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Ch 8: riding out the storm

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Author's Note Tracy's only speaks Spanish when she is really tired, has a high fever, very worried about something, and there is a few other reasons why her Spanish will leak out. So if there is a little Spanish in any of the future chapters, just guess the reason behind her Spanish. It can be a little game. I just thought I would clear that up for some of my readers.


Tracy's POV

Antonio and Mentor were hard at work boarding up the house. I was in the living room pacing the floor worried about the others as they now were stuck at Rainbows End until the storm passed. "Man I hope everyone is all right" I thought to myself. Ten minutes later Antonio and Mentor came into the room. I was still pacing the floor trying to stay calm."Tracy, you ok?" asked Antonio. "Yes, Antonio I'm fine why do you ask?" I replied. "You are going to wear a path in the floor if you keep that up" he replied. "Was that supposed to be a joke?" I asked.

"Yeah" he replied with a smile. "It wasn't all that funny." I snapped. Antonio walked over to me and placed his hands on my shoulders to get me to stop pacing. "Tracy you're worried about the others aren't you?" he asked."No, I was just pacing the floor for the exercise." I said in a sarcastic tone. "Tracy I know you're lying." he said with that same sweet smile. "Fine. Maybe I'm a little worried about the others." I admitted. "Don't worry, they'll be fine." he said in a reassuring tone. "How do you know that?" I asked. "I just do." he replied. "That's not a very good explanation you know." I told him. "I know." he said with a smile. "Come on you two, we should find a safe place to ride out the storm." Ji told us.

Antonio's POV

We all head to the most interior room of the house -the hall closet. (I had taken the lightzord with me. I wanted to be prepared just in case the storm knocked out the power while we were stuck.) Tracy and I were on one side and Ji was on the other. I heard the storm start to roll in. The wind howled, the thunder rumbled, lighting crackled, and the rain came down in buckets, and hail thumped as it hit the roof. I looked down at Tracy. I noticed that she was beginning to freak out slightly. "Are you afraid of storms?" I asked. "No, I'm not fond of loud noise" she answered."Is there any particular reason behind this dislike of loud noises?" I inquired. "I guess this is good time to tell my life story" she replied.

Tracy told me that she was a preemie so the first four months of her life were spent in a really dark and really quiet room. I completely understood where her fear came from. "I guess that I never really got over It." she said looking down at the floor. I could tell that Tracy was still ashamed that she hadn't conquered her fear. "It's nothing to be ashamed of. Everyone is scared of something." I told her. "Thanks for trying to make me feel better Antonio" she said as she looked up at me. Then another loud rumble of thunder rang outside the door, along with more hail stones thumping on the roof. After she heard that she nearly jumped out of her skin. I pulled her closer to me.

"Don't be scared angel. I'm right here for you" I said as I wrapped my arms around her to give her a hug. "Is there anything else I can to help?" I inquired. "When I was little I used some other sound to drown everything else out" she answered. "I think I can help with that" I replied. "How?" she asked. "Just trust me." I told her. She smiled and I laid her head in my chest. "What can you hear now?" I asked with a smile. "Your heart" she answered with a small smile on her face. "I hope that will help" I said still smiling as well. She nodded and we stayed like that for the duration of the storm.

"Hey Tracy, everything ok, Tracy?" I asked a few minutes later. I looked down and saw that she had fallen asleep. A huge smile came on my face as I gently ran my fingers through her hair. "Sweet dreams, Angel." I whispered. A few hours later, "Antonio sounds like the storm is over" Ji said as he and I could hear the sound of birds chirping. I shook Tracy gently to wake her up. "Hey angel, time to get up." I said. "No quiero ir a la escuela hoy cinco minutos más por favor." she mumbled in her sleep. I smiled as I responded to her in Spanish. "Aceptar angel usted duerme todo lo que quieras" I told her. "¡gracias! Mi caballero Dorado" she mumbled again.I looked down at my watch and noticed how late it was. I went back to speaking English. "Wow 6:00 pm all ready" I said. I got up slowly and cradled Tracy in my arms. Mentor opens the closet door and we walked out.

An hour later the others had arrived home and we were sitting the living room. "Tracy, what exactly happen at the park?" Mia asked. "We just walked through the park it was pretty boring." Tracy answered. I knew she was lying but I knew she didn't want anyone to know about what actually happened. "How did you guys cope with being crammed in the emergency shelter at the amusement park?" Tracy asked. "It was ok." Mike answered. A few minutes later Ji called us for dinner. Mike is the first one to get up from his chair and dashed towards the kitchen. Everyone else got up causally and walked towards the kitchen.

After dinner everyone dose their usual evening rituals. I didn't see Tracy in the living room or the dojo. I decided to walk out to the front yard. I notice Tracy lying on her back looking up at the star filled sky. I walked over to her. "Hey angel, what are you doing anyway?" I asked, as I looked down at her. "Hey my golden knight, I just trying to find my kanji in the stars." Tracy answered. "Found it yet?" I asked. "Not yet but I found yours." Tracy answered. "Really where is it?" I asked. "You'll have to join me down here so I can show you where it is." Tracy answered.

I slowly lay down next to her and looked up into the sky. "Where is my kanji anyway?" I asked. "Here I'll show you just give me your hand." Tracy answers. I took a hold of her left hand and she uses my index finger to play connect the dots with the stars. Then she drew my kanji in the night sky. "Now do you see it?" she asked. "Yes I do, but where is yours?" I answered. "I'll find it eventually until then I have found everyone else kanji though." She answered. She guides my hand and draws the other kanji into the sky. "Wait you found Kevin kanji right?" I asked. "Nope not yet." She answered. "How come you didn't want to tell the other about what happed in to park?" I asked changing the subject. "I don't know I just wanted to keep the you know a secret." She answered. "The kiss" I said. "Yeah that" Tracy said. "You act like the fact that I kissed you was a bad thing." I said. "I didn't mean it like that it's just when you kissed me I felt something." She said.

"What exactly did you feel?" I asked. "Like I was floating on air and I didn't want it to end." She answered. "You want to know something Tracy. I felt the exact same way." I said. We turn our heads to look at each other. "Really?" she asked. "Yes" I answered. "So what exactly do we do now anyway?" she asked. "We just take thing one day at time I guess." I answered. "Sounds like a good plan to me." She said.

A few minutes later Tracy gets to her feet. I get up too and step closer to her. "You ok angel?" I asked. "Yes, I'm fine my arms just fell asleep that's all." She answers. "That's what you get for laying on them for as long as you did." I tell her. "Gee thanks mom" She jokes. I laugh at her joke. We stay outside for a little while longer. "Why were you playing connect the dot with the stars anyway?" I asked. "It's fun that's why." She answered. "Point for you but how much longer are you going to stay out here anyway?" I said. "Why?" she asked. "Because your arms are starting to get covered in goose bumps and I thought you didn't like the cold." I answered. "I don't like the cold but you could always keep me warm." she says flirtingly. "OK just for a little bit." I said. I wrapped my arms around her waist and pull her in close.

Tracy and I stayed outside for a few more minutes before we decided to head back in the house. Then we both went her room. We are standing in front of the door. "Antonio I just want to thank for what you did earlier during the storm. I really appreciate it." Tracy said. "You're welcome." I said. I kissed her good night and she went in to her room. I turn around and went to my room to get some rest because I knew that the battle would resume tomorrow.



No quiero ir a la escuela hoy cinco minutos más por favor - I do not want to go to the school today five minutes more please.

Aceptar angel usted duerme todo lo que quieras – ok angel you sleep as long as you want to

¡gracias! Mi caballero Dorado – thanks my golden knight

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