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Sadie's Official Ship List.

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Just because.

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Alright then, so as you know, I ship way too many ships.
So, here are all those ships.

1. Vadie. (me and Vic)
2. Kadie. (me and Kellin)
3. Kellic (Kellin and Vic)
4. Fuenciado (Vic and Jaime)
5. Sash (Sam and Ash)
6. Ashme (Ash and Jaime)
7. Serard (me and Gerard)
8. Frerard (Frank and Gerard)
9. Phan (Dan and Phil)
10. Decca (Dan and Becca)
11. Pikey (Pete and Mikey)
12. Peterick (Pete and Patrick)
13. Pongebob (Patrick Star and Spongebob)
14. Witherson (Robert Patterson and Reese Witherspoon)
15. Pettyron (Alex Pettyfer and Diana Argon)
16. Seirsack (me and Andy Beirsack)
17. Dannic (Danny and Vic)
18. Drayven (Danny and Rayven)
19. Dadie (me and Danny what? is that bad?)
20. Jalex (Jack and Alex)
21. Talex (Tay and Alex)
22. Jitler (Jesus and Hitler)
23. Elaxel (Liz and Axel)
24. Ryden (Ryan and Brendon)

add that with my 1232942429 ships with me and inanimate objects..

I really need a fucking life..
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