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A Big Name?

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An update on my boring ass life and such...

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Do I consider myself a big name on here? Oh hell no!

I'm just another person who likes opening up her mind for anyone who gives a damn. If you're a fan of mine, you all know I love you.

Even my haters, which I wouldn't know if you even exist. I don't think I've ever got anything hateful left in comments or written about me.

And honestly, I don't care. Because if you love what I do or if you hate it, we, almost all of us, have something that ties us together.

We're all writers. And, even thought this isn't in the MCR section, most of us are huge fans of them.

And with the breakup and all the tension on here now, we authors have to stick together. I might not be a big name, but I sure as hell have a big mouth, and I will speak my mind.

I'm sick of all of the little fights. Now that MCR is dead, we can't go around breaking each other apart. Unless you want to turn into TiffanyRose clones, knock it off.

We all vary ages on here, and I'm not sure how old any of you are, but I'm sure we've all heard this at least once in our lives, no matter how old. "If you don't have anything nice to say, say nothing at all."

At the moment, we have to stick together. The MCRmy. The Killjoys.

And I will not sit here and listen to 'I'm pissed at her' or 'Is she going to do this too?' or whatever the hell else.

Don't get me wrong, it's nothing personal. If you have an issue with someone else who is part of the MCRmy, suck it up.

If you can't then just don't say anything. Don't do anything. I can't tell you guys how many people I hate in my choir class, but ya know what?

I have to put up with them, because they're just not going to go away. And I mean HATE. I hate them almost as much as I love writing. Almost as much as I love MCR.

They've done some awful things to me. But I put up with them. And together, we all sound awesome.

So, if you hate me now, go ahead and hate me. Cause I'll protect the other people of the MCRmy. And if that means ripping you to shreds, I will.

For those of you who don't know, my past isn't too great. Basically, I was almost always alone.

And now that I have the MCRmy, I'm not. You guys are my friends. My family. And I protect my family.

So if I have to, I will tear you down like you all do each other. But I won't get any personal gain from it, like you feel you do.

And I won't say hurtful lies like 'I hate your writing' or 'Why don't you just go die'

No. I don't lie to fellow writers. I will tell you all the truth. And if you hate me for it, go ahead and hate me.

Hundreds of people hate me. I'm used to it. You won't make a difference.

And if I end up having to protect you from someone else while you 'hate' me, I will. Because no matter what you say to me, you're a part of the MCRmy.

My sister can call me a dirty little cunt one day and i someone pulled a knife on her the next, I'd kill them without a second thought. Cause she's family.

Basically, what I'm trying to say is if you don't like someone I do, just stay quiet about it. And if you don't and it's something stupid, I will end it with the truth.

Because, in all honesty, if you can't get over a little fight with someone on here for the love of MCR, then you're not much of a fan, now are you?

Hugs and Pancakes,
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