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Fuck You School Peoples.

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I loathe two girls at my school. So, So much.

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(super pissed mood right now)

Okay, so two chicks in my school have pissed me off so much! Okay, let me set the scene of the first annoyance of the day.

I just got into school and we were stood outside tutor waiting to go in. Calista (a belieber) showed us a picture of Taylor Lautner on her phone and said:

"Isn't he hot? With all abs and stuff."

In which I say:


Calista asked:

"You don't like this? You a lesbian or something?"

(wtf? so, if I don't like guys with abs I'm lesbian or something?)

I reply:

"No. I just don't like guys with abs."

Calista says, before as we go in:

"You like non-muscly, super skinny guys then (laughs)"

I swear to God I wanted to fucking hit her.
Anyway, we get into tutor and sit down. Sophie and Alice, the other girls on my table, join in the discussion. Now onto script form.

Calista: Alice don't you think this is hot?

Alice: Yeah.

Calista: Sadie doesn't like guys with abs.

Alice: What guys do you like then Sadie?

Me: (shrug)

Sophie: Like, tattoos and piercings, right Sadie?

Me: (nods)

Calista: Eww..

(Wanted to really hit her this time..)

Calista: You mean, the ones with loads of tattoos, piercings and strechers?

Me: Well, not hundreds of tattoos, but yeah, piercings and stretchers.

Calista: Eww.. I don't like them..

Me: Well, Justin Bieber has tattoos.

Calista: Only small ones, they suit him.

(Tattoos suit Justin Bieber, you what?)

Alice: But, what if he got a stretcher?

Calista: I won't like him then..

That ended the discussion. I swear to God. I hate Calista so much.

Now, the second annoyance. Science. We were doing an experiment, and Whitney (popular) came over to talk to Angel (other popular) and she notices me.

Whitney: Hey Sadie, how did the auditions for the talent show go?

Me: Alright.

Whitney: What song did you sing?

Me: (hesitates) Famous Last Words, by My Chemical Romance.

Angel: Who are they?

Whitney: Emos.

I swear to fuck I hate her to. MCR are not Emo. Okay, so they had a little eyeliner phase, but that don't make them Emo. I swear to God I wanted to kill her. I'm pissed.

You: Hey Sadie. PTV in 17 days, remember?

OH YEAH! thanks for making me happy guys!


So, I'm gonna write a new poem today. It'll be good, for a sad, depressing poem. I dunno, I fit the topic of sad stuff. I'm gonna call it: "Just Another Set Of Bones To Lay To Rest." (got that from a PTV song, guess which one it is, I'll love you forever ok)

Right. Let's look at my profile, see all my rates and check if Ash updated her side of These Things I've Done. :) check ya later!
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