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For You

by BipolarUnicorn 1 review

Written for someone, I hope they see it.

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You don't have to keep walls up to keep out the ones who care.
Don't be shy,
We want you to be alright.
I can see you don't trust easily,
I can see that you hurt.
But when you need to talk,
I'm here,
I'll be there when no one else is.
I'll stand right by your side,
Until the day I die.

Now don't be scared,
There are much worse things to fear,
Than having walls built so high, that no one could ever climb.
Some are determined to break down those walls,
Just to keep you from falling.

I know you're uncomfortable,
I know how you feel.
I'm right there with you on that battlefield.

I can see that you shy and push people away,
Just to keep away the stares,
And the questions.

You treat me like shit,
But I still love you, I still care.
I've known you for so long,
And I wish I could tell you,
But I don't want to ruin this friendship.
I didn't want you to hate me.

Its okay,
I may not be the ideal person,
To talk to,
But I'm here for you.
You're not in this alone.

For you and for you only.

~This is written for someone. But it is for anyone.~
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