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I had a really cool dream last night. Keyword: Dream. it wasn't REALLL NOOO. **crys forever**

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I had a really cool dream last night. Okay, here is was, the FULL thing.

(In my dream)

Okay, so my school were doing this thing where we meet our heroes (celebrity ones, like 1D, PTV, people like that) and after deciding two people, my school picked 1D and PTV. The school called them along, and they both showed up. Then, we were split into two groups, and we each got time to tell the group we were with why they are our heroes. I got PTV of course, so I told them why and I showed them the drawing thing I was doing, the one I told you guys about, the one with the logo and all the lyrics behind it. I got it wrong so I'm doing it again. Anyway, I showed them that, and then it was time for break. PTV stayed, and played video games (wtf? this is why I thought it was a dream) and I plucked up the courage to actually talk to them. Jaime called me over and asked if I'd like to go to their concert, which I said I'm already going with a friend, we just haven't got the tickets yet. Then Jaime said they sorted out tickets, front row tickets, for me and my friend, because I'm so sweet and kind, or something like that. Then, Vic handed me the tickets (I really wish this was real for fuck sake) and then I ran and told my friend, Ellie (she's going to the concert with me) and we fangirled for ages. Fast forward to the concert day. We got into the concert, we were first because Vic told the guy out front to let us go in first (again. why wasn't this real?!) and then the concert began. We watched the support acts play, and then PTV came on and began with A Match Into Water, which developed a mosh pit. I fell over in the moshpit, knocking myself out. After some time, way after the concert was over, I woke up, backstage. PTV were there, and Ellie, and they were checking I was okay and everything. Then, as I was busy and my legs were badly hurt because of the mosh pit and stuff, Vic carried me (repeat. CARRIED ME.) back to their bus and then dropped us home, and Vic then carried me up to my room and....

I woke up at that bit. I'll let you imagine what happened.. oh god this'll turn dirty won't it?
Anyway, that was my best ever dream and ugghh why wasn't it real?! scuse me while I just cry for hours.
Tomorrow I might try and convince Ellie to help me convince the school to do a Meet Your Heroes thing, but with bands and pop stars and stuff. Then, I'd try and make that dream come true.

Right. (sobs into ice cream because the dream wasn't real and ugh I hate everyone now ugh)

(Okay, I just hate my school and my dreams, y'all are okay)
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