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ch 4: Love bug part 1

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Normal POV

Tracy slowly woke up and saw Antonio fast asleep in the chair next to her bed. "Aw he looks so cute when he sleeping."She thought to herself, A few seconds later she felt her heart start to beat really fast. She laid back down in bed to calm herself down. She stayed like that for a few minutes and looked at the alarm clock. It read 3:30 am before she finally fell back to sleep again. A few hours later she felt the morning sun touch her skin as it came in the window. She woke up and got out of bed and walked (more like limped) over to Antonio. She tapped him on the shoulder to wake him up.

“Antonio rise and shine” Tracy said sweetly. “Five more minutes.” Antonio said in a sleepy tone. “Ok golden boy you sleep as long as you want." Tracy said as a small smile crept across her face. Antonio thanked her. Tracy saw a glass of ice water on the end table. She took an ice-cube out of the glass and pulled back the collar of his shirt. She watched the ice cube slowly slide down his back and waited for his reaction. A few seconds later his eyes flew open. “Cold so cold!” Antonio said as he started to dance around the room.

Tracy tried really hard not to laugh, but couldn't hold it in any longer. A few seconds later she bust out laughing. “Tracy did you have to do that?” Antonio whined. “I'm sorry Antonio I couldn't resist.” Tracy admited still laughing. “Wow she has such a cute laugh." Antonio thought to himself. “Are you done laughing yet?” Antonio asked in a whiney tone. “Give me a second.” Tracy replied while still laughing. A few seconds later the icecube fell on to the floor and she finally regained her composure.

“So I guess you are felling better?” Antonio asked. Tracy nodded. “That’s great but there is one thing that I'll miss.” Antonio said. “What’s that Antonio?” Tracy asked. “You were speaking Spanish.” Antonio answered.“Wait I was speaking Spanish?” Tracy asked kinda embarrassed. “Yes and it was really good.” Antonio complimented. She started to blush a little as she thanked him for the compliment. “So, how is your ankle feeling today?” Antonio asked.“Much better thanks for asking.” Tracy replied.

Tracy started to leave the room and head for the kitchen. She got about five steps and felt her ankle give out again. She started to fall backwards but Antonio caught her in his arms. “Much better, huh.” Antonio said. “I guess it’s not as strong as I thought.” She admited. “You might have to stay off it for a few more days.” Antonio said. Tracy knew he was right. She didn’t say a thing as Antonio helped her back to bed. “How about I go and get you some breakfast?” Antonio asks. Tracy’s stomach growled loudly. “I guess that I could eat” Tracy said cracking a joke. Antonio let out a soft chuckle. “Yeah I hear loud and clear.” Antonio said joking back. Antonio left the room and he had a smile on his face. “Why am I flirting with him? He is just a friend, but why is so darn cute?" Tracy thought to herself. As Antonio walked into the kitchen one thought was on his mind “Why can't I stop thinking about her laugh?"

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