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Chapter 2: Pan's Disappearance.

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Notes: I have split Chapter 1 due to added content, which I also added a bit of the other members of Son family, Dragon Ball, Kai, Z and GT are all owned by Toei Animation and Akira Toriyama, all o...

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Dragon Ball Pan's Adventure

Notes: I have split Chapter 1 due to added content, which I also added a bit of the other members of Son family, Dragon Ball, Kai, Z and GT are all owned by Toei Animation and Akira Toriyama, all other plots, manga, characters, games and animation are all owned by their respective owners.

Date Uploaded: 04/06/2014 (US) or 06/04/2014 (UK)

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Ninja Dimension Saga

In the last chapter, knowing that if a new threat appears in the future, the former Saiyan Prince by himself might be unable to take it on alone, decided to force Goten, Gohan and Trunks to train in his newly rebuilt Gravity Chamber with him. On a scheduled training day the two sons of Goku along with Pan who decide to tag along, were heading towards West City to meet Vegeta and Trunks at the Capsule Corporation, then as they arrived at Capsule Corp., Trunks seeing Gohan, Goten and Pan begin to land from out of a window, decided to come out of the main building to greet them, before turning Pan asking her why she was there, she replied saying that she wanted to join their training session before Vegeta left the main building, he yelled at the two for being late before noticing Pan, Gohan told him that she wanted to join them, but Vegeta rejected the idea to Pan disappointment.

Knowing that Vegeta might not let her train with them, Gohan gave his daughter a gift of a capsule full of training gear and a bag of Senzu beans before joining the others, while the oldest of Goku's sons was just entering the main building, Goten and Trunks were now busy training with the former Saiyan Prince in the Gravity Chamber trying to keep up with him, sweat ran down from Goten and his son's face having a tough time keeping up with the former Saiyan prince's movements while Pan, who after receiving the gifts that her father gave her decided to train by herself at an area just outside West City determined to get stronger, after changing into her new clothes, she opened the capsule and put on her training weights before she began to exercise, while training Pan saw aweird glowing light at the corner of her eye growing brighter and brighter before a sudden gust of wind knocked Pan into nearby tree.

She turned her head towards in the direction where she saw the weird glowing light, shocked by what she saw, it was a black hole in the sky with a bright ball of weird light with a green coming from the centre of the vortex, to her surprise she felt a strange pulling sensation which was getting stronger as she flew closer forcing her to keep her distance, she tried everything from throwing her training weights trying to escape, she even used all her Ki to blast herself away from the black hole as the vortex was pulling her in, but it was no use as the vortex sucked her in.

Chapter 2: Pan's Disappearance.

Unaware of Pan's situation, Vegeta and the others still training within the Gravity Chamber were busy practicing at a high gravity level. "I can't take this anymore," asked Goten, "can we have a break now?"

Then taking the advantage, the former Saiyan Prince forced the youngest of Goku's sons to crash to the ground in pain after hitting him in the back."Absolutely not!" replied Vegeta. "You can have a rest break in two hours, not before."

"But father it's getting increasingly difficult to keep up with you, can't we at least go super..." said Trunks before being cut off by the former Saiyan Prince. "What, you want to use a transformation as a crutch!?" he yelled in anger at his son. "That would make it too easy; I want you to feel every move!"

"Come on Vegeta," said Goten pleading to the former Saiyan Prince.

"If you can't handle the gravity in your normal state," said Vegeta in response, "then what would be the point of training at all?"

'What's happening out there?'thought Gohan to himself after a Ki spike.

As he ended his sentence, the former Saiyan Prince suddenly turned to Gohan after noticing something wrong. "Gohan?" said the former Saiyan Prince in surprise. "Wait what the... ...I see."

Vegeta shared the eldest of Goku's son's distress as he sensed Pan's sudden Ki spiked."Huh, Vegeta, Bro?" what's wrong..." asked the youngest of Goku's sons until he too noticed that Pan's strength increased.

'Something's not right,'thought Vegeta, 'why would Pan power up to that height, just to train?'

Then sensing that Pan Ki just suddenly disappeared, Gohan turned from distress to outright fear and worry. "Wait, guy's did you sense that, my daughter's Ki... was just there and it's gone, I don't sense anything from her," said the oldest of Goku's sons growing more concerned for his daughter's safety, "it increased and then, her Ki just simply disappeared, but I don't sense a foes Ki... ...what in the world happened?"

"What the heck?" said the lavender haired man in confusion. "What could have of happened to her?"

Then Vegeta and the group heard a voice yelling over an intercom. "Guys you should take a look outside," yelled the voice, "there's something you got to see!"

The voice was Bulma and it sounded like she was in shock. 'This must have something to do with Pan's Ki suddenly disappearing.' thought Trunks.

"Ok the training session ends here for now, this sounds important," said the former Saiyan Prince, "let's go see what that woman wants us to see outside and after that Gohan, we'll go search for Pan."

While the group left the Gravity Chamber, Vegeta was left behind to shut down gravity generator, then after he turned the machine off the former Saiyan Prince quickly joined the others outside, just as he exited Vegeta noticed the vortex in the distance. 'So that's what she wanted us to see.' he thought as he walked towards Bulma and the others.

"Guys, that thing's huge!" yelled Goten out loud.

"So, woman care to explain on what the heck that green hole in the sky, is?" asked Vegeta while pointing at the vortex.

"Well, by the computer readings," answered Bulma, "it's a large, but unstable spatial rift in space and time."

"Unstable?" whispered Gohan to himself.

"Spatial rift in space and time?" asked the youngest son of Goku repeating Bulma's last few words as a question.

"Basically," replied the blue haired woman, "it's a hole in time or maybe even into another dimension."

"Oh yeah," said Goten in response, "like the one that Buu and created when he escaped from the Hyperbolic Time Chamber and then we made a new one as Gotenks to go after him."

"Then has anything pass through the rift since in it appeared and enter into our world?" asked the former Saiyan Prince.

"No, as far as I know nothing from the other side has tried to exit from the rift," replied Bulma, "but one object or person did enter, the others believe that it could have been Pan and based from what they told me and where she was, I would have to agree with them."

Then after seeing Gohan distressed face Vegeta turned to him, "don't worry Gohan we'll get that brat back, said the former Saiyan Prince, "Goten, Trunks both of you with me, we will enter the..."

But before he could finish his sentence the vortex suddenly collapsed with a sound of roaring thunder. "What, how... ...wait that's it," explained Bulma, "it must have been too unstable and collapsed under its own gravity."

"Blast it!" yelled Vegeta.

"But how are we going to save Pan now, with the black hole gone?" asked Goten."We don't even have the dragon balls anymore."

"Wait, my computer did record the wavelength of the rift," said Bulma, "I think I might be able to... will take some time, but I think I will be able to refit the time machine to recreate the rift."

As she was heading back to her lab, Vegeta with nothing else to do decided to return to Gravity Chamber, but not before telling the others what he wants them to do. "Gohan, you can go home and tell your wife and mother about the situation then return here," said Vegeta, "Goten and Trunks will stay here to continue training with me."

After telling the oldest of Goku's sons what he should do as he began heading back gravity room with the youngest of Goku's sons and his own son, who reluctantly joined him.


Still trapped inside the vortex, Pan who was floating lost and aimlessly, was wondering if she was forever trapped or where it might send her unsure what was going to happen to her, every minute she spent in the vortex to her felt like hours. 'Will I ever be able to escape...'thought the quarter Saiyan girl as she floated aimlessly.

Suddenly just when she was about to lose all hope of ever escaping, the vortex began to rumble, then with roar it shot her out into an unknown forest, falling uncontrollably to the ground, Pan noticing a large patch of mud. "Not mud." yelled Pan out loud. "I've got to stop!"

Then she used her Ki to stop herself from falling, before landing safely getting her bearings. 'That was close!'thought Pan. 'Almost fell into mud, that's the last thing I want to happen is to get covered in mud.'

"Now," said the quarter Saiyan thinking out loud, "where am I?"

Looking around, Pan was trying to find anything that would tell her where she was. 'Strange?I don't recognise anything around here,' thought the quarter Saiyan girl, 'It feels sort of the same, but there's something different, weird?'

As she tried sense her father's Ki, but she couldn't feel his Ki or anyone's for that matter. 'I can't sense my dad's Ki or even the others,' thought Pan, 'am I still on Earth?'

Then suddenly she sensed a number of Ki's in the distance. 'I can't sense dad's or the others,' thought the quarter Saiyan girl, 'butI can sense afew Ki's in the distance.'

'I don't recognised them... ...they're odd, they feel Human,' thought Pan, 'butthey're higher than a normal Human and their Ki's, they are different from what I normally sense, strange?'

'Let's see... ...they're not too far from here,' thought the quarter Saiyan, 'hope they're friendly,maybe I can ask them where I am.'

After she had decided to head towards the group of unknown strangers, Pan took off from the ground thinking that flying to them was the quickest way to get to them. "No sign of West City..." said Pan thinking out loud as she rose.

'This is one large forest,' thought the quarter Saiyan girl, 'I will definitely cover more ground if I fly there.'

Just before she was about to head towards the group of unknown people she sensed, she heard an explosion in the opposite direction. 'What an explosion?'thought Pan,'Odd,I don't sense any Ki in that direction, did that explosion kill whoever was there?'

'Some of those strange Ki's have split up from the main group,' thought the quarter Saiyan, 'are they heading towards the area where the explosion was?'

Instead of continuing towards the group of strangers she decided to investigate the site of where she heard the explosion. 'Are there people there that I can't sense due to them losing conscious, well if there is anybody there,' thought Pan, 'they might need some help and the strangers that are heading there might know where I am, I get to kill two birds with one stone.'

As she raised herself above the trees she notice smoke in the distance. 'Smoke?' she thought. 'That's gotta be where the explosion was.'

Then she began to move towards the area where she had heard the explosion. 'I've got to move fast!'thought the quarter Saiyan girl.


Gohan, who was on his way home from Capsule Corporation, was travelling at a slow speed deep in thought 'Where are you Pan?' he thought. 'How did this happen?'

Unable to hide or control his emotions, the eldest son of Goku began to take his frustration out onto the landscape as he flew to a large rock and punched it to smithereens. "Why did this have to happen!" he yelled in anger.

'I've got to calm down,'thought Gohan, 'Bulma's working on a way to get to her, and if it's her she can do it.'

Finally calming himself down, Goku's oldest son continued his journey home at the foot of a forest near Mount Paozu. 'I still have to tell my wife and mother,' he thought, 'how am I going to explain it to them.'

Upon arriving at his home, the eldest son of Goku began to land at the end of the pathway to the door of his. "Gohan?" asked his mother, Chi-Chi."Why are you back so soon?"

"Mother," replied Gohan, "could you bring Videl here for a moment, there's something important I've got to tell you."

"What is it Gohan?" asked his mother. "Wait! Before you answer, have you seen Pan? She said she would do some chores when she gets back?"

It began to get more difficult for Gohan to talk as he pleaded for his mother to get his wife. "This involves Pan," said her son in response, "so could you please get her."

"Involves Pan?" asked Chi-Chi. "Oh my, what happened to her Gohan?"

"I'll tell you in detail once you get Videl," replied Gohan. "I think she would like to know."

"Of course, but I think we should go inside," said the mother in response,"from personal experience, I think the best place to received bad news is setting down, so if someone faints they don't hurt themselves."

After going indoors, while the eldest son of Goku waited in the living room Chi-Chi brought her daughter in law, Videl into the room. "What is it Gohan?" asked his wife. "Chi-Chi said something about Pan being trouble?"

"I don't know where to start," replied Gohan, "but I'll try my best to explain."

As her husband explained about what happened to her daughter, Videl went shock and confusion to sorrow as he continued. "What are we going to do Gohan?" said his wife in response. "Without the Dragon Balls, how are we going to rescue her?"

"Don't worry, as hard as it is," replied Gohan tried to comfort her, "Bulma working on a way to get to her as we speak, she the best person able to help her.

"Okay Gohan..." said Videl unable to find the right words to express herself.

"Right," said the eldest son of Goku, "I've got head back to Capsule Corp."

"Why Gohan?" asked his mother.

"Well, I've got to get back to training and I need to get ready, the black hole could be only the tip of iceberg," replied Gohan, "it could also reopen and in any case Bulma could use an extra pair of hands."

"Okay if you say so," said Chi-Chi in response, "just be careful, we don't want to lose you to a black hole too."

"I will, I leave Videl in your care, look after her for me, at least while I'm gone," replied Goku's oldest son, "she'll need your support, I'll be back soon."

"I will Gohan" said his mother in response.

"Thank you mother" replied Gohan.

After her son left, Chi-Chi was thinking to herself. 'Just when I thought all this craziness was over,'thought his mother, 'wherever you are my granddaughter, I hope you're safe.'

To be continued...

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