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ch 2: New school and new friends

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Tracy's POV

Five minutes later the bus pulls up to Reefside High. "We're here, so what do you think?" Mike asks. "It's ok I guess it's a little bigger than my old school back home." I answer finally saying something for the first time since he asked me my name. "Well guess that I'll show you around before first period starts." He offers. "You don't have to do that you know." I say. "I know, but I want too." he says. "OK if you insist." I say. I get up from the seat and Mike hands me my things. I put my book bag back on my back and carry my lunch in my left hand and we exit the bus.

"You came from Michigan, huh?" he asks kind of surprised. "Yup" I say quickly. "Why?" he asks. "You'll find out soon enough if you have any of the same classes with me. I bet the teacher will want me to tell the class about myself like they do with all the new kids." I say. "Cool can't wait. Can I see you schedule for a second." he says. "I guess so" I say shyly. I take my book bag off and unzip the front pocket and take out my schedule and hand it to Mike.

"Well, what do you know, we have first period together." He says starting to smile like an idiot. "That's pretty lucky I guess." I say as I try not to blush. Mike hands me back my schedule and I put it back in my book bag and put the book bag on my back. "Don't you think that we should be getting inside now?" He asks sweetly. I nod and Mike grabs hold of my right hand to lead me inside. As soon as his hand touches mine, I feel my heart skip a beat. "Would you just calm down it's only a boy." I think to myself. After Mike shows me around the school we head to my locker.

"So that's the grand tour and welcome again to Reefside High." He says sounding like a tour guide. I laugh a little. "Are you always this funny?" I ask. "Not all the time but that depends on what you call funny." he says. "I love funny" I say shyly. So many thoughts are running wild my brain keep telling me to stop filtering with him and ask him out. Another thought rings in my head. Why are California guys some much cuter than Michigan guys? "Ok Tracy well I guess I'll see you in class." He says. "Yeah I'll see you in class" I say.

Mike turns around and starts to walk away. I wait till he turns the corner before I put my things away in my locker. I accidentally slam my finger in the door. "Ow man that's smarts I'm glad that Mike didn't see that." I say as I shake my finger in the air to elevate the pain. Four students and a science teacher walked up. One of the boys is carrying a small rubber soccer ball, another boy is carrying a laptop, the third boy is carrying a sketch pad, and the girl has an acoustic guitar on her back. "Smooth move newbie." the boy with the rubber soccer ball says. "Conner I'm sorry he never thinks before he speaks. Hi I'm Kira. You've already meet Conner. That's Ethan and Trent, last but not lease that's Doctor Oliver. He is our Science teacher. Your Tracy right" the girl with the acoustic guitar in her back says.

"It's nice to meet everyone and It's ok Kira I'll get used to being newbie or hey you until I get used to this place but how did you know my name?" I say as I pick up my books. "I noticed you were talking with Mike." She says. "Yeah he was just showing me around. I was wondering if Mike is just kidding or does he really have science class with me first period." I say. "That depends, what is the room number?" Dr. Oliver says confidently. "I think it's Room 102" I answer. "That would be my class room and according to my attendance sheet he does." Dr. Oliver says confidently. "Great" I say.

"Now, Tracy has another chance to look stupid in front of Mike." Conner says with a devious smile. "Conner!" I yell back at him. "Hey I'm just saying it's pretty obvious that he likes you." He says. "Really Conner you think so? Naw there is now way a guy as nice as that would ever want to go out with someone like me anyway." I say modestly. "Come on, guys we need to get going" Dr. Oliver says. "Yeah we wouldn't want the teacher to give himself a tardy slip now would we?" I say jokingly. Everyone starts to laugh. "Well at least I made some new friends already. So, maybe Reefside high isn't so bad after all." I think to myself. Then the seven of us head to class.
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