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Welcome to Reefside

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Tracy the new girl from Michigan. she was force to move to Reefside because of her mother's job accidently finds a pink dino gem. how will this effect her new life there?

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Normal POV

Outside the house by the ocean

Tracy is a seventeen old girl around 5'3'' with long Blondie hair and blue eye. She is wearing a t-shirt that says "I'm sorry if I fall asleep in class today sir/ma'am. It's not that what your teaching isn't important I'm just fighting jet lag." and a pair of blue jeans with a butterfly sequined on the upper part of the right leg. She was standing with her mother in the drive way and talking about how much she wanted to be back home in Michigan. The mother has blue eyes that are like two turquoises. Her silky, straight, blonde hair is neck-length and is worn in an elegant, style. She is very tall and has a lean build. Her skin is cream-colored.

"Mom did we really have to move?" She whined. "Yes sweetie you know how tough things were getting back in Michigan." her mother replied. "But couldn't we have waited to move until I graduated." she added. "I know you miss your friends back home but things will get better don't you worry" her mother said reassuringly. "Can't I stay home and help you unpack?"She asked hoping that her mother would say yes.

"Nice try but I just called Reefside High and they are expecting their new student today. Plus the counselor just got you transcripts as well." the mom said. "Ok fine, you win. Can I borrow your car?" she asked politely. "Sorry but I need it." her mother informed her. "Great I have my driver's license but I still have to take the school bus- nice." she whispered under her breath.

"You'd better get going you don't want to miss it now would you?" she asked her. "Yes" Tracy answered quickly. She gave her daughter the evil look. "Ok I'm going, I'm going," she said. Tracy's mom handed her daughter her Michigan State book bag and her lunch. She slowly walked down the driveway and made a left turn to walk down the street to the bus stop.

The bus stop

About five minutes later she reaches the designated area. She notices a strange pink rock sitting next to the stop sign. Tracy reaches down and picks it up. "Well this is a pretty strange-looking rock. I wonder what it's doing here." She said. She hears the bus start to pull up. So she puts the rock in her pocket. The bus's break squeaks as it comes to a complete stop and the doors swing open. She sees the bus driver. She has almond-shaped purple eyes. Her thick, curly, brown hair is very short and is worn in a carefully-crafted style. She is very short and has a narrow build. Her skin is cream-colored. She also has a friendly smile on her face.

"Hi there I'm Michelle. Climb aboard the Reefside express." Michelle says. She climbs the steps and enters the bus. She watches the doors slowly close behind her.

The bus ride to Reefside High

She sat down in an empty seat and set her bag down beside her. She stared out the window and watched as the sign marking the bus stop got smaller and smaller as the bus drove away. "Man I hate feeling like a freshman again" she said with a frown on her face. Then a girl about five feet five. She has brown eyes that are like two tiger-eye gems. Her silky, straight, medium-length hair is the color of the midnight sky, and is worn in a simple style Her skin is china-white. She came over and sat down next to her.

"Hi I'm Amber what's your name?" She asked kindly. "Tracy" she answered. "You can come over and sit with me and my friends of you want." Amber offered. "No thanks Amber I don't want to intrude or anything." she said. "Hey Amber" said a male voice.

They looked over to where the sound was coming from. Tracy saw a cute boy with baby blue eyes and curly baby blonde hair to match. He is very tall and has a lithe build. His skin is white. "Hey Amber who's that?" she asked Amber. "Oh that's Mike. He's pretty cute right?" Amber said. "Yeah I guess so" she said trying not to blush.

Amber could tell that she was crushing on him really bad, "Do you want to go over and say hi to him?" Amber said sweetly. "Yeah" she answered, blushing, and she shook off the goofy smile from her face. "I mean no" she said a few seconds later "Well I guess that I'm just going to have to go back over there and tell him that you like him." Amber said with a cheeky smile on her face.

"No you can't do that." she said frantically. She sighed in defeat. "OK Amber you win." she said. They walked back over to where Mike and her other friends were and sat down in the seat where Mike was sitting. He moved over so she could sit by the window.

"Hi I'm Mike and what would your name be beautiful?" Mike said smoothly. "Do you call all the girls beautiful?" she asked him. "Just the beautiful ones like you. So, what is your name?" he said. "Tracy" she said trying so hard not to act stupid. "Well a pretty name for an even prettier girl." He said with a smile on his face.

Mike kept telling her how beautiful she looked the entire ride. Tracy tried to speak but nothing came out. Amber sat down next to her best friend Lilly. Lilly is a dynamic girl. She has slanted brown eyes that are like two discs of wood. Her thick, wavy, sand-colored hair is worn in a style that reminds you of a dragon's scales. She has an hourglass build. Her skin is deeply-tanned. She has a strong chin. Her wardrobe is risqué and elegant, with a mostly black color scheme. and they started talking. "Well it looks like their hitting it off." Lilly said. "Yeah, I know." Amber said agreeing whole heatedly. "Who is the girl anyway?" Lilly asked her best friend. "Oh that's the new girl, Tracy." Amber answered. "Well I guess you could say that her first day at Reefside is off to a good start." Lilly said giggling. "You can say that again Lilly." Amber said with a smile.
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