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Chapter 4: Pan versus the Ninja of the Leaf.

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Notes: I decided to put this crossover between Episode 100 and Episode 101 of Naruto because I want Naruto to have the Rasengan and Sasuke to have the curse seal, Chidori and close to the time he l...

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Dragon Ball Pan's Adventure

Notes: I decided to put this crossover between Episode 100 and Episode 101 of Naruto because I want Naruto to have the Rasengan and Sasuke to have the curse seal, Chidori and close to the time he leaves, remember Dragon Ball, Kai, Z and GT are all owned by Toei Animation and Akira Toriyama, all other plots, manga, characters, games and animation are all owned by their respective owners.

Update: Moved Chapter 4 due to added content. (please tell me if you find any mistakes.)

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Talking= "..." Thinking = '...' Telepathy = "..."

Ninja Dimension Saga

In the last chapter, upon arriving at the area where she had seen the smoke, she saw rubble and broken mechanical parts everywhere, before she noticed a secret entrance to a hidden laboratory with an old man in strange, but familiar clothes standing by the entrance, she studied the man's clothes trying to remember where she had seen them before, but what was even more odd was that he had no Ki so she tried to get closer, Pan couldn't see his face so she decided to land behind a large boulder that was nearby making sure to hide her Ki before she peered over the rock, shocked to see an enemy from her and her grandfather Goku's past who should have long been dead, she was so surprised that she accidentally blurted his name out loud, before she quickly covered her mouth, but it was too late Gero heard her and located the quarter Saiyan girl by her Ki.

As Gero stared at Pan's location demanding for her to out from behind that rock, as she moved from behind the boulder into the view, as soon as Gero caught sight of the quarter Saiyan girl, shocked to see his worst enemy Goku style of clothes, he asked her who she was before Pan replied saying that she was Goku's granddaughter to Android Doctor in surprise confused by what the quarter Saiyan girl said, while Pan wondered if she stuck in the pastor in a parallel universe as she waited for the Doctor's response, while thinking it over the Doctor detected two Ki's close by and another two farther away/,/with a creepy smile on his face looking at the quarter Saiyan girl before she also sensed two Ki rapidly approaching, but with the Android Doctor in front of her, she ignored them and instead noticed a small orange sphere which looked oddly familiar, while she stared at the ball attached to a damaged device at the entrance to the laboratory, surprised as she looked at the object, it was aDragon Ball.

While distracted by the ball, he leapt forward at Pan as her attention was on the Dragon Ball, with his hands extended he hoping for any chance of skin contact to absorb her Ki, but just as he was about to grab her Pan noticed just in time dodging to the left, she then jumped behind him and kicked him in the back sending him flying into a nearby tree before she assumed a fighting stance, Gero was slightly angry at himself for underestimating her until he detected that one of the two that were approaching was close enough to see them fighting, After the Android Doctor got up to face Pan, the quarter Saiyan girl decided to go the offensive, stopped only by a group of unknown flying objects, surprised she jumped to the right, while she turned her head towards the one who threw the kunai she saw, was a blond-haired boy no older than her standing on a tree branch.

After the unknown boy jumped of the branch, he landed between Gero and the quarter Saiyan girl, he asked Gero why Pan was attacking him while he looked back at Gero before looking forward at Pan, as they each wondered about their opponent's motives after the boy Pan warned before he drew his kunai, Pan ignored the blonds' warning provoking the boy as the blond began to get angry, sensing the change in the boys Ki as he began to form strange hand seals before he yelled his technique, as white puffs of smoke appeared creating four identical clones as the smoke dissipated, one on the right and the other on the left, surprised she stared at the clones before his clones began to dash at Pan.

Chapter 4: Pan versus the Ninja of the Leaf.

As the four the clones rushed at her, Pan dashed to the nearest clone to her, at agreater speed than the clone could react to, to the boy's surprise."What!" yelled the blond in surprise. "She's fast!"

Then the quarter Saiyan proceeded to punch the clone with her right fist, but the clone was able to block the punch, so with her left leg she quickly kicked the clone in the stomach then with a grunt of pain before disappearing in a cloud of smoke. "Huh, what?" said Pan thinking out loud in confusion."That's weird! When I hit him, he turns into smoke, what in the world was he made of?"

'This is /irritating/,'thought Gero while watching the fight, 'with the boy fighting like this, I won't find an opportunity to steal their energy.'

After defeating the clone, the quarter Saiyan girl she stared in surprise at the blond-haired, confused about his strange technique. 'What an interesting technique,it sort of reminds me of one of grandpa Goku's friend's techniques,what was it again?'she thought remembering a family friend's technique.'The Multi-Form technique? But Idon't remember the duplicates explodinginto white smokeon contact, when you hit them.'

'What speed,is she just as fast as bushy brows?'thought the boy.'Or could it be possible that she's even faster?'

Just before sending his other two of the three remaining clones to attack, the blond got his clones to draw their kunai. "Not attacking?" asked Pan."Ready to get out of my way?"

"I will do anything to protect this old man," he said, "in any way Ican, this is last chance to walk away."

Suddenly the boy changed his strategy, as the blond and the three remaining clones surrounded Gero protecting him. "Not a chance, you don't know what type of person he is," answered the quarter Saiyan girl, "but if you get my way again, then I will have no choice, but to treat you as an enemy too."

As she stared at the boy and his clones, looking for best way to take them all down in one strike, the android doctor was also planning a way to take them down 'This is taking too long, I've got research in laboratory that I need to save,' thought Gero, 'I need to find an opening and take them out.'

'But I do wonder who ordered him to guard Gero and why would they send a boy at his age be on a mission,'she thought herself, 'well whatever it's not my problem, I've got Gero to worry about.'

"What are you waiting for boy!" yelled an impatient Gero. "Stop wasting time chatting to her and take her out!"

"Calm down gramps I think I can handle..." said the blond-haired boy until he interrupted by Pan. "What? Do you think you can talk me out of this," she asked with a confident smile, "or do you think you can win against me?"

"Alright, I was going to let you walk away," replied the boy, "but now, you asked for it!"

"What will it be?" asked the quarter Saiyan. "More clones?"

'Okay, if she wants to fight, so be it, but why is she just standing there, just what is she waiting for?' he thought while he stared at the quarter Saiyan,'Well if she's not going to make a move, then I will, this might scare her off.'

Nodding to his clones his to attack, the boy sent the two clones began to dash at her once again with Kunai in hand. "Not kunai again," said Pan, "do you really think that will work?"

Then both Gero and Pan noticed the boy extended his right hand to the other clone, while the clone started moving his hands. 'It's that technique...' thought the android doctor as he looked on.

'Wait,'she thought,'what is he doing?'

Dodging a kunai wielding clone, the quarter Saiyan girl felt his Ki gather in his hand before her attention went back to the clone with the drawn kunai, which the clone was once again swinging the blade until the quarter Saiyan girl grabbed the clones arm. 'Gotta keep her occupied.' thought the boy while forming his new strange attack.

"Gotcha," said Pan, "this is too easy, you gotta be faster than that."

After tossing the surprised clone into the other, the clones made contact and exploded in white smoke on contact, then as she turned her head back towards the blond and his other clone, the quarter Saiyan noticed that held a perfect sphere of swirling energy on his hand. "Huh, wait so that was your plan," whispered the quarter Saiyan in surprise, "those two were only a diversion."

Then the blonds clone drew a number of shuriken as a distraction before throwing them as he dashed with his clone in front. "I guess I don't have any other choice..." whispered the boy.

'This is just too easy,'thought pan as she evaded the shuriken,'he thinks that will distract me?'

After she had kicked the clone who threw the shuriken in the shoulder, the clone instantly disappearing in a cloud of smoke just like the others, she then looked back at the boy, but to her surprise he was much closer than she thought he would be, suddenly the boy extended his right hand at the quarter Saiyan girl and yelled his attack. "Rasengan!" he yelled as he drew closer, but before hit could dead on, Pan was able to grab his arm and deflect the blond-haired boy's Rasengan before it discharged to her right side.

"Nice try, I have to say, that was one interesting attack you had there," whispered the quarter Saiyan into the blonds' ear, "I wasn't expecting close range attack, but you were a bit too slow."

Suddenly she threw him by his arm at a nearby tree, and then shortly after Pan felt asharp pain from her right side as she realised what the attack had done to her.'That move was far stronger than I thought,' she thought to herself, 'I wonder, if that had made direct contact what would have happened?'

'Darn it, how is she able defect that?'thought the boy as he hit the ground.'I think she's also just as strong as bushy brows too'

"What are you doing boy," yelled the Android Doctor, "don't just lay there, get up and attack her!"

"Come on this is way too easy," asked Pan to the boy, "I hope you're not holding back, are you?"

'It looks like I can't drain her Ki,'he thought as he stared at the boy,'at least at this rate, I don't have time for this.'

Then after blond got to his feet, he began to think of a way to attack her before finally deciding. "Heh, don't worry this fight has only just started," plied the blond, "are you ready for round two?"

Once again, the boy began to do odd hand signs, but they were slightly different from the last before yelling his attack. "Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu!" he yelled out loud then with a large white puff of smoke a large amount of clones appeared surrounding her.

'I've wasted too much time watching such a pathetic display,'thought Gero to himself planning to sneaked away, 'I believe it's about time I leave, I should salvage what I can and escape to my laboratory.'

"Not more clones..." said the quarter Saiyan thinking out loud out of boredom while looking around at all the clones.

"Give up!" said the blond. "I out number you a hundred to one."

"It doesn't make any difference how many you make," she replied, "you still won't beat me with that move."

"You're bluffing!" said the boy in response. "You can take some of them out, but you can't beat them!"

"Alright, I just have to prove you wrong," she yelled before, "let's get this over with, let's go!"

Then the group of clones began his attack, dashing at her. "We'll see about that!" yelled the blond before one of the clones tried to kick her on Pan's left side, but the quarter Saiyan girl blocked with her arm while another drew a kunai and threw it at her which she dodged.

"Disappointing..." whispered Pan to herself as she grabbed the first clone and threw him into the path of the other clones, defeating a uncountable number of clones, when they collided into each other some of the clones instantly burst into smoke.

"This isn't over!" yelled the blond as he sent more clones.

"Come on, you rely on that clone technique far too much," she said taunting the blond, "you can do better than that, can't you?"

"Of course I can," replied the boy in response, "just watch me!"


The Android Doctor, who had just escaped the sight of the distracted boy and Pan, was now heading towards his ruined secret laboratory. 'What fools letting me slip through their fingers,'Gero thought to himself,'now let's see if my main computer is still intact.'

Just before he entered his laboratory, Gero picked up a damaged device with the orange sphere attached. 'I can't return to my dimension without this...' he thought to himself.

He removed the ball and looked at his reflection on the orange sphere before putting the ball in his right pocket, and then the Android Doctor began to move towards his computer inside planning to save what information he could. 'I hope it's stillfunctional?'he thought.

Then as the Android Doctor neared his computer, he saw that his main computer was still in working condition. 'Good, what luck!'thought Gero.'I can send my research data to my secondary computer.'

After he began transferring his files to the secondary computer, the Doctor began thinking about what he was able to obtain. 'I can't believe that it was so easy to obtain those samples,' he thought, 'it's almost like they gave them to me.'

While the computer continued to transfer files to the other computer, the Android Doctor reached his other pocket, opened and pulled out four sample containers 'That man was right about that boy, his abilities are very interesting,' he thought to himself, 'once I get to my secondary laboratory,I may find out the limits of what they call Kekkei Genkai whenI will analyse his and maybe even his friend's DNA.'

Returning the four containers back in his pocket, Gero looked back at the screen, seeing that the transfer was slowly progressing. 'I will use this knowledge,'he thought, 'to advance my goals.'

While he watched his monitor screen, the doctor began to think about what would happen if he left his laboratory abandoned. 'Once the transfer is complete, and only then will I have to activate the self-destruct program,'thought the Android Doctor, 'I can't let anyone find and use my equipment.'

As he decided to destroy his laboratory instead of just abandoning it fearing that someone will use his equipment, his computer displayed that the transfer was complete. 'About five minutes that will be plenty of time...' thought the Android Doctor as he began to enter the self-destruct program.

After he finished entering the self-destruct program, Gero detected two familiar Ki's approaching. "What now?" said Gero thinking out loud while he was savaging what he could from his laboratory.

'So, that girl and her Sensei are here,'he thought to himself,'I guess I should go greet them.'

Just outside were the two that Gero had detected a pink haired girl and her grey haired Sensei, as they walked towards the ruined laboratory, she looked at her Sensei. "Kakashi Sensei what is all this?" asked the girl. "Huh, Sensei what's wrong?"

'He's here I know it, but what's with all this wreckage?'thought the man now known as Kakashi. 'Something more is going on.'

"Kakashi Sensei?" said the pink haired trying to get a response the grey haired man.

"Huh," replied Kakashi, "yes?"

"Are you alright?" said the pink haired girl. "You sort of zoned out."

Leaving his laboratory, the Android Doctor come into view of her and her Sensei."Sakura wait here," said the grey haired man telling the girl to stay put, "I will be going on ahead."

"What?" replied the girl. "Why?"

"I'll explain later, now Takeo Susumu," answered Kakashi, "I want to have aword with you, if that is your real name."

"Ah Kakashi here to save me at last," said the Android Doctor, "it's about time you got here."

You can drop that act." said the grey haired man.

"What do you mean?" asked Gero.

"I know the truth," said Kakashi in a demanding tone, "now surrender and come with me; you've got a lot explaining to do."

To be continued...

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