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Chapter 6: Sasuke and Naruto.

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Notes: More content! Remember Dragon Ball, Kai, Z and GT are all owned by Toei Animation and Akira Toriyama, all other plots, manga, characters, games and animation are all owned by their respectiv...

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Dragon Ball Pan's Adventure

Notes: More content! Remember Dragon Ball, Kai, Z and GT are all owned by Toei Animation and Akira Toriyama, all other plots, manga, characters, games and animation are all owned by their respective owners.

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Talking= "..." Thinking = '...' Telepathy = "..."

Ninja Dimension Saga

In the last chapter, after telling Sakura to stay behind, kakashi led Gero to an area that was just out of the girl's sight, he began to ask questions to the android doctor, Kakashi surprised by the doctor's reaction to his question thought Gero would be in a state of fear due to being confronted, but instead the android doctor was completely calm and confident almost overconfident, then just after Kakashi continued to question him a sudden explosion interrupted them and Gero took advantaged, leaping at the grey haired ninja before he could reacted, as Kakashi struggled to free he began to feel his strength leaving him, it was the android doctor absorbing his life energy, somehow managing his hands free the grey haired used them to form his Lightning Blade technique to break free from his grip cutting through the android right wrist releasing him.

The grey haired ninja was very surprised by what he saw, fluid leaking out from his arm which looked like oil instead of what he was expecting blood, before Kakashi fall to his knees with exhaustion barely able to speak, seeing the weakened state Gero decided to leaving him for the rogue ninja, but not before kicking the grey haired ninja sending him backwards into the ground unconscious.

As the boy and Pan were fighting until she stopped mid sentence as she suddenly sensed another Ki before a giant Shuriken or Fūma Shuriken flew at her which she barely dodged by tilting her head back, to which she responded with aKi blast at her attacker which surprised the boy and the newcomer, surprised that Pan knew where he was before The newcomer decided it was no longer necessary to hide so he appeared from behind the undergrowth and jumped on to anearby tree branch.

Back at Capsule Corporation, taking a well deserved break, Goten was looking for something to eat through the adjacent kitchen area of the building. Then after getting to the fridge, the youngest of Goku's son's opened the fridge's door and began looking inside instantly seeing a plate of leftovers. After removing the plate of food from the fridge, a sheet of paper with the words Vegeta's property! Hands off! inscribed on it fell to the ground, but Goten didn't see the paper and walk away unaware of its existence then as he was about to sit down at a small table to eat, the former saiyan prince Now entered the Kitchen and walked directly to the fridge until he saw the sheet of paper and instantly turned his attention to Goku's youngest son.

Goten oblivious to the situation as Vegeta asked where his leftovers were. After finding an excuse Goten run out and escape from the room. After Goten ran out the room, Vegeta began to chase after him. Then as Vegeta chased the youngest son of Goku around the building, Gohan arrived just outside Capsule Corp before landing at the entrance, then as he was about to enter, Goten suddenly crashed right into him. Goten gulped before he was dragged away by Vegeta.

Chapter 6: Sasuke and Naruto.

Now visible to the blond Pan, the newcomer decided to speak. "Are you alright idiot!?" said the newcomer turning his head toward the blond."Naruto, you rushed off as soon as your heard that explosion, what were you thinking?"

Listening to what the newcomer was saying, the quarter Saiyan girl wondered what their relationship was. 'So the blonds name is Naruto,' she thought, 'but who is this new guy?'

"Sasuke?" said the boy now known as Naruto in surprise.

"It looks like you had a tough fight with this girl..." said the newcomer called Sasuke before turning his head towards Pan.

"Yeah, she's pretty strong," answered the blond, "I don't if she a part of those rogue ninja we fought earlier, but she's a lot stronger than she looks."

'So this new guy's name is Sasuke and they've fought rogue ninja?'thought the quarter Saiyan,'Are they Ninja? Is that why they carry kunai and Shuriken?'

As she turned to get a better look at the boy called Sasuke, Pan saw ablack-haired boy with cold dark eyes; she guessed that he was also about same age as her and the other boy. "...And you, I've seen the way you fight," he said continuing his sentence, "your skill level and techniques are unlike anything I have ever seen and you're not like the rogue ninja we thought earlier, just who in the world are you?"

'...If they're Ninja?'she thought in confusion. 'Then why do they wear such colourful clothes?'

While looking at the dark-haired boy, Pan noticed that he also had a headband with ametal plate in the centre with a weird symbol inscribed on the metal plate, was the same as blond had, that she had disregarded as a strange fashion statement earlier. "What are you waiting for!" said a very impatient Sasuke in a demanding tone. "Answer me!"

"As I told your friend, my name is Pan Son," she answered, "I am not arogue ninja; I'm not even ninja at all!"

"You say that you're not a ninja, but from what I saw," said the dark-haired boy in confused, "you can both control and use Chakra."

"What the heck are you talking about?" replied the quarter Saiyan girl. "I don't use Chakra."

"Don't play games with me!" said an angry Sasuke in response. "You have used Chakra, when you used that unknown Jutsu!"

"Huh, what Chakra?" answered the quarter Saiyan a bit confused. "I don't use Chakra, I use Ki"

"Ki?What Spiritual Energy alone?" replied an angry the dark-haired boy not believing her.

'Is Charka what they call Ki here,'she thought to herself,'or is it what they use instead of Ki?'

"That's impossible! No one can use Spiritual Energy alone that would kill you!" yelled Sasuke with growing anger.

"Well, I can..." answered the quarter Saiyan girl until she interrupted by an angry Sasuke.

"You're lying, there's no way that's true!" he said continuing to yell at her in disbelief.

"It is true..." replied Pan unsure what to say.

"You're a fool if you expect me to believe you." said the dark-haired boy with his voice still yelling.

"Don't believe me then, I don't care!" replied the quarter Saiyan. "And stop shouting, you're going to burst my ear drum."

"Stop playing games!" he said in response.

"I'm not playing games!" replied Pan with a question. "Now, I want to know why you and your friend are getting in my way, protecting Doctor Gero."

"Doctor who?" asked the dark-haired boy in response. "Doctor Gero? Who the heck is this Doctor Gero you're talking about?"

"Sasuke!I think she's talking about the old man we're protecting," said Naruto,"the guy who called himself Takeo Susumu, isn't that right?"

Then the dark-haired boy interrupted the blond. "You found him," asked Sasuke, "where is he?"

"What, he's right over... ...what?" said Naruto in response trying to answer Sasuke's question as he turned to where Gero was, noticing that the android doctor was gone.

"He's where?" asked the dark-haired boy.

"Wait, where is he!?" yelled the blond after he found out that he was no longer there, "He was just here, where could he have gone?"

Frantically looking around or any signs of the Android Doctor, the quarter Saiyan girl started to think of where he could have gone. "He's gone? Darn it! I was too distracted by the fight to notice that he escaped!" she yelled at herself."What where did he go, I can't believe I let him he escaped!"

Then as Pan began to leave looking for Gero not paying attention to the dark-haired boy, Sasuke stepped in her way stopping her moving forward. "Where do you think you're going!?" yelled the dark-haired boy. "You've got some explaining to do!"

'I've got no time for this!'thought the quarter Saiyan ignoring Sasuke's attempted to stop her. 'I've got to find him!'

"Are you listening to me?" asked Sasuke before waiting for an answer.

'There's gotta be a sign of him somewhere,' she thought continuing to ignore Sasuke, 'a footprint or something?'

When he heard nothing as she continued ignoring him, the dark-haired became more enraged at every second. "Don't ignore me!" he yelled as Pan was deep in thought barely noticing the dark-haired boy.

After remembering about the secret laboratory at the cave, the quarter Saiyan girl finally noticed Sasuke yelling, but was still clueless on what he was saying to her. "Huh, what?" she asked oblivious to what the dark-haired boy was saying. "Did you say something?"

"You heard me!" said Sasuke in anger.

"I have no idea what you're talking about..." replied the quarter Saiyan girl.

"I said, where do you think you're going?" said the dark-haired boy in response.

"I've got no time for this!" replied Pan. "I have to find Gero, so get out of my way!"

"Now that I think about it, if you're after him too," said the dark-haired boy,"then you must be in league with those rogues or maybe even working with some else who is after him."

"I don't care what you think!" said the quarter Saiyan in response.

"I did find it odd that a man like him would ask our village to protect him," said Sasuke, "he must be very important to whoever you're working for."

"I'm not working for anyone," replied Pan.

"...Well I guess I just have to beat the truth out of you." threatened Sasuke.

"Well if you..." said Pan trying to reply until she was interrupted by another explosion followed by a young girls scream.

"What the heck? Another explosion?" said Naruto out loud with a worried look on his face. "Wait, was that Sakura's voice?"

'What, another explosion?'thought pan,'Wait is thata Ki and I sense and it'srapidly decreasing.'

"What wait a minute," asked Sasuke as he saw the quarter Saiyan moving,"where do you think you're going?"

"Well, after that explosion, felt someone's Ki dropping," said Pan as she began to run, "and unlike you I'm going to help people in trouble!"

Then blocking her way, the dark-haired boy was about to draw a weapon when he spoke."Oh no you're not, you expect me to believe you!" yelled the dark-haired boy. "You are not going anywhere!"

"What?Why are you getting in my way?" she asked in confusion. "Don't you want to help people in need, your friend said that scream earlier was from agirl named Sakura, isn't she your friend."

"Do you really think we'll fall for a trick like that?" answered Sasuke as he pulls out a kunai. "For all I know, you're somehow involved."

"But Sasuke, that scream!" said a worried Naruto. "What if she's right, what if it is Sakura?"

"How about a truce, at least until we know if it is your friend or not," replied the quarter Saiyan girl, "come on, what do you say?"

"Fine, but if this turns out be some type of trap," answered the dark-haired boy"the first thing I will do, is take you down!""

"Okay if you say so," said the quarter Saiyan girl in response, "let's get going, follow me!"

Now on their way to where they heard the explosion, Pan, Naruto and Sasuke were running into the direction of Gero's ruined laboratory. 'Where is she leading us?'thought a suspicious Sasuke.

As they continued their journey, Pan noticed how far away they were. 'Huh? Strange we're a lot further away than I thought we be,' she thought to herself,'so Gero knew they were nearby andled me away from his secret basebut for what reason?'

'Darn it, I hope she's alright,'thought the blond as they travelled.

'Was that explosion just to destroy what's left of his own laboratory or was it something more?'thought Pan. 'I still wonder how and why they would be on a mission to protect him.'

While Pan continued leading Naruto and Sasuke to Android Doctor's secret laboratory, the blond was growing more worried. 'Don't worry Sakura we're on our way,' thought Naruto worried about Sakura safety, 'but where kakashi Sensei I thought he was with her, what could have happened to him? I guess we'll find out soon.'

'This Sasuke guy, I wonder, is he as strong as Naruto, or is he stronger?'thought the quarter Saiyan as she remembers what Sasuke told her earlier.'He did say that if it were a trap, he would take me down? He seems confident that he's able to do it.'

'Something's not right,this day keeps getting worse first that old man disappears while we being ambushed,'wondered Sasuke lost in thought,'then Naruto runs of somewhere and when I found him he was fighting this girl, and this Pan, she claims she's not a ninja? But then what is she? She has skills and abilities aboveany normal Genin or Chuunin, maybe even a...?'

As Pan looked back at Sasuke, the dark-haired boy noticed and glared back at her.'What? What's his problem?I guess he still doesn't trust me,' she thought, 'he does sorter reminds me of Vegeta for some reason.'

Then the dark-haired boy just remembered about what the quarter Saiyan girl said about the person who he thought was called Takeo Susumu and decided to ask Pan."You said that the old man's real name was Doctor Gero," he asked seeking answers, "so what is your connection with him?"

"Huh?well, if you really want to know, but it's a long story so I'll keep it short and I can't remember the details anyway," "the person you called Takeo Susumu is really Doctor Gero, he is one of my grandpa's old enemies" said the quarter Saiyan before being interrupted by Naruto.

"What?That old man," he said in confusion, "there's no way..."

"Okay, anyway as I was saying, he is an evil mad scientist turned himself into an android after my grandpa destroyed a group," said Pan continuing her sentence, "what was it called? The Red Ribbon army... ...I think?"

Surprised by her statement, Naruto interrupted her yet again. "What? An android?" he said in disbelief. "Like the ones in a strange Sci-fi?"

"That's hard to believe." said Sasuke still unconvinced of what the quarter Saiyan girl said.

"I know it's hard to, but you have to believe me, it's true, but as I was saying after turning himself into an android," said Pan finishing her sentence,"Gero now seeks revenge on my Grandpa for destroying the group that he was a part of."

After she had finished, Pan left the two wondering if she said was true. 'I wonder if what she says about that old man is true, she'snot like the girls at our village,'thought Naruto as he sighed while the group made their way,'she's so strong,where did she come from and where she learnt to fight like that?'

'An interesting and a very unbelievable story...' thought Sasuke still unconvinced.

"Hmm..., where's your grandfather?" asked Naruto. "Shouldn't he be here?"

"He decided to go on a long journey," answered the quarter Saiyan, "so Idon't really know."

"Just like your sanity..." whispered Sasuke sarcastically.

"What?" said Pan barely hearing what the dark-haired boy. "What, did you say something?"

"Nothing, nothing important..." replied Sasuke.

"Then why are you out here alone?" asked the blond.

"That another long story" replied Pan.

To be continued...

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