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not so happy family reunion part 2

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Normal POV

"Sophia you sure about this?" Hunter asks through his morpher. "Yes, I'm positive. I can't explain it. I just know that the gold ranger is my sister." Sophia replies. The gold ranger demorphes. "Wow, she is pretty." Dustin says. "Dustin focus will ya." Shane snaps. "Sorry dude." he apologizes. "What do we do now?" Blake asks. "There is nothing you can do rangers. The sliver lighting ranger's power will be no more by sun set tonight. Unless you can defeat me that is." the gold ranger says as she left the scene. "Wait Sasha come back." Sophia yells.

The rangers came into ninja ops. "We have to destroy the gold ranger." Dustin suggests. "No you can't do that there has to be some other way." Sophia begs as she gets to her feet. "Why are you defending her?" Shane asks. "Two reasons Shane. First off Sasha is my older sister. Second she would never do something like this to me. Lothor has to be controlling her some how." she argues. Shane sees the confident look in her eyes. "Ok Sophia we wont destroy her. We'll try to break the Lother's spell on her." he says. Sophia thanks him.

The next few hours were spent coming up with a plan to break the spell Lothor put on Sasha. Cam has Sophia connected to a monitor to keep track of the amount of ranger energy she has left. Sophia's ranger energy drops steadily every hour. Hunter looks over at Sophia. Her face is pale and beat red. She couldn't even hold up her own body weight anymore. He walks over to her and picks her up. He puts her in his lap so he could help her sit up. Sophia tries to talk but her voice is barely audible. Hunter tells her to conserve what energy she still has left and try not to talk. She nods.

A few hours later Hunter notices Sophia as starts to shiver profusely, so he wraps his arms around Sophia and pulls her closer to him. Hunter's body heat is the only thing that's keeping Sophia warm now because her body is so drained that she couldn't even maintain her body temperature anymore. Hunter places his right hand on her forehead. Sophia is on fire. He asks Tori to go get some water to help bring her fever down. Tori leaves ninja ops and comes back a few minutes later with a bowl of cool water and a few damp rags. She walks over to Hunter. She places the rag on Sophia's forehead. She feels so sorry for Sophia it has only been a week since her first battle. Now her ranger powers were being drain from her body.

Meanwhile at Lothor's ship. The gold ranger is watching an old footage from the battle from last week. She watches the tape and see her little sister rush in. Then morphs in the silver ranger. "Wait Sophia is the silver ranger? So I 've been draining my little sis of her powers. I have to stop Lothor from hurting my little sister." Sasha thinks to herself as the spell starts to break. Marah and Kapri were listening in. "We need to tell uncle." Kapri says. "I told him that the mind control thing wouldn't work." Marah adds. The two went off to tell their uncle the bad news.

The two enter the command bridge. "Uncle we have some bad new." Kapri announces. "What kind of bad news?" Lothor asks. "Your evil ranger is turning good." Kapri answers. "Not on my watch, turn up the mind control ray power." Lothor says. Then Sasha walks in and feels the Lothor trying to take her over again. She fights it off and leaves the ship before the ray hits her again. Sasha remembers that her Grandpa had told her the hidden location of ninja ops a few days before Lothor took control of her mind. So she head off to go help her little sis.

Back at ninja ops Sophia's ranger power are almost gone. Then the rangers see Sasha coming down the stairs. "How did you know how to find this place?" Shane asks. "I'll tell you later, but now I have to help my sister." Sasha answers. She walks over to her little sister and notices the pitiful state she is in because of her. Sophia slowly opens her eyes and sees her big sister's face. "Sasha in that really you?" Sophia asks. Sasha could bearly hear her the sound of her voice. "Yes little sis it me. I'm here now and you're going to be all right I promise." She answers. Sasha takes a hold of her little sister pale hand and focuses her ninja powers. Then everyone looks over at the monitor and watches as Sophia's ranger energy returns to normal. Hunter gets up from the chair. Sasha sat down and Hunter places Sophia in her lap. Sasha gives her sister a bear hug. Hunter puts a new damp rag on Sophia's forehead.

Sasha tells the team about how she knew the location of ninja ops. Then the alarm goes off a few seconds later. "Looks like Lothor creap is back." Tori says. "You guys go, and I'll stay here to look after Sophie." Sasha says. The rangers morph and go off to battle the monster.

Sasha's POV

I can't help but feel guilty for what happened to my little sister. I continue to hug her as tears begin to flow from my eyes. They splash down onto Sophia's face. Sophia lets out a soft moan as she feels them touch her skin. A few seconds later she starts to wake up. "Sasha why are you crying?" Sophia asks. "Sophie I'm sorry this is all my fault." I answer. "Sasha this isn' t your falut sis. You were under Lothor's spell." she reminds me. "I know sis, but I'm so glad that you're going to be allright." I say. I remove the rag off her foreheand and replace it with my hand. "Why don't you try to get some more rest ok. You're still a little bit warm." I tell her. She nods and starts to give me a big hug. "I'm so happy to see you again sis." She says. "Me too sis." I say, as a hug her a little tigher. A few seconds later she drifts back to sleep. I roll her over and place her head in my chest. I ring out a new rag and place it on her forehead.

A hour later Hunter and Cam come back in and walk over to me. "How's is Sohpia doing?" Hunter asks in a low whisper. "Much better her fever just broke. She should be back to her old self by tomorrow morning." I whisper back. "That's great." he whispers, as he fixes my sisters hiar by putting it behind her ears. Then he kisses her on the on forehead. "Sleep well angel and I'll see you later." he whispers in her ear. I notoce a small smile start to creap across her face. "Well my little sis has got herself a boyfriend that's great. " I think to myself. He says good-bye and heads home to get some rest. Cam is happy that Sohpia's ranger energy is at the same level it was when they left. He removes the pads off her fingers and puts them away. Then he finds a spot to get some rest hemself. He claps his hands and the lights turn off and I drift off to sleep a few minutes later. I am very happy that my little sis was going to be ok.


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