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Chapter 5: Gero's confrontation.

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Notes: Moved Chapter 5 due to added content, Dragon Ball, Kai, Z and GT are all owned by Toei Animation and Akira Toriyama, all other plots, manga, characters, games and animation are all owned by ...

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Dragon Ball Pan's Adventure

Notes: Moved Chapter 5 due to added content, Dragon Ball, Kai, Z and GT are all owned by Toei Animation and Akira Toriyama, all other plots, manga, characters, games and animation are all owned by their respective owners.

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Ninja Dimension Saga

In the last chapter, as the four the clones rushed at Pan, she dashed at the one closest to her of the group of four clones at a greater speed than the clone could react to the boys surprise, the quarter Saiyan punched the clone with her right fist, but the clone was able to block the punch, so with her left leg she quickly kicked the clone in the stomach, then with a grunt of pain before disappearing in a cloud of smoke before two more rushed at her. The boy's two of the three remaining clones suddenly stopped to draw their kunai and surrounded Gero protecting him. While he stared at the quarter Saiyan he nodded to his clones to attack, the two clones began to dash at her once again, then Pan noticed the boy extended his right hand to the other clone while the clone started moving his hands, after dodging a kunai wielding clone as she felt his Ki gather in his hand before she looked back at the clone with the drawn kunai which was once again swinging the blade before the quarter Saiyan girl grabbed the clones arm before tossing the surprised clone into the other causing them to explode in white smoke on contact, as she turned her head back towards the blond and his other clone noticing that his hand had a perfect sphere of swirling energy.

Then the blonds clone drew a number of shuriken as a distraction while he dashed with his clone in front, after she evaded the shuriken and kicked the clone who threw the shuriken in the shoulder which instantly disappearing in a cloud of smoke just like the others, then she looked back at the boy and to her surprise he was much closer than she thought he would be, then the boy extended his right hand at the quarter Saiyan girl yelling his attack as he drew closer, but Pan was able to grab his arm and deflect the blond-haired boy's Rasengan before it discharged to her right side and threw him by his arm at a nearby tree, shortly after she felt a sharp pain from her right side. Getting to his feet he once again began to do odd hand signs, but they were slightly different and then with a large white puff of smoke a large amount of clones appeared surrounding her.

Meanwhile the Android Doctor, who had just escaped the sight of the distracted boy and Pan, was now heading towards his ruined secret laboratory, just before Gero entered his laboratory, he picked up a damaged device with the orange sphere attached and removed the ball, then after the Android Doctor putting the ball in his right pocket he began to move towards his computer. As the Android Doctor neared his computer, after he saw that his main computer was still in working condition, he began to transferring his files to the secondary computer. After his computer displayed that the transfer was complete, Gero entered the self-destruct program, and then he detected two familiar Ki's while he was salvaging what he could from his laboratory. Just outside were the two that Gero had detected a pink haired girl and her grey haired Sensei as they walked towards the ruined laboratory.

Chapter 5: Gero's confrontation.

After telling Sakura to stay behind, kakashi led Gero to an area that was just out of the girl's sight. "This is far enough, now we will have a little talk," said the grey haired ninja demanding that the android Doctor obey him, "and you are going to answer every one of my questions."

"To be this demanding, you must be very suspicious of me," said Gero with aslight smile on his face, "or do you know something about me that make you uneasy, am I right?"

"The rogue ninja that ambushed us earlier weren't very talkative at first," replied kakashi "but once they understood who I was, they became quite informative."

"Oh really, so how much, do you know about me?" asked the seemly interested android. "What did they tell you?"

The android had a more pronounced smirk on his face, to the surprise of the grey haired ninja. "They said that you were working for their master and it seems," replied kakashi, "when you betrayed their leader, by stealing his important documents and fleeing with them, their master sent them out on amission to capture you."

'Keep talking, if I wait for the right time and keep him talking,' he thought while the grey haired ninja talked, 'the opportunity to take a DNA sample may present itself.'

"But don't get me wrong, my village's Hokage was already suspicious and so was I," continued Kakashi "especially when you asked for my team to escort you."

"If you had suspicions," asked the puzzled android, "then why did you pull this charade and continue your mission?

"Because, there were some interrogation reports of rogue ninja we arrested," answered the grey haired ninja, "they said that someone matching your description was working for their leader, Orochimaru."

"Oh, really?" said Gero in response. "Please, do go on."

"We also have reason to believe that you were going to sell the information you stole to some rogue Sand ninja," explained the grey haired ninja,"and we couldn't take the chance that, so while my team escorted you, while we sent a second team to your arranged meeting point to arrest the ninja you made a deal with."

'What fools, it was never my intention to sell my information to them,' thought Gero, 'I knew there were spies in their group, that is why made deal to sell that snake's research to them in the first place.'

Kakashi thought that Gero would be in a state of fear when he finished his sentence, but instead the android doctor was completely calm and confident, almost overconfident. 'He's dealing with a trained Jonin of the leaf,' thought the grey haired ninja as he stared at Gero in confusion,'but he's brushing this off like it was nothing, I see no fear in his eyes.'

"So?" asked the curious android. "Why tell me all this?"

'Something not right, they said is that he's only a scientist with no combat training and has no ability to use Jutsu or Charka,' he thought, 'but why is he so calm, is he secretly a ninja?'

"Well are you going to talk or not?" asked Gero after hearing nothing from Kakashi.

"What I don't understand is, why?" replied kakashi. "Why would a person like you, risk death to steal from the likes of Orochimaru?"

"Heh, that Snake!" said the android doctor in response. "You underestimate me Kakashi; I'm full of other surprises."

"You're bluffing!" replied the grey haired ninja. "There's no way that you're even close to being an equal to him."

"Don't worry about me," said Gero with a chuckle in response "worrying about yourself.

Suddenly they were interrupted by an explosion before the grey haired ninja turned his head to the area where he heard the explosion in surprise. "What!" yelled "What t-the? Was that an explosion, but why?"

'What, already?'thought Gero. 'I spent more time than I wanted, but this is just the distraction I've been looking.'

'Oh no... ...Sakura!?,'thought the gray-haired ninja. 'Sakura's in that direction.'

Noticing the android doctor moving towards him, Kakashi tried to avoid him as he leapt at with his arms extended. "Sorry Kakashi," said the android doctor"I'm afraid you won't stop me at your speed, you're too slow."

'What, he's that fast?'/ /thought Kakashi. 'Too fast!?'

As the ninja tried to defend himself, Gero grabbed him, pinning the grey haired ninja. 'You're too slow Kakashi, 'thought Gero in triumph, 'you will need more speed than that.'

"Were you worrying about the girl?" said the android, "That mistake will cost you dearly."

Then struggled to escape, the grey haired ninja tried to free his hands, so he could attack. 'What? I can feel Chakra leaving me!'thought Kakashi, 'How is he doing this? If I can just get my hands free, Ican make my hand seals.'

"What's this?" said Gero. "Still won't give up? There's no use struggling, it all will be over soon."

While absorbing his life energy, the grey haired ninja suddenly somehow manage to free his hand and was now using them to make hand seals for his technique, finishing his hand seals, Kakashi yelled his attack. "Lightning Blade!" he yelled as he cut through the android right wrist, releasing him.

"Curse you!" yelled the android. "Fool, I could have given you quick and painless death."

Surprised by what he saw, the grey haired ninja was staring in disbelief as he saw that there was oil like fluid leaking out from his arm, instead of what he was expecting, blood. "What!?" he yelled in shock. "What the heck are you?"

Gero was enraged by Kakashi actions until he saw Kakashi fall to his knees with exhaustion, he chuckled seeing the weakened state of the grey haired ninja."Oh, I see it took everything you had," he said with a smirk,"to free yourself."

"Just what in the world are you?" asked Kakashi barely able to speak.

"I've got no more time for this, well Kakashi, I had an interesting time with you and your group," replied Gero "but now I must go, I have big plans and Ican't let you interfere."

"I won't let you go!" said the grey haired ninja almost unable to stand.

"Hmm I guess I'll leave you to that fool of a snake's men," said the android doctor, "maybe they'll find it more fun to see you this weak than I well, farewell."

With a kick, the grey haired ninja was sent backwards into the ground, leaving him unconscious.


Still head locked in battle, Pan and the boy continued to exchanged blows as three clones rushed her. 'Okay,' thought the boy, 'let's see if she can handle this.'

Unsure about his motive and actions, the quarter Saiyan girl felt that she should continued to hold back until she gauged what he was doing. 'Why does he continue?' thought Pan in confusion.

Then the first clone tried kicked Pan on her right, while yelling what she thought was nonsense. "Na!" yelled the first as she managed to block it.

'Why was his clone yelling out something?'thought the quarter Saiyan girl. 'Is this some type of weird Ki based technique?'

As Pan saw the second clone approach her, the next clone also yelled out something random. "Ru!" yelled the second clone as they continued their attack with a kick on Pan's left which she also blocked.

'Darn, I don't sense him gathering his Ki,' thought the quarter Saiyan, 'What's he doing?'

"To!" the third clone yelled finishing their attack with a kick which made contact lifting her up off the ground.

'I can't risk it,'thought the quarter Saiyan, 'just in case, I'll wipe out all of his clones.'

She began to move her hands together and started to gather her Ki in her hands, and then the real boy jumped in the air to deliver his final part of his attack."Uzuma..." he yelled until the blond stopped mid sentence as he saw aglow between her hands and hearing her speaking from a whisper to a yell.

"What's she saying?" he yelled out of shock as he looked on. "What the... ...what is that? What are you doing?!"

"... ...Ha... ...Me... ...Ha!" she yelled out loud which resorted with a beam of Ki directed at the ground destroying all the clones on the ground leaving acrater behind.

After Pan and the surprised and shocked boy landed on the ground, the blond was left stunned by the attack. 'What the... ...what on earth was that,' he thought to himself in wonder,'what kind of Jutsu was that?'

"What's wrong, do you want to stop here and give up now?" asked the quarter Saiyan girl to the blond. "Or do you want to go another round?"

While the shocked boy was staring at her until he shook it off and answered her."I don't quit and I don't run!" replied the blond-haired boy still determined to fight, "You're not gonna scare me off with some flashy technique!"

"What are you crazy?" said Pan. "You've seen my power, why do you continue?"

Trying to continue her sentence, the quarter Saiyan stopped mid-sentence as she suddenly sensed another Ki followed by a giant Shuriken or Fūma Shuriken that flew right at her, which she barely dodged by tilting her head back.

"Huh?" said the blond thinking out loud in surprise, "Wait, it's..."

'What?' she thought to herself./ /'Another ninja weapon? Why is there a high use of these?'

Responding to her attacker, Pan launched a Ki blast sending it right at the newcomer, surprising both the boy and the newcomer. "There's no use hiding, who are you?" asked the quarter Saiyan as she looked direct at the newcomer's location. "You can show yourself now, I know where you are."

'What in the world?' thought the newcomer./ /'How did she...?'

Surprised that Pan knew where he was, the newcomer decided it was no longer necessary to hide and appeared from behind the undergrowth jumping to a nearby tree branch.'Who's this guy?'thought Pan as she stared at the newcomer.


Back at Capsule Corporation, taking a well deserved break, Goten was looking for something to eat through the adjacent kitchen area of the building. "Hmm, let's see," he said out loud talking to himself, "what's in the fridge?"

Then after getting to the fridge, the youngest of Goku's son's opened the fridge's door and began looking inside instantly seeing a plate of leftovers."Leftovers? What are they doing here?" he asked himself. "Well, it's better than nothing, but I wonder why they left here?"

After removing the plate of food from the fridge, a sheet of paper with the wordsVegeta's property! Hands off! inscribed on it fell to the ground, but Goten didn't see the paper and walk away unaware of its existence. "How long has this been in there?" he said to himself as he was about to sit down at a small table to eat.

Now entering the Kitchen, the former saiyan prince walked directly to the fridge until he saw the sheet of paper and instantly turned his attention to Goku's youngest son. "Goten," asked Vegeta, "have you seen my leftovers?"

"What?" replied Goten oblivious to the situation.

"I said," said the former saiyan prince in response, "have you seen my leftovers that you seen to be chowing down on!"

"Err," said the youngest son of Goku barely able to talk, "Your leftovers?"

"Yes!" replied Vegeta beginning to show his anger. "My leftovers! The food that shovelled down your neck!"

"Eh, wait a minute?" said Goten in response trying to think an excuse."Have you seen Trunks? I think he want to see me."

"Don't change the subject!" replied the former saiyan prince raising his voice.

"I think I hear Bulma's calling me?" said the youngest of Goku's son's as he began to escape from the room. "Got to go."

After Goten ran out the room, Vegeta began to chase after him. "Darn it Goten!" yelled the former saiyan prince. "Get back here you brat."

As Vegeta chased the youngest son of Goku around the building, Gohan arrived just outside Capsule Corp before landing at the entrance, then as he was about to enter, Goten suddenly crashed right into him. "What the heck, Goten?" asked the eldest of Goku's sons. "Where's the fire?"

"Gohan?" replied Goku's youngest son. "You're back? How'd it go with mum and sis in law?"

"They took the news hard, but it's that they know," said Gohan in response,"anyway, have you seen Vegeta?"

"About that..." said Goten unable to find the words.

"Then you are!" said the enraged Vegeta. "I finally caught up to you!"

"Vegeta!?" said the youngest son of Goku in fear. "Wait, we can work this out."

"Yes, we can work this out," said the former prince in response, "I'm going to work you hard for every calorie you had from my leftovers!"

Goten gulped before he was dragged away by Vegeta.

To be continued...

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