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Journey To Find Him

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she continues on her journey

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A couple hours later she was still walking. She had to of passed the same rock 5 times now. She was completely lost and she knew once darkness had fallen she would be in danger. She looked off to the right and thought she saw someone. She started to walk towards them. When she stood be side them. The being seemed to be almost four feet taller then her 5'8.They were obviously not human they turned around and bared their fangs. The next thing she knew she was being thrown in through the air and when she hit the ground it would extremely painful. She was right; she hit the ground with the intensity of a well a human hitting the ground from 100 feet up. She felt her face and found blood streaming out of the four claw cuts she had gotten previous to that very moment. She couldn't get up it hurt enough to move a hand. She lied there hoping peter would come to her rescue once again. By now it was dark and she knew nobody was coming. She did her best to sit up, but even with all her effort she just couldn't do it. She closed her eyes and tried to envision what it was like to be normal. To be without the death wish she had found that Sunday morning 2 years ago. To not have to suffer like this, to be alone with no one at all to turn to. Tears started falling from her deep brown eyes as she thought about the family she left behind and the memories from her childhood. When all was perfect, well as perfect as it could get. She thought of her troubled childhood, the one where she had been beaten numerous times by her drunken father. She wiped away her own tears and pushed the memories out of her mind. She now thought of peter, the boy that had come to her rescue, like prince charming came to sleeping beauty's rescue in her favorite fairy tale. She slowly dosed off thinking of this. She was rudely awakened by a group of men in large fur coats. Bounty hunters were the first thing that came to her mind. She had about a dozen guns in her face and was lying in about a 2 inches of snow. Her heart started to suddenly beat faster as the intensity of the moment grew. She couldn't have been more scared when one of the men picked her up with one hand and dangled her like a doll 2 feet off the ground. She knew emotions trigger her telepathy but she didn't know what emotions, except anger. Next she thought off the thing that made her most angry. The fact her mother had left when she was only 6 months old. 5 men were now flying threw the air. The rest of them fled in fear of their life. She landed on her ass on the solid ground. Ouch she said after she regained the feeling in her ass. She got up and started to walk again towards the sunrise that was rising up over the horizon. She clutched her face remembering about the 4 claw marks on the side of her face. The fear she felt before had made her forget the fact her face was bleeding. She took her bandana out of her back pocket and held it over the cuts. The bleeding slowed after she realized she could use the bandana as a scarf. As she walked she thought to herself about fate and how everything happened for a reason, but why was this happening to her. She had, had a life before this with her sister and her dogs. She missed them, she missed peter. What if he was in trouble, it would be her fault. They found him because of her.

She knew she was getting somewhere when she found herself back at the shed. She figured she would crash there because the sun was already ready to set. She opened the door to the shed and stepped in. She turned on the lantern that was on the shelf as she locked the door. She slowly lowered her body onto the blanket she had shared with peter a few nights earlier. She closed her eyes and almost instantly fell asleep. The next morning she woke up to the sound of a strong wind against the door. She wasn't sure if it was suitable weather to just wander out into, but she had no choice she was now determined to find peter. She picked up the blanket and wrapped it around her body. She unlocked the door and ventured outside.

The weather was getting worse as the days went on. The cold was now bitter and the wind was unbearable, but she didn't care she ignored the pain and weather. She continued on, threw the trees and threw a valley. She wasn't concerned for herself anymore. Her only concern was that peter was okay. She stumbled over something landing on her face. She could never seem to keep her balance. She then got up and brushed off the snow and turned around to see she had tripped over a shovel. Now this confused her. What the hell was a shovel doing in the middle of the forest? She found out when the next thing she was doing was falling. When she hit the ground she landed on something soft. It was dark so she couldn't tell but it felt like the same cotton sheet she was tangled in on peters bed. She felt around for a tunnel that would lead her out of the hole. When she couldn't find one she may have started to panic a bit, but in the end she decided to see what was under the sheet. She moved around in the narrow space for a bit until she had gotten the sheet out from under her. She felt the ground and relief sunk in when she found a latch. She unhooked the latch and inexpectently fell another three feet down. She was now in some sort of tunnel that was lit by candles along the walls. The space wasn't very big and she knew was going to have to crawl. She started down the long tunnel. When she reached the end. She was in front of a small door. This was it she thought to her self it was take this chance or give-up. Her hand slowly moved towards the door knob. She turned it and slowly opened it a bit to see what she was getting herself into before she went full on into it. She didn't see anything. Except a large empty room. She opened the door completely and stepped inside closing the door behind her. She looked around the room, there were chairs and bed. She was confused yet curious to find out who owned the chamber. She walked around a corner and came upon another door. She opened it cautiously and stepped in side. This room was almost completely dark. The only thing that lit the room was a single candle on a table in a corner. She closed the door and only took one step before being grabbed around the waist. She let out a death scream, before hearing Peters voice. She turned around and wrapped her arms around him. I knew you would find me he whispered. He untied her bandana to reveal the cuts on her face. What happened? He asked worried. Oh nothing, I was just attacked by well I don't exactly. He put his hand over it and it started to heal unexpectedly. He slowly moved in for a kiss, but she moved out of the way and said How did you do that? I'm half white lighter. Oh a what? I can heal he said Oh she said. He moved in slowly once again this time kissing her and pulling her body in to his own. Something clicked in both of them at that very moment.

The kisses they shared became more intense.
Peter began to walk slowly forward leading Elizabeth into another room. He laid her on the bed and climbed on top of her. He slowly started running his hands up her shirt. Many Things were running through mind. The fact that she wanted this , but didn't want this. She knew what was going to happen if she didn't stop him now. She loved the feel of his touch , but she just couldn't go through with this , not now. She pulled away and said "I can't do this not now". There was a long pause "I mean I don't know you and I want to get to know you first" "Ok" Peter said as he rolled over onto the bed. "Your right we really don't know anything about each other" Elizabeth rolled over on her side facing Peter and she moved her body into his. She looked up into his eyes, even in dim light they sparkled like no other. He placed his arm around her and gave her a light kiss on her forehead. "We can talk in morning, you look exhausted" he spoke softly in her ear. "uh huh" she managed to say while she yawned. He pulled her closer and closed his eyes, soon after they both fell asleep.
Ok this is the last part i have wrote and if i don't get any good reviews then i'm not writing anymore
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