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Ow headache wtf?

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I has a headache from too much headbanging and ow.. so, I'll just say random things and tell ya about my day and stuffs.

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Hiya internet peoples who I envy.

Here's what I did today.

So, first, I wrote the next bit to The Origami Killer returns, which Ash was the first to read and review. I was emailing Ash while writing it too. We have made a plan to take down the troll, TiffanyRose. this means war!

Then, I chatted with a fellow ficwaddian on, who gave me WWE wrestler pics which I haven't save yet they'll be there forever.
After I started a new fic, with the plot that I've wanted as a one shot for, like, ever but no one could write it so I thought 'it will be a fanfiction by me!'

Then, I went onto Youtube, checked out Hands Like Houses and god damn they're good.. then I watched something of Criminal Minds and I like it, it's a cool show. I then sang for a bit, I started with Hold On Till May, then I think I went to If You Can't Hang, then I think A Trophy Father's Trophy Son and other songs. On Youtube I watched the catch of the bottle that was thrown at Ronnie Radke and he caught it so epically. So, here's basically what celebs are like when being bottled:

Ronnie Radke (catches and throws back and sticks up middle finger, while still singing the song)

Andy Biersack (dodges it) "nice shot, you missed my face!"

Justin Bieber (hits him in the face) OW! That wasn't nice!

So, who's better then?

Right, random comment by me, a random discovery and thing..

Okay, so I got this sticker from the dentist saying 'Beauty Queen' on it and sometimes I read it as 'Beatus Quinn'.
Holy shit that's weird.

(If you dunno who Beatus Quinn is.. look him up on YouTube. He's Kellin Quinn's 'alter ego' like Vic has Pablo. hehe those guys)

So, tonights been quite productive.

Okay, so I was watching a Mitch Lucker tribute video with pics of him and stuff, and I randomly began to sing A Trophy Father's Trophy Son by SWS, and I swear to Jesus and God and Fanfiction, I almost sobbed. I never cry. This is new for me.

Alright, going to update High School Never Ends, my new fic.
Ash decided she wanted to be with Sam in the fic, which I shall allow.
And, Kellin's girlfriend in this will be Kitty, and in the beginning she'll be a bit of a bitch, but in the end she'll be nice and stuff.
Danny and Rayven will make an appearance. Because, you can't have a fic without them. You just can't.

Also, and I might be a little late with this.. but what happened with Ellie (electricviolence)? Is she okay, what happened? I'm worried and stuff now shit.

Okayy.. so how was your night?
Also, Elliot, I know someone already told you what shipping is, but I'll tell you, adding more to it.

(clears throat)

Shipping is where you think two people, weather it be band members, movie stars, whatever, look cute together as a couple. They could be dating or not, and it can be straight ships, gay ships or lesbian ships. Even food ships if you're into that. For example, take Sam and Ash, HatedEyes and Sam41. They are dating, and pretty much all of us here think they look really really cute together, so therefore we began to ship 'Sash'. So, what you do is, you take two people, and you combine their names, to create the ship name. Thus begins the glorious life of Shipping, and soon you will write fanfiction about that ship, and you'll grow to love and defend it in any battle. Easy to understand?

So, time to update my fic then :)
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