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Chapter 3: An old enemy, Doctor Gero?

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Notes: Dragon Ball, Kai, Z and GT are all owned by Toei Animation and Akira Toriyama, all other plots, manga, characters, games and animation are all owned by their respective owners. Update: I ...

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Dragon Ball Pan's Adventure

Notes: Dragon Ball, Kai, Z and GT are all owned by Toei Animation and Akira Toriyama, all other plots, manga, characters, games and animation are all owned by their respective owners.

Update: I split the old Chapter 2 in two and moved the second half to chapter 4.(please tell me if you find any mistakes.)

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Talking= "..." Thinking = '...' Telepathy = "..."

Ninja Dimension Saga

In the last chapter, While Vegeta and the others continued training in the Gravity Chamber, Vegeta and Gohan sensed Pan's Ki spiked before it just disappeared. As soon as Pan's Ki vanished, Vegeta and the others suddenly heard a voice yelling over an intercom, it was Bulma and she sounded shocked telling the group to get out of Gravity Chamber to look outside, as the rest of the group left the Gravity Chamber, Vegeta turned the gravity generator off before he joined the others outside, he noticed the vortex in the distance, as he walked towards Bulma and the others, the former Saiyan Prince asked for an explanation while pointing at the vortex, after Bulma explain what the vortex was and that Pan was probably pulled in, Vegeta planned to enter the rift and rescue Pan, but to his surprise it suddenly collapsed.

Meanwhile Still trapped inside the vortex, Pan who was floating aimlessly, was wondering if she was forever trapped or where it might send her, every minute she spent in the vortex to her felt like hours, unsure what was going to happen to her, just when she was about to lose all hope of ever escaping the vortex, it suddenly shot her out into an unknown forest, falling uncontrollably to the ground, Pan noticing a large patch of mud she used her Ki to stop herself from falling, before landing safely getting her bearings, as the quarter Saiyan girl looking around, she sensed a number of Ki's in the distance, before deciding to head towards them, just before she was about to head towards the group of unknown people, she heard an explosion in the opposite direction, she then decided to investigate the site of where she heard the explosion, as she was rising higher above the trees she notice smoke in the distance before she started to move in that direction.

Meanwhile, Gohan who was on his way home from Capsule Corporation, was travelling at aslow speed deep in to hide or control his emotions, the eldest son of Goku began to take his frustration out onto the landscape as he flew to a large rock and punched it to smithereens. Finally calming himself down, Goku's oldest son continued his journey home at the foot of a forest near Mount Paozu.

Upon arriving at his home, the eldest son of Goku began to land at the end of the pathway to the door of his, he then was greeted by his mother who asked him why his and if he knew where Pan was. It began to get more difficult for Gohan to talk as he pleaded for his mother to get his wife. After going indoors, while the eldest son of Goku waited in the living room Chi-Chi brought her daughter in law, Videl into the room. As her husband explained about what happened to her daughter, Videl went shock and confusion to sorrow as he continued. After finishing Gohan told them that he had to go back and Chi-Chi was left thinking to herself.

Chapter 3: An old enemy, Doctor Gero?

Upon arriving at the area where she had seen the smoke, Pan saw rubble and broken mechanical parts strewn everywhere in the surrounding area. "What in the world happened here," said Pan thinking out loud "that must have been one big explosion."

Then she noticed a secret entrance to a hidden laboratory with an old man in strange, but familiar clothes standing by the entrance. 'Those clothes?'she thought. 'I've seen them before somewhere, but where?'

As she studied the man's clothes trying to remember where she had seen them before, she tried to get closer, but what was even more odd to her, was that he had no Ki, Pan couldn't see his face so she decided to land behind a large boulder that was nearby making sure to hide her Ki before she peered over the rock. 'No?'/thought the quarter Saiyan girl. 'It can't /be?'

Shocked to see an enemy from her and her grandfather Goku's past, who should have long been dead, she was so surprised that she accidentally blurted his name out loud, "Doctor Gero!?" yelled Pan before she quickly covered her mouth, but it was too late Gero heard her and located the quarter Saiyan girl by her Ki.

"It's no use hiding, I know where you are!" said Gero in a demanding tone."Come out from behind that rock!"

As the android doctor stared at her location, Pan was deep in thought, thinking if it was wealth hiding anymore. 'Darn it,me and my big mouth,'she thought,'I can't hide now, it's only a matter of time before he too impatient, I guess I've got to show myself now.'

'I do wonder why he is alive, I want to know what he was doing,' thought the quarter Saiyan, 'and maybe he could even be behind that black hole too, guess there's only one way to find out...'

After she moved from behind the boulder into the view of the Android Doctor, Gero caught sight of the quarter Saiyan girl, shocked to see his worst enemy Goku style of clothes. "What?" said a shocked Gero. "Those clothes... ...who in the world are you and how on earth do you know my name, girl?"

"Huh what... ...don't you remember Gero?" replied a confused Pan. "I'm Goku's granddaughter Pan, we fought after the last time you escaped HFIL, Ithought you were dead when Super Android 17 killed you and sent you back to HFIL?"

"Killed, by what?" said the Android Doctor in surprise. "Super Android 17, what are you talking about?"

'He doesn't know?'thought Pan to herself. 'Does that mean that I'm stuck in the past? But that doesn't explain those strange Ki's Isensed earlier and I've never sensed anything like them before.'

'Excellent, I guess my experiment seems to have been a success,but what in the... she insane? What is she talking about?'thought Gero confused by what the quarter Saiyan girl said. 'Goku's granddaughter, super Android 17, what nonsense? However she does know about Goku and no one from around here knows him which raises more question?'

Pan continued to think to herself while waiting for the Doctor's response. 'So I could be in a parallel universe or something,' thought the quarter Saiyan, 'either way Ithink I'm stuck here for now.'

"How is that possible," said Gero in shock, "Goku's only son is below the age of 12."

"Below the age of 12?" replied the girl repeating the doctor's last few words."But my dad is twenty-seven something years old"

"That impossible!" yelled Gero in unbelief before he stopped mid-sentence to think. 'Unless, however improbable, it could be based on some truth, there is a possibility that she is from the future... ...that's it!'he later thought with smile on his face. 'What an unexpected surprise, now that I know my machine works, I can finally escape from this backward world and then I can finally have my revenge.'

'What's with that creepy smile...?' thought Pan with disgust.

'Now I've got to care of this nuisance and this is the perfect opportunity to replenish my Energy supplies,'thought the android, 'but first I need some sort of distraction before I can drain her Ki.'

Then suddenly, the quarter Saiyan girl sensed two Ki rapidly approaching, one was closer than the other, but with the Android Doctor in front of her, she decided to ignore them. 'Those two that I senseearlierare close by,' she thought to herself, 'but I've got to find out what Gero's doing first.'

Also detecting the two close by, Gero thought this could be his opportunity to steal her life energy. 'Ah, it's the blond and his friend,' he thought to himself, 'maybe they will be just what I need to distract her.'

Still ignoring the two that were approaching, Pan instead noticed a small orange sphere which looked oddly familiar. 'No way?' she thought in surprise.

While she stared at the ball attached to a damaged device at the entrance to the laboratory, Gero thought it was the perfect time to strike. /'Yes,'/thought Gero,'now while her guard's down.'

"What?" she said with surprise as she looked at the object. "It can't be? Is that a Dragon ball, but how?"

Distracted from looking at the Dragon Ball, Pan was unaware of what the doctor was planning to do as he leapt forward at her while Pan's attention was only focused on the Dragon ball. 'Now,'he thought as he got closer, 'stay still girl!'

With his hands extended hoping for any chance of skin contact to absorb her Ki, Gero was totally unprepared on what was about to happen when just as he was about to grab her Pan noticed just in time dodging to the left, she then jumped behind him and kicked him in the back sending him flying into a nearby tree."Nice try," said the quarter Saiyan girl with a smirk, "but you have to do better than that, if you want to steal my Ki."

'Darn... ...I underestimated her, she is more powerful than Ithought,'thought Gero slightly angry at himself for underestimating her, 'however this is nothing I can't handle, but I do need to lead her away, if she find out what I was doing, this could become troublesome.'

After she had assumed her fighting stance, the quarter Saiyan began to taunt her opponent. "Care to try that again?" she said in confidants. "Or do you want to give up?"

"Curse you!" yelled the doctor in anger. "You cocky overconfident brat!"

"I've fought you before," replied Pan, "Can't fool me, I know your tricks."

Suddenly, Gero detected that one of the two that were approaching was close enough to see them fighting. 'Good, if I can't steal her Ki alone,'he thought 'then maybe one of those fools that were protecting me can distract her, so I can take advantage and steal her Ki.'

"What's wrong?" asked Pan. "Don't want to get up?"

After coming up with a new plan, the Android Doctor got up to face Pan. "Yes you're indeed strong, now I can indeed see why you said that you are Goku's granddaughter," he said to her with a smirk, "but if you think that won't stop me, you are sadly mistaken!"

After the quarter Saiyan girl decided to go the offensive, she taunted her opponent once again. "I Hope that's more than just a bluff!" yelled Pan as she rushing forward stopped only by a group of unknown flying objects.

"It's about time you showed up boy!" yelled Gero pretending to be an impatient old man.

"What in the... ...a kunai...?" she said in surprise while she jumped to the right as more Kunai flew at her.

'This is perfect,'thought the doctor, 'they'll wear each other down, and then I will make my move.'

'Who did that?'thought the quarter Saiyan girl while she turned her head. 'Where did they come from?'

"Stop," yelled the unknown voice, "the old man is with me, now leave him alone or else!"

After turning her head towards the one who threw the kunai, Pan saw blond-haired boy no older than her standing on a tree branch. 'That Kid, he's one of those strange Ki's I sensed earlier,'she thought to herself as she stared at the boy,'who is he? And why is he interfering?'

Then after jumping off the branch, the blond landed between Gero and the quarter Saiyan girl. "Hey gramps! Are you alright?" asked the boy. "Why was she attacking you and who is she?"

"Never mind that boy," replied the android doctor.

After the blond looked back at Gero, he began looking forward at Pan. "But how the heck," he said in response, "did you get all the way out here?"

"Alright, if you must know, those thugs captured me, they took me to their secret base," explained Gero, "but after they left I somehow managed to escape, I thought I was safe that was until this girl attacked me."

"You mean," replied the boy with a question, "she's with them?"

"Of course she is," said the doctor in response pointing at the quarter Saiyan girl, "don't underestimate her! She may look normal, but she's extremely dangerous."

'Weird? She doesn't look like one of those rogue ninja like the other that attacked earlier,'thought the boy,'she doesn't look that powerful and she doesn't seem to have any visible ninja weapons or tools, but Ican't let my guard down.'

"Do you really believe him?" asked Pan.

The blond stared at her in confusion before responding to her. "Who are you?" he said to Pan. "And why on earth did you attack him?"

"I'm Pan Son and that's all I'm going to tell you, I don't know who you are," replied the quarter Saiyan girl, "but you're making a terrible mistake in helping him, now I must ask you to stand aside, I don't want you to get hurt."

"Don't chat with her!" yelled Gero as he egged the blond on.

'I wonder why he interfered, they seem to know each other, well either he is with him, which is unlikely or he doesn't know who he really is,'she thought to herself before the blond began to speak,'I wonder... ...if I told him who Gero really was, would he think I'm crazy?'

"I can't do that, Grandma Hokage gave me an important mission to protect him, Idon't know who you are," warned the boy after he drew his kunai. "But I won't let anyone attack him and I can't and won't back down."

"Mission?" said Pan ignoring the blonds' warning. "Well if you're not going to back down and if you're with him, then I guess I will have to take you down too."

"You shouldn't underestimate me!" replied the blond in anger and confidence.

'I don't think he'sthat very strong......if he's only be using kunai this won't take long,' she thought to herself,'but it does feel like he's suppressing his Ki, I wonder, how strong he really is? I guessthere's only one way to find out,I should I provoke him to find out?'

"You can't defeat me," he continued "you should quit and run before I take you down."

"I take me down? I don't think so," said Pan trying to provoke the boy,"It won't take that long to defeat you, if all you can do is throwing gardening tools at me."

"If you think that's all I can do you are wrong," replied the blond, "I can a lot me than that."

"I don't think you should protect that man," said the quarter Saiyan in response, "you don't know who he really is."

'That's it, his Ki is increasing... somehow feels different,'she thought sensing the change in the boys Ki,'but why? It feels like Ki, yet it doesn't, this is weird?'

"This will take you down!" screamed the boy before he began focusing what Pan calls Ki.

'That's odd?'thought Pan in wonder, 'He's channelling Ki to his hands, and it feels like it's changing again.'

He started to do odd hand signs that were unknown to the quarter Saiyan girl. 'I'll surprise her with this,'thought the boy, 'and then I'll use my new technique.'

'What's with those hand signs?'she thought, 'What is he trying to do?'

Pan stared in wonder at the blond as he formed a pattern of hand seals, then finishing his weird hand signs, he yelled his technique name. "Shadow Clone Jutsu!" he yelled as white puffs of smoke appeared creating four identical clones as the smoke dissipated, one on the right and the other on the left.

"Shadow what? What the..."said Pan thinking out loud in surprise unable to find the words to describe what she's seeing.

"Scared yet?" asked the boy beaming with confidence.

"Interesting technique," she said in defiance, "but if you think you're going to win just by making more of you will make any difference, then you're wrong."

"Don't worry," replied the blond, "this fight has only just begun!"

As she stared down at the clones, the blonds' clones began to dash at Pan."That's the spirit," said Pan to the blond, "but we'll just have to see how far that will take you."

"We'll see about that!" replied the boy.

'I don't know why you're helping that android,'she later thought to herself as the clones neared,'but I can't go easy on you.'

To be continued...

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