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Brilliant way to wake up today.. (NOT.)

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Wow, dog, thanks for that 'nice' present this morning..

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Okay, so I had the most brilliant way of waking up this morning..

My dog, a bichon frise named Mario, had a fucking shit in the hallway when I was in the goddamned bathroom. And, guess who had to pick it up?! (pointing to self) yeah me.
What a wonderful way to start this day..

Anyway, today I will ask my brother if he wants to go to the PTV concert with me. I planned it out with Abbie last night. Here's how I expect it to go down.

(me and my brother and family are somewhere at home, like in the kitchen or whatever)

me: Daniel, do you want to go to a concert with me? to basically watch over me and my friend.

daniel: Depends. What concert is it, who you seeing?

me: Pierce The Veil.

daniel: (either "oh, one of your 'rock bands' then' or 'so, a rock band')

me: Yeah, pretty much.

daniel: When is the concert, and where is it?

me: 16th of May at the Wedgewood Rooms in Albert Road. You could take a friend if you want, so you're not alone, but you gotta pay for yourselves. (me sticking it to the man lol)

daniel: (either 'okay' or 'how long is the concert?')

me: (if it's the second question) the concert's two hours, there are two support bands who play for thirty mins each.

daniel: do I have to bring you back home?

me: no, I'm going over to sleep at my friend's after.

daniel probably says okay

Oh god. This'll be nerve-racking, but it has to be done. The reason why it's nerve-racking is because my brother likes rap.. so, you see what I'm in. Besides, once the concert's over he can go. One last little question though: when the support acts are on, do you HAVE to watch them, or is there something else you can do? Because, the place where the concert is is a small place, I dunno, never been there..
Anyway, once THAT bit's out the way, I'll see if Ellie's in school on Tuesday (we got Monday off woop woop) so I can basically tell her "my brother's coming with us, Mum said he has to. Mum also wants to meet your parents, don't ask why, she just does." in which there we plan when I can next go over (never been to Ellie's before..) and then once that's done and Mum's met Ellie's mum we are SET.
Eleven days. I have eleven fucking days.

I see y'all like The Origami Killer Returns. I like it too, Heavy Rain is like my fave game. I suggest you get it, if you haven't already got it. Although, if you're squeamish, there is this bit where Ethan (the guy who's kid gets taken by the origami killer) has to cut off the end of his little finger.. so..

Anyway. I'm updating that now. So be ready for it.
Also, Sam, I will write ya oneshot today.
And Liz, I'll wirte your one too.

I really want SWS's new single played, or King For A Day by PTV and Kellin Quinn.
Last week we had.. Fall Out Boy.. so that made me happy. I was doing Homework too and when they came on I was like "DONE WITH HOMEWORK" even though it didn't make any fucking sense.

Also, I told Sam this, but I'm telling everyone.
I plan to exceed my old mark of being clean, but I'll need your help with it.
So, here's what I plan, I hope you guys can help me with it.

So, every day, when I come back from school, and after my bath, should take us to 4PM in England. At that time, I'll be on my laptop, at which I plan, once per day, until 8PM (but if you gotta go, you go) someone talks to me, either Facebook, Twitter, or here. or email, whatever works best. (Ash I know y'all are hacking into your dad's username-password proctected internet-y thing, how's that going?).
Basically, I need someone to take my mind off self-harm and whatever, just when I get back from school. At school, I have music so.
Who wants to help? I'll love you FOREVER if you help.

I forgot to tell you this awesome thing I did in Friday's music lesson.

Okay, so we had a cover teacher, and in music, cover teacher equals computer work. Our work was supposed to be about Emeli Sande, doing this like news article, magazine article whatever. But, I instead watched SWS and FOB videos, a little BVB too. I barely did any work. Before we had to go I just copied and pasted from Wikipedia though haha. Such a rebel..


(How do you get pics shown on here anyways.. do you have to find the original image or?)

Anyway.. I'll go update the fic..
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