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Words For The Future

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Words for the future
This was written by my boyfriend for a site called (linked here)"Keo":

It was meant to be preserved until it will be read in 50,000 years, and I think its beautiful.

I know things may be different where you are now, I am currently living the dream, not following the money but my heart. The world I live in now worships money like a god and lets it run the life they live. I only hope that the same world that you live in now can do away with this love of paper and can find true meaning in other things like love, friendship and happiness in the things you love doing, not things you have to do because you have a payment here or there. Never let any chains even grip your limbs to hold you down, figuratively of course. Chains are the excuses we have because we dont have the "time" or we cant because of a certain job or bill you have to pay that is holding you back. I can tell you that this day and age has had its trials not just of the mind and body but of the spirit, constantly testing inner will to do the right things, or giving opportunity to help someone and I can only hope that the people in your time are still doing kind hearted things for each other and havent turned selfish and uncaring of each other like I see the world that I live in now is headed towards.

I am currently a martial arts instructor for a gym in Texas, United States of America. I teach Grappling, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Wrestling as well as Striking which includes Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, and Freestyle Striking Techniques. My teachers name that I am under is Luke Marshall of Ultimate Training Systems.
I am currently 21 years old, I believe in God with all of my heart and being and I urge everyone not to seek God because of other people but to seek God for yourself to find the Truth in the world and in yourself. God has changed my life and has given me a reason to live, to love, and to learn. I am not afraid of death, because I know when the time comes the renting of my body here on earth is done with, I will give it back to the earth that it came from and take my place among the righteous and truthful in Heaven to dwell in the house of the Lord forever and ever.

I wonder if by now you live in a place where its like the movie star wars, I wonder if humans have visited other planets, I wonder how technology which I love has advanced. I wish I could talk with whoever is reading this and let them know that everything is ok and will be if they believe. You must understand that everything happens for a reason, and to not be discouraged by a loss because you dont ever lose you learn, you only lose when you refuse to push on and keep trying.

My name is Murphy, I am a fighter, I like video games, my black lab boon, and figuring out the truth about things, as well as the different ways to manipulate things. I have vowed not to drink smoke or do drugs the rest of life I am a follower of Christ although I am not a fan of religion I believe in God with all my heart, my soul, and my mind. I live by the word "Metanoia" which means to think differently/repent. Gods heart is not focused solely on our actions but rather on our motivations,therefore his charge to those who follow him is not to resist the urge to act negatively but to seize the opportunity to act positively.
My dad Douglas is the hardest working guy I know and the most sincere and genuine as well. Works 7 days a week to put food on the table. Love him very much. I get my rational thinking and gentle conscience that makes me think before doing from him, as well as how to live without worring as much and he showed me what it means to be a good hard working honest man.
My mom Carla is wonderful and kind hearted in her own way. Very giving but firm and smart, knows when she needs to teach you by not giving so you learn to get it yourself. I get my intellect from her and she has taught me alot about about how to get where I need to be showing me there is always a way no matter what. She has her moments of complaining and stubborness but I guess thats where I get that from as well.
My aunt Debbie (dads sister) is honestly the most innocent, wonderfully sweet person in this world today. She gives without receiving all the time, helps with anything you ask, and has taken quite alot of shit in her life but has still remained pure. And although some may consider her outer appearance to be ugly, to me and everyone who takes more than 5 mins to talk to her she is so beautiful inside, and it most definitely makes up if not totally masks the outer appearance that God gave her. She has taught me by freaking out over money, not to freak out over money, haha. She has taught me by being kind to everyone she meets that everyone deserves kindness and acceptance from the beautiful to the hideous and inbetween, she has also taught me to not judge a book by its cover.
I do have 2 sisters Riley & Alayne aka BIG sister and a girlfriend of 3 yrs Sabrina who I love very much.

I have run out of time at the time of writing because there are things to look up on the internet for entertainment and games to be played on the xbox 360. haha.

A bit of advice.
Knowledge is not wisdom.
Love is more powerful than credited.
Do not believe what everyone tells you or everything you hear to be true. There are wolves out there and they run in packs, they want to destroy you and control the sheep which are the innocent and make them work for them for their own gain or manipulate them to get what they want. Believe what I say because I used to be a wolf, kinda. I was on the outside of the pack so to speak because I never fully felt a part of the pack. I was always to observant seeking the truth and strong hearted to be a sheep, but the sheep are the ones that need protected. I broke out of my wolfs fur once I found God and assumed my place as a lion cub. By God's molding and forming I have grown into a Lion, fully aware, gentle hearted, and ready for peace in times of peace and war in times of war. My trick is not raging head first into battle, but waiting for my prey the wolf to prey on the innocent sheep which I am wearing the headress of. Be like a Lion.

Written 4/28/2013 at 11:34pm in Converse, TX 78109 at 21 years of age. *]
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