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So Close

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Update and a quick note to my readers

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So I graduate high school not this Friday, but the Friday after. And then a week after that is STARS. So, this close to the end, I have little to no free time. Prom.was two days ago and it sucked.

To sum it up, my date and I had more fun at Dennys then at the actual dance. And I now have a sunburn from riding around yesterday in a Mustang convertible for about five hours with the top down.

Anyway, my weekend didn't suck as much as it will in these upcoming weeks to the end of May. And after that, I supposed to be filming for the zombie movie.

Oh, if you live in Wichita, just ignore the swarms of zombies down south by the river. They're mine.

Unless it's not early June/late May. Then they're real. In which case, double tap and be sure you get the head.

But anyway, I have to get ready for the first day of my last two weeks.

Hugs and Lotion,
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