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CH 6: love bug part 3

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AN: this part takes place three days after the movie night.


Normal POV

Tracy was sitting in the living room. She was happy that her ankle was finally strong enough to walk on it again. She had her little sketch book in her hand and was looking at the picture she drew of Antonio and herself. Mike walks over to her and taps her on the shoulder. Tracy jumps and drops her sketch book. "Dang it Mike! Did you have to do that?" She snaps. "Sorry about that, I didn't mean to scare you." Mike apologizes as he helps Tracy back to her feet. "Nice picture. " Mike says noticing the drawing on the floor. "Mike keep it down, would you." She says.

Mike picks the drawing off the floor. He starts to dangle it above her head. She jumps as high as she can to try to get it back. "Come on Mike, give it back." Tracy whines. "Sorry Tracy no can do." Mike jokes. Mike plays keep away for about ten more minutes. Then the rest of the team comes in. "Hey guys, what's going on?" Jayden asks. Tracy is still jumping like a jack rabbit trying to get the drawing back from Mike. "Hi Jayden. Mike just took my sketch book and he won't give it back that's all." Tracy says. Kevin walks over to Mike and takes the sketch book from his hand. Then he gives it back to Tracy. She thanks him. "I didn't know that you could draw Tracy." Kevin says.

Tracy said that she just did it for fun. Tracy closed the sketch book so none else could see the picture, if she dropped the pad again. Kevin asked her what the picture was. Tracy told him that it was just a little doodle. Mike was going to tell everyone what it really was. "Mike don't you dare say what that drawing really was unless you want winter time to come early to the forest." Tracy threatened as she started to draw the blizzard symbol. Mike was about to tell everyone. "Mike I'm warning you don't say another word."Tracy said as she was ready to activate the symbol. Mike said that it was a picture of her and Antonio holding hands under a heart Rainbow. "Mike! I warned you." Tracy said as she activated the symbol and snow began to fly around the room. Tracy used the snow as a cover so she could get out of the room as fast as possible. As the snow stopped flying around the room, Mike was the first to notice that Tracy was gone. "Wow I didn't think that she would get so upset." Mike said. Jayden told Mike that he would go find her. Mike nodded and told him to meet up with the others at Rainbow's End once he found her. Jayden nodded. The others left the room to head off the amusement park.

Jayden and Antonio walk in the kitchen and find Tracy sitting on the floor in front of the sink. Jayden asks her if she is ok. She nods. Jayden told her that they had the day off. Tracy didn't say a word. Antonio walks over and sits down next to her. Jayden leaves the room to give them some privacy. They sit in silence for a few minutes. "So" Antonio says as he decides to break the awkward silence filling the room. "Yup" Tracy replies. The one word conversation went on for a few minutes. "Antonio I just thought of something." Tracy says. "What is it?" Antonio asks. "This spot in the kitchen is pretty small right?" Tracy replies. Antonio nods. "I guess we know how sardines feel inside the can now, huh?" Tracy jokes.

Antonio started to laugh at Tracy's joke. "Are you always this funny?" Antonio asks in a flirting tone. "Not always." She replies flirting back. Antonio tells her that the others were planning to go to Rainbow's End today. "Great, another amusement park." Tracy says in a sarcastic tone. "You don't like amusement parks?" Antonio asks. "I do. It is just I have been to so many growing up. I'm kinda..." Tracy replies. "Amusement parked out." Antonio says completing her statement. Tracy nods. "How does a walk in the park sound?" Antonio asks. "That depends, would you consider it a date?" She replies. "Only if you think it is." He says. Tracy looks over at him and smile. "So it's a date?" Antonio asks. Tracy nods. They got to their feet.

"Antonio there is something else that I want to ask you." She says. "What is it?" Antonio asks. "You remember the movie night a few days ago?" she asks. Antonio nods. "Did you really mean it when you said you really liked me?" she asks reluctantly. "Yes, Why?" Antonio replies. "It's just the last time a boy told me that he didn't mean it." she answers. Antonio put his arm around Tracy, for the first time, and pulls her close. Tracy puts her head on his shoulder. He looks down at her. "Well that boy was an idiot." He tells her. "Yeah I know, right." She says, agreeing with him whole heartedly. "A girl as nice as you didn't deserve to be treated like that." He tells her.

A few tears begin to roll down Tracy's cheek. "Why are you crying? Antonio asks in a confused tone. "Because that is the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me." She replies. Antonio unties his scarf and uses it to dry the tears from Tracy's eyes. For no reason at all Tracy starts to tell Antonio about her high school romance, or according to her, it was more like high school heart break. "Antonio I'm sorry for dumping all that on you. I know you really didn't want to hear any of that." She apologizes. "It's all right.' He says as he kisses her on the forehead. They walk back out to the living room

Meanwhile in the living room Jayden is sitting on the couch. A few minutes later Antonio and Tracy came in the room. "Hey, Jayden where is everyone else?" Tracy asks noticing the lack of people in the room. "They left for Rainbow's End a few minutes ago." Jayden answers. Tracy asks if he was going to join them. "Well, yes what about you two?" Jayden replies. Tracy tells him that they were going to the park. He tells them to have fun and that he will see them later on. Tracy and Antonio wave goodbye. Antonio asks Tracy if he could see the picture she drew. She just shruggs and picks the sketch pad off the table. Then she gives it to Antonio. He opens it up and see the picture. He tells her that is was really good. She tells him that he could keep it if he likes. Antonio nods and tears the page out. Then folds it up and put it in his pocket. "So you ready to go?" he asks. He entwines his fingers in hers. Tracy nods. They leave the Shiba house holding each others hand.
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