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Chapter 1: The adventure begins.

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Notes: The Dragon Ball characters will be going by their original Japanese dub's ages and the five years from Dragon Ball Z's twenty-eighth World Martial-Arts Tournament not the FUNimation dub's te...

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Dragon Ball Pan's Adventure

Notes: The Dragon Ball characters will be going by their original Japanese dub's ages and the five years from Dragon Ball Z's twenty-eighth World Martial-Arts Tournament not the FUNimation dub's ten years jump. Dragon Ball, Kai, Z and GT are all owned by Toei Animation and Akira Toriyama, all other plots, manga, characters, games and animation are all owned by their respective owners.

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Ninja Dimension Saga

During his last battle fighting desperately against Omega Shenron to save the Earth, Goku along with the help of his friends and family managed to gather a great deal of spiritual energy from every place and person he could find to form his greatest final attack called the Universal Spirit Bomb. The last of the evil Shadow Dragons could do little to stop the devastating attack from destroying him after the Saiyan raised on Earth successfully launched the deadly Spirit Bomb directly at his opponent to end the battle once and for all, enveloping Omega Shenron completely in a massive Earth shaking explosion. After the dust had settled, the seventh and last of the evil Shadow Dragons was nowhere in sight instead replaced by the sudden appearance of the original real Shenron without even the need of being summoned, surprising Goku along his friends and family as the sky was clear and blue and there were no dragon balls in site.

Then healing the Earth raised Saiyan's wounds, the dragon began explaining to the hero that he would need to leave the Earth for a century of rest until he was completely cleansed of all the effects of the shadow dragons before he could return and be able grant any future wishes. But before Shenron was about to leave Goku convinced Shenron to grant one last wish to revive the people killed by Super Seventeen and the Shadow Dragons, but in return the dragon told the Saiyan raised on Earth to join him which Goku instantly agreed to. After Shenron fulfilled the wish the Earth raised Saiyan told Vegeta that the lives of everyone are now in his hands passing the role of protector of the Earth to him, then after his last words Goku jumped on the green dragon's back and departed.

Before they were completely ready to leave the Earth, the Saiyan raised on Earth asked Shenron if he could visit Krillin who was among those recently revived, the dragon saw no harm in allowing him to visit and agreed to Goku's request, after arriving at Master Roshi's island the Earth raised Saiyan met with his long time friend Krillin telling him that he was leaving and the two of them decided to have one last fight before Goku flew off with Shenron on his newest and longest adventure yet.

Chapter 1: The adventure begins.

Months later, Vegeta had begun forcing Goten, Gohan and his son Trunks to train in his newly rebuilt Gravity Chamber, knowing that if a new threat appears in the future, the former Saiyan Prince by himself would not be able to take it on alone or he may even be unable to fight at all. This story begins on a scheduled training day, when the two sons of Goku were travelling by self-propelled flight towards West City to meet Vegeta and his son at the Capsule Corporation. "Come on bro do we really need to train today?" Goten asked, showing his brother that he didn't wanting to go.

"Vegeta seems to think so," Gohan replied, answering the younger brother's question.

"But it's not fair," the youngest of the two said in response, "I was planning to have the day off."

While the two continued their journey, the eldest brother decided to tell Goten that it could had been much worse, "Just be grateful that he doesn't force us to go every day," he said as he turned to his brother before he noticed a familiar Ki quickly approaching from behind seeing a figure in the distance, "wait who's that?"

"Isn't that Pan's Ki," the brother said in response with a question, "what's she doing here?"

"I think I may know why," Gohan answered.

As the figure came closer, it was clear that the figure was the eldest brother's daughter Pan, "hi dad, hi uncle Goten," she said in ear shot of the two.

"Uh, Pan what are you doing here?" Gohan asked his daughter, even though he already knew the answer, after she had stopped in front the two.

"Well, I was wondering," the quarter Saiyan daughter replied, answering the question, "can I train with you guys this time?"

Knowing that training in a higher gravity than what she normally used to maybe difficult for her and that the seasoned Saiyan warrior was like a drill instructor when it came to training, Goten decided to warn her, "err Pan, are you really sure this is a good idea?" he said along with a question. "You know how Vegeta is, don't you?"

"Of course I do, all I'm going to do is ask," Pan replied, answering her uncle's question, "just for a few hours, I'm sure it will be fine."

"Let's hope so," the youngest of Goku's sons said to the niece.

Now continuing their journey along with the oldest brother's daughter who joined them, the group just arrived at the Capsule Corporation building, Trunks seeing the group from the window decided to come out of the main building to greet them as the group began to land, "Welcome back Goten," he said to the brothers, greeting the two, "and you too Gohan."

"Hello Trunks," Gohan said greeting the lavender haired man, "nice to see you again."

"So Trunks," Goten asked Trunks, "where's your old man?"

Turning to face the younger brother, the purple haired man began to answer the question, "oh Dad's in the Gravity Chamber celebrating the machine, he'll be out soon," he said before turning to Pan and decided to her asked what she was doing, "uh, hi Pan, so what are you doing here?"

"Oh hey Trunks," the quarter Saiyan girl replied Trunk's question, "I was thinking of asking your dad if I could join you guys in the Gravity Chamber this time."

"Well, this might be a b..." Trunks said before Vegeta who just left the main building interrupted him. "You're both late," the former Saiyan Prince yelled at the two brothers impatiently following up with a question, "what on earth were you doing to take you two so long to get here?!"

Taking responsibility, the oldest of Goku's sons decided to apologise for being late before explaining why they were, "Sorry Vegeta," he replied, "it just that Pan wanted to come along..."

"Hey Trunks," Pan whispered to the lavender haired man while Gohan and Vegeta continued to talked to each other.

"Yes, what is it?" Trunks replied, whispering back.

Noticing that the seasoned Saiyan warrior's tone of voice and change in demeanour, the quarter Saiyan know something must have happened to make more antisocial than what he normally was, "Is it just me or is your dad more grumpy than normal?" she asked the son of the man in question continuing to whisper.

"Well, I wasn't there myself so I don't know any of the details," Trunks said in response, answering the question, whispering back to Pan, "but I think my dad and my sister had a really bad argument and ever since then he's been in that super grumpy state like that all morning."

"Huh Pan," Vegeta said in surprise as he finally noticed the girl, "Gohan, do mind explaining what she is doing here?"

As Gohan was about to answer the question, Pan was thinking about if Vegeta was going to allow her train with them, 'I hope he says yes,' she thought to herself.

"She wants to join us in the Gravity Chamber this time..." the oldest of Goku's sons answered, but before the daughter's father could finish his sentence the former Saiyan Prince interrupted objecting to the idea. "Are you crazy? Absolutely not!" he said raising the voice. "This is serious training; we have no time for messing around!"

"What?" Pan replied in shock, "why on earth not?" but before she could even begin to protest, Vegeta interrupted explaining why she was not allowed to enter the Gravity Chamber, "For one thing you're not strong enough, you wouldn't be able to handle the Gravity setting that I have planned for today," the seasoned Saiyan warrior said as he glanced at Pan with a sigh before he continued finishing his sentence, "and I'm sorry to say this, but we don't have the time to waste waiting for you to catch up."

Then trying to convince Vegeta to change his mind, the raven haired girl began to speak, "But..." she said until the former Saiyan Prince stopped her mid sentence, "I am sorry Pan," Vegeta said raising his voice, now becoming increasingly irritated desperately trying to keep his cool, "but enough is enough... ...we've wasted enough time Goten, Gohan and you to son, get to the Gravity Chamber now!"

"...Sorry Pan, maybe next time," said the purple haired man apologizing for his father mood as the seasoned Saiyan warrior began walking towards the Gravity Chamber, leaving the group and the disappointed Pan alone.

"Uh, are you coming bro?" Goten asked his brother unsure what else to say.

Sending a signal for his younger brother to go ahead of him, Gohan decided to speak, "No Goten, it's alright you go on ahead, I'll be right behind you..."" he replied, answering his brother's question before the youngest of Goku's sons nodded and left to join the others in the Gravity Chamber.

"What am I going to do now!?" the quarter Saiyan girl said out loud.

"Pan, don't worry after the training session I will have a few words with him," the oldest of Goku's sons said, trying to comfort his dejected daughter, "by the way, I have something to give you it's not much, but..."

Curious to what her father had for her, Pan decided to speak out to find out, "You do?" she asked.

"Here, a little something I've put together," her father said in response, "I was planning to give you this later, but I might as well give to now."

"Okay dad," raven haired daughter replied with a question, "but what is it?"

Then after extending her hand, Pan received a capsule and a small bag, "That capsule has some training gear for you and the bag has about five Senzu beans," Gohan said to his daughter explaining to her what the items he gave her were, "take one when you're tired from training, but try not to waste them."

"Thank you dad," said the quarter Saiyan as she hugged her father.

"Okay Pan, I've got to join the others now," the father said to her, "I think you should go find a place outside the city to train, so you don't attract too much attention to yourself."

Knowing just the area, Pan decided to bid farewell to her father before she rose from the ground ready to leave, "I will dad bye," she replied to her father.

"Bye Pan," Gohan said in response to his daughter, "Please be careful!" then after the quarter Saiyan daughter disappeared into the distance, Gohan began moving towards the main building to join the others in the Gravity Chamber.

"At least with this I will be able train for a while," raven haired girl said to herself as she departed toward an area outside the city.

While the oldest of Goku's sons was just entering the main building, Goten and Trunks were now busy training with the former Saiyan Prince in the Gravity Chamber trying to keep up with him, "What's wrong Goten, can't handle it? Are the Gravity setting to high for you, do you want me to lower it for you?" Vegeta replied with a smirk as sweat ran down from Gohan's brother and his son's face having a tough time keeping up with the former Saiyan Prince's movements, "Come on Trunks I expected better from you!"

"But father, the gravity setting feel like it's twice what it was last week," Trunks yelled in anger at his father, "we can't keep going like this!"

"You're right Trunks," Goten said in agreement, "we can't keep up with you at this setting!"

Vegeta didn't respond and just stared at them. 'Great,' the lavender haired man thought to himself, 'what in the world did my sister do this time?'

"Stop you're complaining I've hardly changed the settings, this shows me you've made no progress at all," the former Saiyan Prince replied in anger, "I thought I told you two to practice, didn't I?"

"But father we did..." Trunks said before Vegeta cut him off mid sentence, "No buts son, you know that you need to keep improving if you want to get to the next level," said the former Saiyan Prince "I at least want to see the two of you at the level where you able to transform into Super Saiyan two, but at this rate it would take you years to reach that!"

Then while Vegeta resumed his fighting stance, Goten pleaded to him for a rest, "Could we at least have a break?" Goten asked.

"Of course not, if you're asking for a break now," Vegeta replied, answering his question, "it means you're even more out of shape than I thought."

"Darn..." the son of Goku said in response.

Just as they were about to continue Gohan entered the chamber, "Aren't you being a bit too hard on them," he said over hearing the former Saiyan Prince and the others, "you know they're not used to your training method."

"That maybe true, but if they had trained themselves properly, then I wouldn't have to push them this way now," Vegeta replied as Gohan entered the room he readied himself by powered up for training session, "I want them ready before they fight their opponent instead of being pushed like you were by cell, in any case you're not doing any better and I want you at least stronger than when we were fighting Majin Buu."

"But pushing us too hard," the eldest son of Goku said in response, "too fast might have the opposite effect."

After he had taken a deep breath to calm down he continued, "Gohan, you don't want me babysitting you or this planet by myself forever," the former Saiyan Prince replied, "while you stand helplessly waiting for me to win, do you?"

"Yes Vegeta you could be right, on another point why didn't you let Pan train with us?" Gohan said feeling a bit heated also took a deep breath before he replied with a question while Vegeta remained silent thinking about what say next until he decided to speak. "You could have lowered the gravity for just one day."

"I knew you might not understand, but she will only slow us down... ...when she gets stronger, then I will consider it," the seasoned Saiyan warrior said, "but we don't have time to wait for her to catch up, especially when you are this out of practise, if a new threat appears I don't think we would not be able to take it on at our current state, we're very far from ready!"

After Vegeta finished his sentence, the father continued trying to convince him, "But Vegeta, just for one day you could have lowered the setting," he said, "we could turn it back up when she finished."

"I can't take this anymore," the former Saiyan Prince replied before thinking for a bit, he finally agreed, "Alright Gohan you win, in our next session I will let Pan in for a few hours."

"Thank you Vegeta," the eldest son of Goku said in response, "you don't know how much this will mean to her."

Not wanting to waste anymore time, Vegeta decided to speak out, "Enough talk for now it's driving me mad, get back to training!" he yelled as the oldest of Goku's sons sighed, as the group resumed their training session. "We'll discuss this further later."


After receiving the gifts that her father gave her, Pan who was just outside West City getting ready to train by herself, 'I don't get it, /why wouldn't Vegeta let me train with them in the Gravity Chamber,/' she thought, 'am I'm not that weak that I can't handle a few hours of his type of training.'

Then finding an isolated spot, the quarter Saiyan girl began changing into her new clothes, they were similar style to her own grandfather Goku's clothes, a red Gi with a dark red shirt, wristbands and a sash tied around her waist she received from her father, she was also wearing a pair of black and White trainers and she then re-tied her old orange bandanna around her head over her shoulder length hair. 'I'm sure that I am strong enough, but maybe... ...whatever if I need to get stronger,' she thought to herself, 'then I'll just have to get stronger, that will show him that I can handle it!'

As Pan took a deep breath she opened the capsule then began to put on the training weights she was given before she began to exercise, two on her arms and two on her legs, 'I wonder how their training is going? I wish I had a sparring partner,' she thought, 'but with Uub sick and the others with Vegeta, I guess this will have to do.'

'Darn it/, /I can't believe Vegeta said that I can't train with them because he thinks I'm not strong enough hand wouldn't be able to his training,//Vegeta, I'll show you!' the raven haired girl thought angrily to herself as she punched and kicked in the air. 'Does he really think that I would only slow them down!?'

Suddenly at the corner of her eye Pan saw a weird glowing light, which caught her attention as the light grew brighter, "w-what is that light?" she said thinking out loud. The quarter Saiyan girl then put her arms up to block the light as it blinded her vision, 'it's getting brighter,' she thought, 'too bright!' Then a sudden whirlwind began to blow, gradually increasing in strength until it was even strong enough to knock Pan into nearby tree, snapping the tree in half on contact, 'What was that?' she thought to herself. 'What was that weird light and that unnaturally strong wind? Where did it come from?'

To her shock and surprise as she turned her head towards to where she saw the weird glowing light, the raven haired girl saw a black hole in the sky right above her, with a bright ball of weird light which appeared green coming from the centre of the vortex. 'What in the world?' she thought. 'What the heck is that?'

Then to her surprise while she flew a bit closer to investigate, it was beginning to become increasingly difficult to fly as she began to feel a strange pulling sensation which was getting increasingly stronger as she flew closer forcing her to keep her distance, 'Why does it feel like it's trying to suck me in,' Pan thought as she was trying to keep her distance.

"Darn, it's getting stronger, wait...'s getting too strong, I can't break free!" Pan yelled in fear as the pulling sensation was getting to stronger to handle, she threw off her training weights trying to escape, she even tried using her Ki to blast herself away from the black hole as the vortex was pulling her in, but it was no use as the vortex sucked her in.

To be continued...

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