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ch 5: love bug part 2

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Normal POV

Antonio is in the kitchen fixing a tray of food. Jayden is helping him as well." Hey, Antonio how is Tracy doing this morning?" Jayden asks his friend. "A lot better, well except for her ankle anyway." Antonio answers. "Why was she laughing anyway?" Jayden asks."She gave me a cold wakeup call that all." Antonio replies. "Let me guess she put an ice down your back didn't she? Jayden asks with a smirk on his face. Antonio nods. Even though Jayden had only just met Tracy a few days ago he was kinda shocked that she did that. "Well that doesn't sound like Tracy would do." He tells his friend. Antonio tells him that it was ok, she was just having a little fun-nothing more. "Ok, buddy whatever you say." Jayden says shaking his head. The boys walk out of the kitchen. Antonio has the tray of food in his hands.

Meanwhile in Tracy's bedroom she is sitting up in the bed. Tracy is trying to figure out why she couldn't stop thinking about Antonio and her being more than just friends. Then she hears a knock on the door. "Come in." Tracy says. Antonio and Jayden walk in. "Hey, Jayden." Tracy says. "You look a lot better than you did last night." Jayden says. " I hope you meant that in a good way." Tracy says in a sarcastic tone. Jayden nods. Antonio sets the tray down on the end table next to the bed. Tracy thanks him. She reaches for the bowl of oatmeal, and the note pad that was on her chest falls to the floor.

"Hey, what is this?" Jayden asks, picking the pad off the floor. "Oh it's nothing just a little sketch book that's all." Tracy answers quickly. Jayden opens it and sees the drawing she did of her and Antonio holding hands and a rainbow of hearts over their heads. "Great, now Jayden knows and he is going to tell everyone I just know it." She thinks to herself. Jayden asks if he can talk to Tracy alone. Antonio has no idea why he wants to talk with Tracy alone all of a sudden. He doesn't say a thing and turns around to leave the room.

Jayden waits until Antonio is completely out of the room. "How long were you going to keep the secret that you are crushing on Antonio from us?" Jayden asks. "Come on, Jayden I don't know what you are talking about?" Tracy says trying her best not to blush from embarrassment. "Come on Tracy I saw the way you look at him." Jayden says. "Antonio and I are just friends nothing more." Tracy argues. "Tracy, I can tell you're lying."Jayden says with a small smirk on his face. "Fine, Jayden you win. I really like Antonio. There, I said it, you happy now?" Tracy whispers. "What was that I couldn't hear you?" He jokes. "I really like Antonio." She repeats louder. "Calm down I was joking I heard you the first time. When are you going to tell Antonio that?" he asks." I don't know maybe after we save the city." She replies cracking a joke. "Antonio was right you are funny." He says laughing at her joke.

"Wait, he actually said that?" Tracy answers in shock. Jayden nods. "Jayden, did he say anything else not that I care or anything." She says trying to sound uninterested. "Just that he thinks you're cute and he likes your laugh." He says. "Wow, Antonio thinks I'm cute." She thinks to herself. A few seconds later a goofy smile comes to her face. "Tracy, hey stay with me. You can go back in to crush mode later." Jayden says waving his hand in front of her face. Tracy comes back to reality quickly. "Sorry about that Jayden, so you and Antonio are best friends right?" she asks. Jayden nods.

Jayden and Tracy talk for a while. Then she finishes her breakfast. Jayden takes the tray back to the kitchen. As he is walking to the kitchen he seeshis best friend. He was standing outside the door and smiling from ear to ear. Jayden figures he heard everything that was said. He stops and waves his hand in front of Antonio's face to bring him back to reality. "Antonio, you in there buddy?" He asks. Antonio quickly comes back to earth. "Yeah." Antonio replies quickly. "Well Antonio I hate to say this. If Tracy were a fish she would have just jumped straight into the net for you." He says. "You think so Jay?" Antonio asks his best friend. Jayden just nods. He could see his best friend going back into crush mode. He gives up on trying to snap him out of it. Secretly he likes seeing his friend act all goofy. He is happy that Antonio found someone who makes him feel that way. He continues to the kitchen.

The team was about to start the morning training session. Tracy sat on the sidelines with her ankle propped up on a pillow watching the others train. The only problem was that her complete focus was on Antonio. She kept a close eye on his technique so she could master it. Jayden had Antonio spar with Kevin. Jayden looked over at Tracy. He saw her watching them spar and tried not to it look like she was watching both Kevin and Antonio. He could tell she was just watching Antonio. He just shook his head with a small smile on his face.

An hour or so later they finished practice. They headed back inside to the living room to cool down. "So, Tracy how did we look?" Kevin asks. "Technically Kev the question should be how did Antonio look because it seemed like she was more interested in his technique." Mike says. "What do you mean Mike?" Emily asks. "It simple Em, Tracy..." Mike statement was cut short because of the tiny snowballs that flew into his mouth. "that was close at lease my secret is safe.' Tracy thinks to herself. A few seconds later Mike swallows the melted snow in his mouth. "Tracy what was that for?" Mike asks. "To tell you to zip your lip because if you try that again I'll turn you into Mike frost if you catch my drift." Tracy answers. Mike nods. "So, Tracy when did you learn that?" Kevin asks. "Let me guess last night"Antonio answers. Tracy nods. "Tracy you know that wasn't a very good idea." Jayden tells her. "I know, but if I didn't do something I was going to die from boredom." Tracy says.

Are you always going to be this dramatic about everything?' Kevin asks. "No I'm not going to this dramatic about everything just about this." Tracy answers. "Tracy can I ask you something?" Antonio asks. "Sure Antonio what is it?" Tracy replies. "Why exactly did you move out here anyway?" Antonio asks. "I was trying to escape the cold I guess." Tracy answers. "Where did you live before?" Jayden asks. "Michigan" Tracy answers. "So you move out here hoping it would be a tad warmer than you lived before." Antonio adds. "That it in a nut shell but convincing my dad to let me move out here that's another story." Tracy says.

"Are you an only child or something?" Mike asks. "Sorry to disappoint you Mike I'm just the baby of the family."Tracy answers. "So you're daddy's little girl." Mike says. "I guess you could say that." Tracy says. "Do you have an older sister or brother?" Kevin asks. "Brother" Tracy answers. Kevin was about to ask Tracy what her brother was like but the gap sensor goes off. Then the rangers rush off to battle the nighlok.

Tracy was in the living room sitting on one of the chair with her ankle propped up on the table with an ice pack wrapped around it. She was waiting for the team to get back from their latest battle. Ten minutes later she heard the front door open. "Hey, guys how did it go?" she asked. "Ok, if would have gone a little faster if you were there to turn the moogers or even the nighlok into an ice sculpture." Antonio answered. Tracy thanked him and started to play with her hair. Her cheeks were starting to turn red as well. Mike looked over at Emily. "What's wrong with her?" he asked her. "Nothing wrong with her Mike, Tracy just likes Antonio that's all." She answered. "i knew it, so we should try to get them together?" Mike asked. Emily nodded.

Mike told her to follow his lead. "So, what do you guys think of renting a DVD and having a movie night?" Mike asked the group. "That's a great idea." Emily answers playing along. Jayden and the others agreed that it sounded like a good idea. Tracy had a feeling that there was some other motive behind this movie night. She just ignored it and convinced herself that it could be fun.

A few hours later everyone was sitting on the floor in the living room in front of the T.V. Mike and Emily were sitting next to each other. Kevin and Mia were doing the same. Tracy was sitting by herself with her ankle on a pillow for a few minutes until Antonio sat down next to her. They sat an arm length apart from each other."What movie are we watching anyway?" Tracy asked. "The thing that ate New York." Mike answered. "Did you have to pick a scary movie? " Tracy whined. "This movie isn't that scary. I promise." Mike assured her. Jayden pressed play and sat down in the middle of group Indian stile on the floor.

JI came in a few minutes later with a bowl of air popped popcorn. Jayden got up from his spot and walked over to him. "How's everything going?" the samurai mentor asked handing the bowl of air popped popcorn to Jayden. "Ok, I guess." He answered, thanking him for the popcorn. "Hey, Jayden you are missing the best part." Mike shouted across the room.

Jayden looked back towards the group. He saw Tracy holding her hands in front of her eyes. See peeking though her fingers every few seconds. "Mike is lying; you're only missing the monster eating some poor guy's brain!" Tracy whined in terror. Jayden just laughed a little. Then he went back to the group and sat back down on the floor. "Hey, anyone want some popcorn?" he asked the group. Mike's hand shot up so Jayden passes the bowl to him. Then he went back to watching the movie.

Meanwhile on the side of the room with Tracy and Antonio, Antonio was trying to get Tracy to relax. "Tracy, you know it's not real right?"Antonio reassured her. "Yeah, I know but it's still creepy." She argued. Tracy found the courage to take her hands away from her eyes. She set her left hand on the floor, with her right hand was on her lap. Antonio slowly placed his right hand on top of Tracy's left one. Tracy looked down towards the floor and saw Antonio's hand on top of hers. Then a small smile came to her face as she looked back over at Antonio. Antonio looked over at her. Their eyes met for the first time (in a romantic kinda of way).

"You have a great smile." Antonio complimented in a flirting tone. Tracy tried her best not to blush and just looked away quickly. Antonio made his move and entwines his fingers between Tracy's. Tracy feels her heart skip a beat and the butterflies in her stomach fluttered like crazy. She looked over towards her left side again. She notices that Antonio was holding her hand. "Ok, he's holding my hand. That doesn't mean he likes me." Tracy thinks to herself. Antonio leaned in closer to whisper something into her ear. "I really like you." Antonio whispered. Tracy's couldn't believe what she just heard him say. She sat in silence for a few seconds before she finally was able to talk again.

"Wait, did you just say- that you really like me?" Tracy asked in shock. Antonio nodded and sweet smile came to his face. Tracy decides that this was her opportunity to tell him that she like him. "Antonio, can I tell you something?" Tracy asked. Antonio nodded again. Tracy took a deep breath. "I really like you too." She says. Antonio didn't say a word. The only thought going though Tracy's mind was, "did I just make the biggest mistake of my life?" She asked him if he was ok. "Yes, I'm fantasico" He answered. Tracy scoots closer to him. She places her head on his right shoulder. He looked down at her face. She looked up at him and couldn't stop smiling.

"I forgot to tell you one more thing." He says. "What's that?" she asked. "That you eye light up when you smile. It makes you look even more beautiful." He answered. Tracy was surprised by what Antonio just told her because no boy had told her that before. "Are you done complimenting me?" she asked. "For now." He two of them went back watching the movie. Ten minutes later Antonio didn't hear Tracy's screams of terror or her asking him if it was safe to open her eye. He looks down at his shoulder to sees that she was fast asleep. He wasn't all that surprised because he knew that her body was still stuck in recovery mode. He gently slide her glasses off her face so she could sleep more comfortably. He put her glasses in the pocket of his hoodie and starts to watch the movie again.

The movie finally ended fifteen minutes later. Jayden and the others walks over towards him. Mike was the first of the group to notice Tracy fast asleep. "How can anyone fall asleep during a monster movie?"Mike asked whispering. "Come on Mike be nice."Emily whispered. "Yeah, you have to give her credit for staying up as long as she did." Jayden whispered .Kevin and the others went back to their rooms to catch some z's. Jayden walked over to the T.V. to take the DVD from the DVD player to put it back inside the case.

Antonio slowly gets to his feet. Tracy starts to fall sideways towards the floor. Antonio bends down quickly to catch her in his arms. After he caught her he gets to his feet again. He cradles her in his arms. Jayden walked back over to his best friend. "So, did she tell you that she likes you?" Jayden asked whispering. "Yes" Antonio answeredwhispering back. "Well I'm happy for you buddy." Jayden said whispering. Antonio thanked him.

Jayden sets the DVD on the table. Antonio and Jayden walked to Tracy's bedroom. Jayden opened the door for Antonio. After Jayden did that he tells his friend that he was heading to bed. Antonio entered Tracy's room and went over to her bed. He gently places her onto it. He unfolds the spare blanket at end of the bed and draps it over her. He bends down and kissed her on the forehead. "Sweet dreams Tracy." Antonio whispered to his new girlfriend. He walked over to her desk. He took her glasses out of his pocket and places them on the desk. Then he slowly exits the room felling like he was the luckiest guy ever.
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