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Chapter 7: Searching For Sakura.

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Notes: I've decided to continue the story probably until or after Sasuke leaves in the Narutoverse for now, I don't really have any plans for a romantic Plot for Pan so far. Removed asterisks (**) ...

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Dragon Ball Pan's Adventure

Notes: I've decided to continue the story probably until or after Sasuke leaves in the Narutoverse for now, I don't really have any plans for a romantic Plot for Pan so far. Removed asterisks (**) from Chapters, I'll try not to "Nerf" any of the Dragon Ball or Naruto universe characters I use, that's one of the reasons I added Gero in the story, but if I do please tell me, also if there are spelling mistakes could you tell me where they are, please, remember Dragon Ball, Kai, Z and GT are all owned by Toei Animation and Akira Toriyama, all other plots, manga, characters, games and animation are all owned by their respective owners.

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Ninja Dimension Saga

In the last chapter, as the newcomer appeared he spoke to the blond calling him by his name Naruto and that he was an idiot for rushing as Pan listened in to what the newcomer was saying, Pan also heard that the newcomer called Sasuke ablack-haired boy with cold dark eyes and had a headband that had a metal plate with a symbol in the centre, same as the blond had that Pan saw earlier, but she disregarded as a strange fashion statement, she guessed that he was also about same age as the other boy, after Pan found out the newcomers name, ashort conversation began between her and the dark-haired boy where he demanded to know who she was and why Pan was attacking the man he was protecting, but her answers seemed only to confuse Sasuke even more, explaining that she that the man they thought was Takeo Susumu was actually an evil scientific genius named Doctor Gero.

They continued their conversation until interrupted by an explosion followed by ayoung girl's scream, believing that it could be their friend, Pan slowly convinces them to help their friend with an uneasy truce, Sasuke warned her if it was a trap he would take her down began to run off to where they heard the explosion, as they continued to the location, the dark-haired boy was deep in thought remembering about what the quarter Saiyan girl said about the person who he thought was Takeo Susumu and decided to ask Pan seeking answers, to which pan tried to explain, but Sasuke found it hard to accept.

Chapter 7: Searching For Sakura.

On route towards his secondary hideout, Gero who decided it was now safe to fly back the rest of the way to his secondary laboratory. 'I can't wait to finally escape from this primitive/ /dimension,' thought the android doctor, 'I have suffered to long in this backward world.'

Then After seeing a flying object approaching in the distance, Gero stopped as he instantly knew what it was. 'What!What is he doing here?'thought Gero,'I thought I told him to keep a low profile and to conserve his energy.'

As the object came closer, it now appeared to be a large pale skinned man then as the pale skinned man stopped in front of the android doctor, it began to speak."Doctor," said the object that now appeared to be a large pale skinned man, "was your test successful?"

"Explain yourself nineteen!?" said Gero in response with a question. "Why are out here?"

"I am sorry doctor," replied the pale android, "but I had to inform you that he changed his part of the deal."

"What!?" yelled the android doctor in confusion.

"He wasn't happy with your armour;" replied android nineteen, "he said that it still far too weak."

"That arrogant, Selfish Fool!" he continued in anger "I gave him what he wanted, it would have taken those fools' decades to develop..."

"Do you want me to take him out?" asked the pale android.

"No... not yet, I need him alive," answered Gero with a sigh, "I still need his resources and I also want to know about that treasure that he goes on about."

"As you wish doctor..." replied android nineteen.

"Come nineteen, we have a lot of work to do," said the android doctor, "my new project will begin as soon as we get to my secondary laboratory."

"Yes Doctor." answered the pale android before they continued to Gero's secondary hideout.


As Naruto, Sasuke and Pan arrived at what was now a ruined laboratory, the blond was the first to see a large crater where the secret laboratory should have been. "What the heck!?" he yelled in surprise. "What could have done this!?"

"Shut up you fool, stop yelling," said Sasuke trying to stop Naruto's loud yelling, "we're supposed to keep a low profile."

Then suddenly Pan sensed a faint Ki nearby. 'A Ki,it is faint, but it's there,' she thought to herself, 'I think it's the person they're talking about and it seems close by.'

While the quarter Saiyan girl turned her head seemly looking for something, Sasuke noticed what was doing. 'There's something I still don't trust about her or her story,'he thought to himself,'she says she doesn't use Chakra and only uses Ki, but I still think it is impossible.'

'Wait, there's a second,'she thought to herself, 'must be an animal.'

"What are you doing?" asked Sasuke.

Ignoring him she continued to sense another Ki and stopped to try to sense the other's location. 'What? Another Ki,' thought the quarter Saiyan girl, 'but this one is in the opposite direction, and it's further away.'

"Huh, Pan?" said Naruto in confusion.

'Why did she stop? What is she doing?'thought the dark-haired boy. 'Is she looking for her teammates? Is there going to be another ambush?'

"Sasuke," ask Naruto noticing that Sasuke was on edge, "what's wrong?"

Ignoring Naruto he moved his hand, ready to draw a kunai. "Do you mind telling us what you're doing?" he asked demanding an explanation. "Tell us what's going on Pan, why did you stop?"

Waiting for a response while shifting his eyes left and right looking for any signs of an ambush, Sasuke not hearing a response, he repeated himself, yelling at her, catching her off guard.

"What do you think!" yelled Pan back in anger, "And I almost found the person I was sensing!"

"What are you psychic?" asked Sasuke in almost sarcastically. "Or is that one of your so-called Ki abilities?"

"Why, you..." replied the quarter Saiyan before stopping mid sentence.

'But what if she does have an unbelievable ability like that,' thought the dark-haired boy, 'it would explain how she easily found where I was, what other abilities would she have?'

"Well you don't have to believe me but..." replied Pan until Sasuke interrupted.

"Whatever," he said in demanding tone, "you said that you found someone, where are they!?"

"Jeez, your attitude is the same" said the quarter Saiyan girl in response with asigh, "or maybe even worse than Vegeta's."

"Who's Vegeta?" asked Naruto before being interrupted by an irritated Sasuke.

"Idiot!That's not important," he replied. "Pan, just tell us where that person is, if you can!"

"Give me a second..." answered Pan.

But before Pan could say where the person was, Naruto saw at the corner of his eye someone who's on the ground collapsed unconscious on the ground,"what...?" yelled the blond. "Is that Sakura?

After he noticed her red clothes, Naruto began moving towards her. "That's one of the ones I've sensed," said Pan, "so, I guess she's your friend?"

"Wait Naruto, it could be a trap!" yelled Sasuke at Naruto. "That idiot!Come on Pan, your coming with me, let's go."

To no avail, the dark-haired warning fell on deaf ears as the blond ran towards Sakura, then Naruto neared Sakura, he saw that she was covered in cuts, scratches and bruises; he then tried waking her by speaking.

"Hey, Sakura!" yelled the blond. "Wake up, Sakura!?

"Is she okay?" asked the quarter Saiyan.

Then hearing no response form her, Naruto crouched down and once again tried to wake her again. "Come on Sakura wake up!" he said in concern.

As she slowly regained consciousness, Sakura slowly opened her eyes seeing ablurry figure over her, who mistook for Sasuke. "" she tried to say, but Naruto didn't hear but did notice her regaining consciousness.

"Hey, Sakura! Are you okay?" asked Naruto as he learned his head closer to her face. "Can you hear me?"

After hearing the blond-haired boy's voice, Sakura instantly recognized that it was Naruto. "Na... ...ruto...?" said the pink haired girl barely able to speak.

"Good, you're finally awake," said the blond, "you had me worried there."

After she snapped her eyes open, Sakura became enraged and embarrassed as she saw the clear image of Naruto's head. "Get out of my face!" she yelled before punching the blond sending him head first into a tree.

"That's got to hurt," asked the quarter Saiyan surprised by what Sakura did to the blond, "are they normally like that?"

"Yes, all the time, it gets on my nerves," replied Sasuke with a sigh, "but that's not important we need to get out of here fast."

"Come on Sakura that hurt..." said Naruto while clutching his head.

"I feel... ...terrible..." said Sakura ignoring Naruto as she was trying to get to her feet.

'Well at least I know she's not a fake,'the dark-haired boy later thought to himself,'but something still doesn't feel right.'

Then after getting to her feet, the pink haired girl noticed Pan, who she had never seen before. "Sasuke, I knew you'd come!" asked the pink haired girl."Err, guys, who is this?"

Staring at the quarter Saiyan girl, Sakura wondered who she was and why was she standing beside Sasuke. "Oh her, well she's Pan," answered Naruto still clutching his head, "she sort of lead us here, to find you."

"She did?" replied Sakura while looking at Pan in confusion.

"Easy Sakura," warned a worried Naruto after he noticed her wobbling,"don't overexert yourself, your hurt!"

"Don't tell me what to do!" replied the pink haired girl struggling to move almost falling over.

"Sakura, where's Kakashi Sensei?" asked Sasuke wondering where their Sensei was."I thought he was with you?"

Before responding she noticed that her crush, Sasuke was standing too close to the quarter Saiyan, which made her feel a bit jealous. 'Why is Sasuke standing so close to her?'she thought.

"Sakura?" said the dark-haired boy trying to get her attention.

"We were together, that was until we meet that man," answered Sakura,"Mister Susumu walking out of a synthetic cave."

'It looks like she might need one of those,'thought Pan as she put her hand in her shirt searching for something, 'I wonder, do I have any of left?''

"Kakashi Sensei told me to stay behind while he went with him and... ...talked with him," she continued, "then I suddenly heard them fighting and before I could react there was an explosion and I lost consciousness."

"Yes, I found them..." said the quarter Saiyan thinking out loud as she pulled asmall bag out of her shirt.

"Huh?Found what...?" asked Naruto.

'Let's see, I have four,'she thought after opening the bag.'I don't seem to have a lot left, but it looks like she needs one.'

"What, is that... ...a bean?" he asked in confusion as he saw Pan pull something out of a bag.

"Why on earth do you have a bag full of beans?" asked Sasuke not sure why anyone would have a bag full of beans.

"Well, I guess you've never heard of these, this is, a Senzu bean, this may sound weird," answered the quarter Saiyan girl "but me and my friends use them to heal injuries and restore stamina, my dad told me not to waste them, but I think she could, use one?"

Pan was waiting for a response, but Naruto and the others just stared in disbelief.

'A bean? That heals?'thought Sasuke in disbelief.'Now Iknow she's insane.'

"Here Sakura," said Pan as she gave the bean to Sakura, "take it."

'Is this so type of joke?'thought Sakura as she stared at the bean that was in her hand.

"What?Well, what are you waiting for? You should eat it, you look like you need it!" said the quarter Saiyan, "Why are just staring at it, you don't think it's poisonous or anything, do you?"

As she waited for Sakura to take the bean, Pan wondered if she would take it. 'She seriously wants me to eat that,'thought Sakura,'what is she nuts?'

'That Ki, Charka or whatever they call it that I sensing changed, just thought it was an animal's,'thought Pan as she sensed someone approaching,'but has just sharply increased, they're good at controlling it, to fool me like that, I wonder who this person is?'

"Well, what do we have here? A group of leaf Genin brats, I knew if I laid in wait here someone would come," said a mysterious Voice, "but I thought Iwould I'd be facing someone at a higher level than you fools."

"You're with the ones who ambushed us earlier," yelled Sasuke as he saw the unidentified ninja, "I knew it! This is a set up!"

"What are you saying?" ask Pan before being cut of mid sentence by the mysteries ninja.

"Ah, so you're the leaf ninja meddling with my lord's plans and my mission," he said, "it's nice that you're having a cute little argument..."

The unknown ninja paused when he saw the dark-haired boy turn to face Pan drawing aweapon.

"You lead us here!" yelled Sasuke flashing his weapon. "Right to this trap, you're in league..."

Then the unidentified ninja interrupted continuing his sentence. "I hate to interrupt you, but I have no idea what you're saying kid," he said the dark-haired boy, "I never ever met her before and I don't need some girl to do my dirty work."

"Who are you?" asked Naruto.

"Just one of my lord's faithful servants, that's all you need to know," replied the unidentified ninja, "now, where is that old man Takeo Susumu of whatever he calls himself, where are you hiding him?"

"We're not hiding him!" replied Naruto in defiance.

"You think I would believe that," said the unidentified ninja in a demanding tone, "I know your lying now surrender and hand him over or all of you will die!"

"Even if we were," yelled Naruto in response, "we would never hand him or anyone over to the likes of you!"

"I thought you'd say that," said the mysteries ninja with an evil grin as he moved hands together, "now, this is where you all die!"

'Is this guy going to use that same clone technique as Naruto?' thought the quarter Saiyan girl until she noticed his hand signs were slightly different.

"I will bury you all!" yelled the unidentified ninja. "Earth Style: Earth Dragon Jutsu!"

Then a dragon made of earth appeared from the ground as the mysteries ninja began laughing.

To be continued...

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