-no problem, why don't we go home eh

no te preocupes Antonio estoy bien- don't worry Antonio I'm Fine

intento agradable esto es sólo la conversación de fiebre usted tiene que descansar- nice try that's just the fever talking you need to rest

No puedo descansar ahora y si los demás necesiten nuestra ayuda.- I can't rest now and the other may need our help
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