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Ch 7: walk in the park

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Normal POV

Antonio and Tracy enter the park still holding hands. "Tracy, you're kinda quiet. Everything OK?" Antonio asks. "Yes it's nothing." Tracy replies. Antonio tells Tracy that she is really bad at trying to make it look like nothing's wrong when there was something wrong. "I know" Tracy says smiling. "Please tell me what is bugging you. You already know that I'm a good listener." He reminds her. Tracy took a deep breath before she says anything. "I'm just worried that something bad is going to happen, that's all." She said. "Will you relax. Nothing bad is going to happen." Antonio says in a reassuring tone. Tracy smiles back at him and tells him that she will try.

Antonio pulls Tracy closer and their eyes meet. "Did I ever tell you that you have really pretty eyes?" he asks, blushing. "Yes, at the movie night." she reminds him, blushing too. A sudden light breeze blows through their hair. When the breeze subsides Tracy's hair has blown into her face. "I like the new look" he said trying to keep a straight face. "very funny." she replies bluntly. "you know I was just kidding, right?" he says smiling. "I know" she says smiling back. He uses his right hand to fix her hair. "There are those blue sapphires again." He says sweetly. "Antonio, do you always have to act so cute?" she asks him. "Sorry, I don't know any other way to act when I'm with you." he replies.

Tracy never felt this way with anyone before. Antonio made her smile, gave butterflies in her stomach, and made her knees weak. She knew that she didn't just really like him - she loved him. She finally just let her heart take the lead. She leaned in closer to kiss him on the cheek but as she moved closer she felt his lips press against hers. A few seconds later the kiss ended. "I hope that I'm not moving too fast for you." He said. She told him that he wasn't moving to fast at all. She leans in to whisper something into his ear."I love you Antonio, my golden knight." She whispered.

She backs away and starts to run away, hoping that he would chase after her. "Wait did you just say that you love me?" he yells. "Yes and I meant it. So, are you just going to stand there or are you going try to catch me?" She yells back. "Why you here I come." He says as he starts to chase after her. They play case for a few minutes before he finally caught her. They sit under a big tree holding hands and trying to catch their breath. "Well that was fun." he says with a smile. "Yeah. I thought you were faster than that." She says. "Hey, you had a head start." He whines. "I know. but I thought that it would make a big difference." She admits.

They sit under the tree for a few minutes. Tracy looks down at her left arm and sees a spider about six inches around crawling up it. "Antonio, a little help here." Tracy says trying not to sound scared. "Why?" Antonio asks in curious tone. "There's a huge spider crawling up my arm." She replies still trying to stay calm. "Come on it can't be that big." He says thinking that she was just bluffing. "Oh really, look for yourself." She snaps. Antonio turns his head and seed the spider that was now a few inches from her face. "You weren't kidding. It is big." he jokes. "Can you stop admiring it and just get it off me please." She says officially hitting the panic button.

Antonio uses his left hand to grab the spider and releases it back into the grass. "I can't believe you are afraid for spiders." he says trying not to laugh. "I'm not afraid of them I just don't like it when they randomly land on me or use me as a bridge that's all." She says defending herself. "Ok angel whatever you say." He says. "Aw he gave me a pet name." Tracy thought to herself. Tracy took hold of Antonio's right hand to look at his watch. She noticed it was lunch time. "Why don't we head back home for chow?" she suggests. Antonio makes a joke saying that he could eat. Tracy laughs at his joke. Then they get up and start to head back to the Shiba house.

They arrive at the Shiba house ten minutes later. As they enter the living room, they see JI walking up to them. He was carrying several big planks of wood in his arms. "What's with the wood mentor?" Tracy asks him. "A typhoon is about to hit our area in an hour or so." JI answers. "Typhoon!" Antonio and Tracy state together in shock.
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