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The Stranger

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A girl is running from herself and who she runs into is willing to help...I'm no good at summary's so read it anyway..even if it sounds boring

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She ran threw the trees like she was being chased. Chased by the shadows of the night. She was running into darkness. The fog surrounded her causing her vision to weaken. The darkness grew blacker as she continued to run. She slowed to a jog then a walk finally she stopped entirely and leaned against what she thought was a tree. Her heart was still pumping fast. What ever was chasing her was far gone. She tried to steady her breathing. It was working until what she thought was a tree stepped to the side .Only did she realize this after her head hit off a rock. She fell into the deep sleep of unconciceness. When she awoke dawn was just setting in. She could feel her warm blood trickle down the side of her head and a touch of a stranger wiping it away with their bare hand. At this she jump, letting out a little scream. Too dizzy to move she sat there and trusted that she wasn't in any danger. She felt their soft hands threw her hair and their warm breath on her neck. When she felt stable enough to turn around and see who she had been comforted by. She turned and met eyes. Those very well of a stranger. Dark brown eyes reflecting off the sunrise made them seem maybe hazel. The man or boy, she couldn't decide. His eyes seemed familiar but distant She continued to stare into his eyes, She knows those eyes just not the face she knows the touch just not the hands. She knows the soul but not the man. He spoke quietly and calmly his voice soothing her with every word. After speaking his last word he arose to his feet pulling her up with him. He put his arms around her to steady her to insure she didn't lose her balance. His grip seemed tight but she wished it was tighter. She wished for a moment that she was his to hold and pleasure. Come this way said the stranger. She followed him not sure of where he was leading her or whether it was safe, she just had a good feeling about him. His eyes some how told her he was there to help. She started to feel weak again, just about ready to collapse. He felt it and grabbed a hold of her. Picking her off her feet and carrying her the rest of the way. Damn he's strong she thought to herself. Considering she wasn't the least bit light. She must have fallen asleep in his arm because she awoke on a bed. Tangled in the cotton sheets she attempted to stand. Don't get up said the stranger. The voice coming from beside her. She rolled over and met the eyes of the stranger once again. He stared back into her eyes. Your eyes reveal your true beauty he said softly. Many minutes past and he got up and left, returning with a glass of water and an energy bar. She ate and he watched her. What do they call you he asked? You tell me first she said. Peter he said in the same soothing voice she heard before. Elizabeth she said. He moved beside her how did you come to be in the forest he asked. Um...I'd rather not talk about it she said. The room fell silent. Out of nowhere he said do you hear that? Hear what she said. There coming we got to go he said with a different tone then she ever heard him use. He pulled her too her feet come on this way. She ran after him. Darkness was falling once again. He took her hand and slowed his pace slightly so she could keep up. There back he said using the voice she was use too. Who she asked the demons, there after me. Come on in here. He pulled her into shed. The smell was familiar freshly cut wood. He locked the shed we'll be safe in here for now he said. Peter she said yes he answered. Thanks she said leaning up against him. She could feel the warmth of his body transferring to her own. You didn't have to save me. Well there's something special about you I know it. Her face fell suddenly blank. Did he know she wondered? He lifted her head and stared into her eyes to see if he could find answers. I can read people through there eyes but I can't read you. Well that's because I'm not a book she said. Give it time you'll know me sooner or later she said. And with that she pulled him down into the blankets on the floor cuddling into him for comfort and security. He placed his arms around her and said Elizabeth. Mm hm she looked up. Goodnight and with that he gently kissed her forehead and held her more tightly then before.

The next morning He awoke to banging on the shed door. Elizabeth wake-up he said with noticeable urgency in his voice. Startled she scrambled to her feet. Her hair in frantic disorder and her make-up still smudged from the previous day. Take my hand he said. She took his hand and with a large jolt of energy they were in a different place. The house seemed familiar as did the shed and Peter. She looked at Peter. Your thinking why I don't seem the least bit surprised right she asked. Actually he began. I'll explain later I have to return you to your home and continue on my run. If you think I've come this far to leave you here with nothing you've saved the wrong girl she said. Well um it's not safe for you. Elizabeth could feel the anger raging inside her. She knew what going to happen next. I'm not like any other girl she said quietly. The next thing she knew Peter was flying across the yard in front of the house. See if I care she yelled. She then found herself in the exact same position as before, running through the trees into darkness. This though different as the last because this time the shadows of the night seemed to be following her. She could suddenly here footsteps other then her own running after her and a light at the edge of the forest. She ran for it, but it only seemed to get further away. The next thing she knew was her legs gave out and she once again fell into the deep sleep of unconsciousness from hitting her head into the ground. This time when she awoke she was alone and the sun was setting. She couldn't believe she had been out that long. She leaned up against one of the many evergreen trees surrounding her and awaited the long cold November night that lay ahead. The sunset and she sat in the same position for the longest time. She could hear the rustling of the leaves and distant footsteps getting closer. As the footsteps got closer she started to hear a faint cry being yelled, as they got closer she realized it was her own name. She sat there and waited. The calls were coming from behind her. She slowly elevated her body still leaning against the tree in doing this she then realized it wasn't the smartest thing she ever did. Her shirt tore in the back also creating a large gash between her shoulder blades. Upon this happening the being calling her name ran into her. She heard Peter's voice and she tried to run again, she couldn't face hurting him again. He grabbed her hand and pulled her in his arm. The tight grip reminded her of how kind he had been and how dangerous she thought herself to be. Why? How? Did you find me? I followed your thoughts he said softly in her ear. I hurt you, you can't He cut her off, It's ok you are ok and that's all that matters. He started to caress her back and in touching her gash she yelled. What's wrong he said with a sense of worry his voice. Oh um nothing she said. Ok he said lowering both their bodies to the ground; you know how scared I was after you ran He asked. I risked them finding me to find you he said. What! She said why I only hurt you I don't deserve your company or help. I'm a lost soul looking for meaning in all this and it's just getting worse. Your not or I wouldn't have come here to help. He took out the flashlight from his pocket and turned it on. He took off his over sized clandestine sweater and put it on her. I'll start a fire he said. After many attempts of rubbing sticks together he finally took out his lighter and lit it. Now what was the point in that she said? He crawled over to where she was sitting and whispered a sweet message in her ear causing her to smile into the kiss he then gave her. She pulled away astonished at what he had just did, But she didn't hesitate to kiss him again. The feeling off his lips where enough to send Goosebumps all over her body. After she pulled away a second time she pulled him in closer to her, to once again feel his warm breath on her neck. She fell asleep in his arms. Waking up to a frigid cold wind. The fire was out and there was a thin layer a snow that must have fallen when she was asleep. She was no longer in Peter's arms. She was no longer in Peter's Presence. Where was he? Was him coming and save her a second time a dream? It couldn't have been she was wearing his sweater and the fire. She put her hands in the pocket of the sweater to shield them from the bitter cold. Her hand met a paper. She removed it from the pocket and begins to read.

My Dearest Elizabeth,

I am very sorry. I had to be on my way they were still after me and had found my location. You can find me by following your heart. I am still close to you. Your imagination will guide you. Hope to see you soon. PS. you'll be fine

She was now about to in bark on a difficult journey to feel the touch she loved the most. She stood and looked around. She saw nothing, but trees and snow. Winter was setting in for another year, so she hadn't much time or she would freeze. Canadian Winters were the worst. Especially in Labrador. She closed her eyes and followed her insincts. Unforuently for her, her instincts weren't all that strong and she tripped over a rock and stumbled onto the cold surface of another rock. Her eyes shot open at this. I think I should keep my eyes open from now on she thought to herself. She pushed herself off the rock and began to walk in a random direction she hoped lead to Peter.

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