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Things You Should Know Before Being My Friend

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Just a list of things..

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1. If I write lyrics to you, it means I'm depressed, around that particular song..

Father Father, tell me where have you been? It's been hell not having you here. I've been missing you so bad, and you don't seem to care.. When I go to sleep at night, you're not there. When I go to sleep at night, do you care? Do you even miss us, your bottle's your mistress, I need to know, I need to know. Why are you running away? Was it something I did, did I make a mistake, cuz I'm trying to deal with the pain, I don't understand this, is this how it ends? I will try to understand...

Like now. I'm sad.

2. If you ever talk about any band/ band member I like.. I will start talking about them like crazy.. I won't ever stop.

As we wake up in your room, your face is the first thing I see, the first time I've seen love, and the last I'll ever need. You remind her, that your future, would be nothing without her, never lose her, I'm afraid, better think of something good to say, but it's all been done, more than once so I'll keep on trying oh God don't let me be the only one who says.. No, at the top of our lungs there's no, no such thing as too young, second chances won't leave you alone..

Again more lyrics.

3. I'm not normal.

4. I hate myself inside. Look at me, I'm ugly, I don't have a boyfriend, and I still get a little bullied every now and then.. wow.. what a life I'm having..

5. I hear fucking voices in my head. Well, only one, and that's Danny. I also can see myself commit fucking suicide, and it scares me.

6. I can't cry at sad things. Like, ever.

7. I feel suicidal. Most of the time.

8. I swear too much, like fuck.

9. I hate the fact I'm really fucking smart.

10. Life sucks.

Yeah, so there's that list..
If you wanna ask why I'm depressed, you can talk to me on twitter or even I just.. I don't care anymore..
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