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ch 10: Meeting Mom

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Tracy's POV

The days passed and thanks to Antonio I had new good memories to help erase all the sad memories of Adolph. We had just finished our latest battle. During the battle I had landed hard on my left knee cap and it hurt like crazy. I didn't want everyone to make a fuss over me. "Tracy, you sure you're all right?" Jayden asked. "Yeah I'm fine really." I answered doing my best to make it look like everything- was fine.

I knew that Antonio could tell that I was lying. He could tell that I was in pain with every step I took. "Antonio, you were right." Jayden said with a smile. "Right about what Jayden?" I asked. "That you are a really bad liar." He answered. "Ok you caught me .My knee is a little weak that all. I can still stand on it see." I admitted. I slowly straighten my left leg. As soon as I did, a sudden rush of intense pain flowed through my leg. Then everything started to spin around me. I began to fall backwards. Antonio caught me before I hit the ground.

"Tracy" Antonio yelled. "No te preocupes Antonio estoy bien he perdido solo por un segundo que es todo." I said. "Antonio, I thought you said Tracy only speaks Spanish when she has a fever." Mike said. "I guess I was wrong" Antonio admitted. "Tracy are you sure that you are going to be able to make it back to the house on your own?" Jayden asked. "Si mi rodilla no herir ese mal que sé que puedo hacerlo." I answered. "Antonio translation please." Mike said. "She said yes her knee really doesn't hurt that bad and she knows that she can make it." Antonio said.

"It doesn't hurt that bad right." Kevin said with a goofy smile on his face. "Aceptar quizás fina dosis un poco dolido pero sólo cuando tratan de caminar en ella." I admitted. "Antonio, English please." Mike whined. "She said it only hurts a little when she tries to walk on it." Antonio said acting as Spanish to English Dictionary. "Maybe you should just let someone carry you back." Jayden suggested. "No tengo todavía una rodilla buena y quiero usarlo." I protested.

Antonio began to translate before Mike even asked. "You may have one good knee Tracy but you are just going to wear yourself down if you try to walk all the way back" Antonio argued. I knew that he was right. I wanted to go back on my own accord. I made Antonio a deal he could help me back, but not by carrying me. He had to let me use him as a crutch so I could walk back home using my good knee. He agreed and we slowly walked back to the house

Antonio's POV

When we got back to the house. I could tell that Tracy was getting tired as we walked inside the house. We heard mentor talking with a woman who was a little taller than Tracy. Tracy was speaking English again."Wait I'd recognize that voice anywhere." She said with a smile. "Hey Tracy, who is that talking with mentor?" I asked. "My mom." She answers. "You didn't tell us that your mom was coming." Kevin snapped. "I didn't even know that she was coming." She admitted.

Tracy's POV

I had this strange feeling that my mom didn't just come here to check up on me. She and mentor walked up to me. "Hi, mom" I said. "Hi, sweetheart." She said smiling. "Mom, why didn't you call me to let me know that you were coming?" I asked. "I wanted to surprise you." she answered. "Well you sure did." I said with a smile. "We can catch up later. Let me have a look at your knee." She said in her motherly tone.

"But mom, I'm fine" I whined. She gave me the look. "Man I hate it when you do that" I said as Antonio helped me over to the couch. I slowly propped my left leg up on the coffee table and tried not to wince in pain. My mom slowly rolled up the pant leg. As she touched my knee the pain rushed though it again so fast that I did my best not to cry. My mom asked for someone to get an ice pack. Jayden left and came back with the ice pack. He gave it to my mom. She gently placed it on my knee. "Tracy is your mom a nurse?" Jayden asked.

"Yup, she works in the ER along with my father." I answered. "So I know what a fractured patella look likes." She said confidently. "I never broke a bone in my body before." I said. "Well sweetie, you won't be able to say that anymore." She said with a smile. "Now what mom?" I asked. "We are going to the ER to have it look by an actual doctor." She said. I didn't bother to argue with my mom. I knew that was one battle I could never win. Antonio helped me to the car and we went to the ER.

Antonio's POV

We came back from the ER 15 minutes later and Tracy had brace on her knee. She was sitting on the couch with her knee propped up on a few pillows. I walked over to her and sat down next to her. "How are you feeling?" I ask. She answers me in Spanish. "Bien mi rodilla está palpitando como loco que estoy bien" she answered. I knew she was scared about the surgery on Sunday."Tracy I know your scared about the surgery. The doctor said it was a minor surgery and you would be back on your feet in a few days." I said trying to calm her down. "Explicarme cómo agarrotado una cámara en mi rodilla utilizando a un laser para corregir lo que sea necesario fijar una cirugía menor!" she snaps."Tracy would you please calm down everything is going to be fine I promise.' I said hoping that would calm her down.

"¿Cómo sabes que?" She asked."Your mom would never have agreed to have the surgery done if it was going to do you more harm than good right." I said. "Eso es cierto, pero qué pasa si algo va mal y yo no podemos ser un samurai ya." she said. "Nothing bad is going to happen. The only thing master Xandred will have to worry about is how much stronger you'll be when you get back out there." I said in a reassuring tone as I kissed her in the forehead. Then I see a small smile come to her face. "There is that beautiful smile of yours." I said. Tracy sets her head on my shoulder. I looked down at her. "Antonio, thank you for helping me get through this I really appreciate it." Tracy said. "You're welcome I'm just doing what a good friend is supposed to do." I said. "Wait I thought we were a couple?" Tracy asked. "We are but we are close friends too." I answered. "I knew that Tony. I just have one more question." Tracy said. "What is that angel?" I asked. "If I bit my lip would you kiss it to make it better?" she asked in a flirting tone. "Did you bite your lip angel?" I asked flirting back. "no but would you kiss it anyway?" she replied. I chuckled at her joke and leaned in. she moved closer to help me out a little bit. Then our lips brushed together. A few seconds into the kiss Tracy started to run her fingers though my hair. I pulled her closer to me gently so I wouldn't aggravate her bad knee. The kissed deepen I could feel our hearts beat as one. I knew that she didn't want this moment to end but I knew we needed to breathe at some point. The kiss last a few more minutes before I backed away.

"You didn't have to stop you know." Tracy said. "I know but I thought I would be nice and let you breathe again.' I said. "Thanks for being so thoughtful." She said. I noticed a look in her eyes that asked me to kiss her again. I was about to when Tracy's mom called everyone in for dinner. "Darn I guess I'll have to wait until have dinner huh.' She said. I nodded and help her up. Tracy grabbed her crutches and we headed to the kitchen. Tracy looks over at me again. "Tony, I think you should get rid of the evidence." She said. "What do you mean angel?" I asked. "Let's just say the chocolate strawberry lip isn't you color." She answered. I caught her hint and used the back of my hand to wipe off my lips. "Better?" I asked. She nodded.

Tracy's POV

As we entered the kitchen I noticed that mom had made my favorite dinner. "Mom you haven't made this in while." I said. "I know sweetie I just wanted to see your face when you saw it." Mom said. Then Antonio and I sat down at the table. After mom passed out the food she sat down herself. Then everyone started to eat dinner. I noticed Mike is scarfing down his food. "Hey Mike the food is going anywhere right?" I asked. Mike swallows what was in his mouth before he answered. "I know that but this is really good." Mike answered. "Thanks for the compliment Mike." Mom said. "You're welcome" Mike said. Then he started eating his food again. I just shook my head at him and started to eat my dinner. After everyone finished eating I offered to help clean up but mom told me that she could handle it.

"You just don't want to help because I'm hurt." I said. "Tracy that's not it. I think it best if you don't try to do anything to strenuous that all." Mom said. "how is doing the dishes strenuous?" I asked. "You are supposed to stay off your knee remember." Mom said. "I will because I'll be on my good one." I said. "Bad idea sweet heart." Mom said. "Why?" I asked. "Because you'll just end up fainting form putting all you r weight on your good knee." Mom said. "How come all of sudden you're treating like I'm a kid again." I argued. "Tracy I'm not. I'm just doing what the doctor said." Mom said. "I know but this is so unfair." I said, as I started to make my puppy dog look. "Sorry Tracy that's not going to work." Mom said. "Remind me again why you can say no to this face." I said. "Because I'm your mother." Mom said. "I really hate it when you play that card." I said, as I removed the look form my face. Mom told me just to head to my room while she cleaned up. I nodded and picked up my crutches. Then I walked out the room in defeat. Antonio got up from his chair and followed behind me.

Normal POV

Later that night in my room, Antonio and I were snuggled up watching a movie on the portable DVD player that was on bed. Half way through the movie he pressed pause. "Hey why did you that. This is the best part?" Tracy asked. She looked over at him. "because I thought you would like this even more." Antonio answered, as he cupped my cheeks with his hands. Then he leaned in closer and started to give me a French kiss. This was the first time he kissed her like this. After he backed away he saw a surprised look on her face. "What wrong angel?" he asked. "Nothing it's just I never knew you could kiss like that." she answered. "So, I'm guessing you liked it then?" he asked. I pulled him back in towards me and kissed him back the same way. "I'll take that as I yes." He thought to himself. Then the kisses slowly become more passionate and it turned into a make out session. After things calmed down they went back to watching the move. Tem minutes the movie ended and Tracy had fallen asleep a few seconds after the credits started to roll across the scene. Antonio got up slowly. He picked the DVD player off the bed and set it on the ends table. He placed a few pillows under Tracy's bad knee and draped a blanket over her. Then he kissed her on the forehead and slowly exited the room. "Sweet dreams, my little angel fish." Antonio said as he closed the door behind him.



bien mi rodilla está palpitando como loco que estoy bien- well my knee is throbbing like crazy other than that I'm fine

explicarme cómo agarrotado una cámara en mi rodilla utilizando a un laser para corregir lo que sea necesario fijar una cirugía menor- explain to me how sticking a camera in my knee then using a laser to fix whatever needs fixing a minor surgery!

eso es cierto, pero qué pasa si algo va mal y yo no podemos ser un samurai ya- that's true, but what if something does go wrong and I can't be a samurai anymore


AN: what is the real reason that Tracy's mom came to visit the Shiba house? Keep reading to find out and reviews are appreciated.
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