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Ch 9: an old flame returns

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Antonio's POV

I was walking back from the store because Ji wasn't in the mood to go shopping. I was walking through the park. Then a boy around 5''4' came up to me. "Hi I'm Adolph" he says introducing himself. "Hi Adolph I'm Antonio." I reply. "Do you know Tracy?" he asks." Yes I do." I answer. "It's nice to meet you Antonio. Do you know where I can find her?" he asks. "Yes, I can take you to her. Are you an old friend?" I ask. "Yes" he answers slyly. Adolph and I walk to the Shiba House.

Tracy's POV

I'm sitting in the living room waiting for Antonio to get back from the store. I wanted to show him the new symbol power I just mastered. A few minutes later Antonio comes in the house with someone that I never wanted to see again. "Hello Tracy." Adolph says with a sweet smile. "Hello Adolph." I reply in an angry tone. "Tracy who is he?" Antonio asks. " He is an old boyfriend from high school." I answer.

Adolph tries to get me to forgive him. He gives me his I'm so sorry look. I just roll my eyes at him. "How can you still be mad at me I apologized like twenty times." He reminds me. "Yes, you did apologize but every time you did, I could tell that you didn't mean it." I snap. "Please can you give me another chance." he begs. "No, I can't Adolph your name may mean 'noble wolf'. I'm really shocked that you could look me straight in the eye. Then lie to me." I tell him. "Come on, I never lied to you." He says trying to defend himself. "Yeah right, remember the day you came back from the internship with the science Lab the summer of junior year." I state.

He stands in silence. "If you can't remember, I'll jog your memory. You came back with a girl on your arm. You looked straight me in the eye. Then you told me that you were just friends." I say. "Yes, I remember that day. I was telling you the truth I swear." He snaps. "Yeah, right. if you two were just friends. Why did you smile at each other like love-sick baboons, huh?" I say trying not to cry. "Well." He says struggling to find the right thing to say. "I did the right thing when I broke up with you. You couldn't even keep the promise you made to me the day you left." I say. "I did keep my promise." He argues. "No you didn't, you stood right in front of me and kissed her. You kissed her Adolph!" I snap as the tears start to roll down my cheek.

Antonio's POV

I walk into the kitchen to give the groceries to Ji. "What's going on out there?" Ji asks. "I accidentally brought Tracy's old boyfriend here. Now he is trying to get her to take him back." I answer. "It sounds like she doesn't want him anywhere near her." Ji says. "I know JI. I can't listen to this anymore. I have to do something." I say. I walk out of the kitchen to go comfort my girlfriend.

I walk back into the living room. "Adolph just go away! I don't want to see you ever again!" Tracy yells. Adolph walks closer to her. Then he takes her left hand. "Don't touch me!" she yells as she quickly rips her hand away. "Come on Tracy; please give me the chance to show you that I have changed." Adolph says sweetly, "No!" she yells. "Please Tracy." He begs. "No, there is no way I could even be friends with a lying, insensitive, and pig-headed jerk like you." She says, as a few tears began to roll down her face.

I walk over to her. "Listen Adolph, just leave Tracy alone." I tell him. "Are you her new boyfriend?" he asks. "Yes, unlike you, I treat her with respect." I say. "Whatever, I'm out of here." He says as he stomps out of the room. She turns around slowly and looks up at me. " I'm sorry I never should have brought him here." I apologize. "It's ok Tony, you didn't know." she says though the tears. She moves closer and I wrap my arms around her to give her a much-needed hug as she berries her head into my chest. She continues to cry as I run my fingers through her hair to calm her down. She tries her best to talk. I can't make anything out through all the tears. "How could anyone be so cruel to someone like Tracy?" I think to myself. I kiss the top of her head. Then I set my head on top of hers.

Normal POV

Jayden and the others walk into the room to see Tracy crying her eyes out into Antonio's chest. "Hey who was that?" Mike asks. "Tracy's ex-boyfriend." Antonio mouths. Mike was about to say something that without a doubt would just make things worse. Emily quickly places her hand over his mouth to prevent him from speaking. Mike swallows his breath as Emily removes her hand. "Is there anything we can do to help?" she asks. Antonio tells them that Tracy will be fine in a bit. They take that as their cue to leave. The team leaves and walks to the kitchen. They enter the kitchen and help JI put the groceries away.

Meanwhile, in the living room Antonio takes his head off Tracy's. Tracy takes her face out of Antonio's chest. As the crying stops, Antonio uses the back of his hand to dry the tears from Tracy's eyes. "Sorry about the water works Tony." Tracy apologizes. "It's ok angel, no harm done." Antonio says. She cracks a joke that he can create a clone of her from all the DNA that was on his shirt. Antonio laughs at her joke. He could tell that Tracy was still shaken up about what happened earlier. "Don't worry angel everything is ok. I promise." he reassures her. Tracy knows that Antonio would never lie to her and always keep his promises.

Later that night they decide to have a bonfire. Tracy walks over to the fire with a bunch of old pictures of her and Adolph in her hand. When she gets close enough to the flames she tosses the pictures into the flames. She turns around and sits down next to Antonio. She watches as the flames quickly incinerate them and the sparks they create light up the sky. She fells the pain Adolph caused her disappear as the last picture turns to ashes.

"Tracy, what did you just throw into the fire?" Jayden asks. "Just some old memories that needed to be destroyed." she answers. Jadyen doesn't know how to respond so he doesn't say a word. He just sits in silence and watches the flames swirl and the sparks fly into the sky. Antonio brought his acoustic guitar outside. It was tucked behind his chair. Tracy notices it and asks him if she can borrow it. He nods and gives it to her.

"Tracy, why did you tell us that you could play the guitar?" Mike asks. "First of all you never asked. Second I only know one song." she replies. "What's the song?" he asks. "It's the song my Uncle Jose and Aunt Elaine used to sing to me when they would come to visit. They lived in Mexico so the lyrics are in Spanish." she replies. "Well I could always just translate it while you sing it." Antonio offers. "I guess that could work but I don't think that you guys really want to hear me sing." she says modestly.

The others really want to hear Tracy sing and they try their best to convince her to sing the song. Tracy gives in after a few minutes of hearing her friends tell her that they are her friends. They don't care even if she forgets some of the words. She tells them that she hasn't sung in a while so if her voice sounds bad, they can tell her to stop at anytime. Then she starts to strum the first chords of the song, and starts to sing a few seconds later. Antonio begins to sing the translation after she sings the first line. After the song ends she gives the gutiar back to Antonio.

"Tracy, you have a great voice." Mike compliments. Tracy thanks him. "That was a really beautiful song." Mia says. "Yeah I know. The song sounds even better when my aunt and uncle sing it." she says. "Tracy , I guess you learn Spanish from your aunt and uncle?" Mike asks. "Just a few words. The rest I learned in my high school Spanish class." she answers. "I bet having family who speaks the language makes it a little easier to learn." Mike says. "A little bit." she states.

They stay outisde untill the fire fizzled down to nothing. They decide to head back inside the house and head to bed. Antonio and Tracy are the last ones to go inside the house. They are holding each others hand. Antonio is carrying his guitar on his back. "You know I could teach you some other songs for the gutiar." he says. " I would like that." she tells him. They walk to Tracy's room. He wishes her good night. Tracy kisses him on the cheek, then leans in close to whipser something in his ear. "Sleep well my golden knight." she whipsers. Antonio turns around and walks back to his room. Tracy and Antonio both go to bed with a big smile on their faces.


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