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Wow long time no see, huh guys?

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Jeez it's been a while..

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Hi guys, how ya been you sexy fuckers who have a life unlike me!

Well, I'm alright.
My feet hurt like a bitch, I was running (sprinting ugh) in PE, which was my final lesson of today.. I fucking hate Physical Activity. Fucking hate it.

So, in about (counting on le fingers) 14 days, I will be seeing Pierce The Veil oh my lord of gay smut. (I don't know what the fuck is up with me, seriously..)
Mum said this morning, and I quote: "You can't go on your own though.."
So, I say: "Hm. Well, Ellie (my friend at school, mention her a lot..) has been to loads of concerts." (I don't actually know if she has, though..)
Mum: "I don't believe that for one minute."
Me: "Well, I could ask Daniel (my brother) if he wants to go. I don't know if he likes that music though.."
Mum: "You could ask.."

Then, that was decided. Then, Mum said she'd have to meet Ellie's parents before I sleep over, because "there's a lot of weird people out there". Fair enough. So, another checklist to do for concert prep.

1. Find Ellie and tell her about the news of my brother most likely going to the concert with us.

2. Tell Ellie my Mum wants to meet her parents, before the concert.

3. Find a suitable date BEFORE the concert to go over and let Mum meet Ellie's parents.

4. Ask brother BEFORE the concert if he wants to go. If yes, we are sorted.

Eep. So so excited. AND. MY STEPDAD (when he heard the news about the concert) DIDN'T GO ALL "What age do you have to be?" etc. So I AM IN DA CLEAR.

Right, so here is how the day of the concert, if my brother wants to go, will go down.

- Me and Ellie goes over to my place, to get ready.
- We spend some time before (way before) the concert, doing whatever we want (like prepping, reading Kerrang!, music vids etc.)
- We grab a bit of food before we leave (small dinner, or toast or something.)
- At about nearly 7:30, we go. If we get there early, we get more chance of tickets.
- We wait until opening doors and grab those fucking tickets. (During waiting, we could be bouncing up and down with excitement (well I will) and IF WE ARE LUCKY we could meet PTV. If we are lucky.)
- Once doors open and if we get the tickets quick enough, we have fun.
- After the concert, see if I can get merch (it'll be fucking expensive, so I won't bother with this. I got like 4 ptv shirts anyway, printed for me)
- After concert, head to Ellie's to sleep over.

(fucking jumping up and down)


So, lately, I've been writing a lot of poems. You can read them on my profile. The names of these poems are:

- Morning Glory And The Tales Of The Afternoon.
- A Trophy Father's Trophy Son.
- I'd Rather End It All Tonight.
- Just Another Set Of Bones To Lay To Rest.
- My Favourite Place
- Don't You Ever Forget About Me

I think there's another one, can't remember. Thanks for the rates by the way, I apreciate it. Note: My Favourite Place was actually an English thing we were doing.

I managed to update You're Already The Voice Inside My Head last night. I plan to update Bulletproof Love tomorrow, as it's Friday then and Fridays mean late nights, which means loads of time to update fics.
I plan to write another depressing poem today. I don't know why, but I write loads of depressing poems. Maybe because my life is a big fricking ball of depression, I don't know. I might call the poem.. "Suicide Silence".. no I called a oneshot that.. hm.. "Disasterology"..?
Yeah, that sounds like a good name, don't ya think..? I might write a oneshot too, based off my Pierce The Veil dream or something.. should I? Or should I do a tragic love oneshot with one of my ships, either OC/OC or me with a band member..?

Wow, it's been a while (well two days but whatever) since I updated this, I used to this blog once or twice per day, depending when I sign onto FicWad and what day it is, but I've just been a little bit busy with school and stuff, but, I'm getting back into the habit of this.. so, how've you lot been then?
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